Killing Floor 2 Gets Workshop, Announces PvP Mode

There are some things in life from which you can never go back. Like having all the player characters in Killing Floor be anime girls. No, really. I am not ashamed.

Killing Floor 2 [Official site] has just received an update, integrating Steam Workshop support, but it looks like their new microtransaction-based business model may interfere with my anime dream. Tripwire also announced a new 6v6 PvP mode that will see a team of players take control of the Zeds.

But really, what’s the point, if we can’t even have an epic anime vs zombies fight?

Killing Floor 2, in case you haven’t heard, is an arena shooter in which teams of 6 players face waves of zombies of increasing difficulty. It’s hard, it’s filled with gore and you will probably either find it extremely repetitive or spend hundreds of hours on it. It’s still in Early Access and while it is largely playable, it’s missing a few bits and pieces, like the Sharpshooter class. It just got its iconic final boss, The Patriarch, back in December.

The update that went live on March 10th brought Steam Workshop integration: people can submit cosmetic items, maps, game modes and other mods. Maps and modes can be downloaded and played directly by players, either solo or by hosting a game themselves. If you’re a player joining a server using mods, you’ll automatically download everything you need upon joining.

On the other hand, cosmetic items are being submitted for curation. Tripwire will be selecting the best ones to become part of their TF2-style economy, dropping from crates or being purchasable for real money, a percentage of which will go to the mod creators. So, it’s not quite as free as the KF1 workshop was, but rather follows the CS:GO model.

As for the new 6v6 game mode, “VS Survival”, there is no release date and not much information aside from the announcement that they are working on it, but it sounds very much inspired by Left 4 Dead’s versus mode. (Another game that gloriously allows you to turn everyone into anime characters.) There will be 11 different controllable zombies, with unique attacks and all, and if the humans manage to survive long enough, even the Patriarch will be controlled by a player.

Killing Floor 2 is on Steam Early Access, for £19.99/$29.99/€26.99


  1. ButtonDownMind says:

    I was a big fan of the first Killing Floor but I’m not exactly pleased with how #2 has been going. The Early Access cycle has dragged on forever (It’s been almost a year) and the updates have come veeeeery slowly. While i don’t mind cosmetic-only microtransactions, I feel like it’s kind of in bad form to start grinding for money before the full release. I mean, maybe they need to dosh to finish things up and this will speed up development but it still rubs me a little raw.

    • epeternally says:

      I’m cool with perpetual early access, but I’m worried that the final game just won’t end up with enough content. Tripwire seem to be close to pushing it out the door but to my mind, the game is still a long ways from content complete. While the gameplay is good, I’ve become rather nervous that we’ll get a half-finished 1.0 release with lots of paid DLC. That might fly in a $10 game if the gameplay was good enough, but for $30 I expect a comprehensive package. I don’t mind paid DLC, I’d actually like to see DLC or a season pass for Killing Floor 2 someday, but the base game still needs to have a reasonable amount of content and right now it doesn’t come close.

      • gunny1993 says:

        Tripwire have fallen into a trap a lot of smaller companies do, as in, their first game received such amazing constant support for years (at a slow rate) that people have come to expect massive amounts of content straight away.

        This issue would been especially compounded if they kept the same rough team size or did not adjust development pipelines to match a larger team, but i can only speculate on that part.

        ANyway, the game cost like 20 quid, if people really are getting super angry over slow development (the appropriate level of anger is maybe a 2/3 on a 10 scale) then they absolutely, positively, should not be buying into early access, even if Jesus fucking Christ himself was running it.

        • minno says:

          Also, when I first purchased KF1 in the first month or two of release, many features were not available with many weapons not released with the perks limited in certain ways.
          List of weapons:
          1) Medic only had the MP7M,
          2) Support had shotgun and double barrel,
          3) sharpshooter had 9mm, handcannon, lever-action and crossbow,
          4) commando only had the bullpup.
          5) berserker had fire axe machete and chainsaw.
          6) firebug only had the flamethrower
          7) demolition only had the LAW, pipebombs and M79

          Medics and commandos had to rely on the crossbow for kills at higher levels. demolition was easiest to lvl due to map bugs and the pipebomb.

          There was also only one type of grenade and the Husk was added in another release. There were 5 maps on release, but the MOD community added lots to the game. At launch, 15-20 bucks was very cheap for a game with huge potential for reply.

          KF2, to me, is in a similar boat. Give it time and they will balance the title.

      • Kitsunin says:

        Yeah, I mean to be fair, there’s already a lot more content in KF2 than KF1 had on launch. As long as they eventually match KF1’s level of free content, I will be a happy camper.

        As far as paid DLC, they’ve bought some serious good will in my eyes by having it shared across the session if anyone has it. Again, there is a lot of content compared to launch KF1, so I think having some paid DLC is fair enough, once they add the last few perks.

    • Ethaor says:

      The never-ending early-access-done-right situation isn’t bothering me personally, not because I think they’re doing it right but rather because I don’t care much about Kf2 anymore.

      I played KF1 for hundreds of hours alone and with friends. We loved it to death and spent countless nights slaughtering zeds. They claimed Kf2 was just like Kf1 only bigger, better.

      Well without going into specifics the two games don’t play the same and imho they failed to capture and reproduce what made Kf1 great.

      • Flopdong says:

        I agree, its hard to put my finger on what exactly feels so wrong about it, but I just like KF1 more.

      • Crocobutt says:

        Same. Been on the fence for this entire time, and it still doesn’t convince me it’s good. Yes, the gore effects are nice, lighting system updated and looking beautiful, but it doesn’t offer anything new/better than KF1 (got hundreds of hours in it too). Reading some reviews, few of design decisions they made don’t sound appealing to me (teleport-spider-around-corner thing, for example).

  2. rocketman71 says:

    Still waiting for the Linux dedicated server. By the time they release it, many of us will have moved on. Their loss.

  3. USER47 says:

    Offtopic: I am sorry, RPS, I always had adblock off on this page, but now that one of ads here autoplays video with really annoying and loud music that can’t be muted, you gave me no choice.:(

    • USER47 says:

      btw: I know you are probably not aware of it because it most likely only plays for czech visitors, it’s this particular video that plays in the sidebar, music and all, incredibly annoying:

      • Premium User Badge

        Graham Smith says:

        Thanks for the heads up! We have no way of knowing about these ads until readers tell us about them, because as you guessed they are region-specific, so I appreciate it when people let us know.

        I’ve reported this to our ads team now and they should be able to kill it.

    • The Algerian says:

      Glad to see there are other people who go out of their way to disable adblock on the websites which content they enjoy.

  4. Viral Frog says:

    Workshop integration? Yay!
    PvP mode? Meh. I don’t play KF2 for PvP.

    More mostly meaningless changes. But hey, at least they’re working on a PS4 version, right? GG Tripwire. I’ll stick to the first KF.

    • Crocobutt says:

      Seen some people writing that KF2 feels too much like a console shooter by its UI design and amount of flashiness. Tripwire may be aiming for more general audiences at this point?

      • Viral Frog says:

        Most likely. It feels like a dumbed down version of the original.

  5. Avus says:

    Will this game has more player classes, weapons, levels and Boss?? Don’t tell me all these contents have to be on hold because of the PvP?? Doing PvP is time wasting because developer need time to do character balancing and shit… The “early access” game is polished but the development is very slow…

    • Viral Frog says:

      I had faith in Tripwire going into KF2. Not anymore. At least the original KF is still solid. I don’t recall them actually adding anything worthwhile or meaningful to the game since I started, and apparently “Hans is still broken”. (Although I think the Hans complaint is made by people who aren’t good at the game, TBH)

      • mutanteggs says:

        They’ve clearly announced the fact that they’re working on Sharpshooter, with two of the perk weapons being added as off-class weapons for testing (crossbow and LAR). The content is slow, but it’s facetious to suggest there’s been nothing noteworthy. Also coming in the next update are a new map, and a dynamic difficulty system.

        • The Algerian says:

          The weapons in this game are very bland so far and they feel kinda weak.

          Give me an AK47, please, TripWire, and make it feel like one too.
          Also a with a buttstock this time.