Job Simulator Gets An Actual Game Mechanic

The future historians at Owlchemy Labs have painstakingly researched a fourth profession for their 2050-set virtual reality Job Simulator [official site]; that of Automotive Mechanic. I once had to fix the tyre on my bike* so I feel like I’m well qualified to judge how faithfully they’ve managed to recreate the experience. I’m going to say it’s pretty faithful, right down to the throwing things and the sriracha:

The car fixer-upper joins “Gourmet Chef”, “Office Worker” and “Convenience Store Clerk” on the roster of playable jobs. I had a go with Job Simulator about a year ago and it was really good fun. I only got to be a Gourmet Chef at that particular demo and I behaved really well. Uncharacteristically well.

Like, usually I’m the first person to try and push something over but during Job Simulator I was actively aiming for professionalism. I have no idea what was wrong with me that day. Perhaps it felt more rebellious to actually try to be a chef than to juggle eggs.

God, next time I’m going to make such a mess.

*The tyre did later explode after I went downhill quite fast. And I mean it actually exploded. The bang was terrifyingly loud. To this day I am not sure what happened BUT I fixed the puncture so I’m still counting it as a success.


  1. Jaeja says:

    Quite possibly you got the inner tube pinched between the tyre and the rim, leading to later unplanned rapid deflation (to borrow a Muskism).

    Oh, yeah, and how ’bout them games, I guess?

    • Exuro says:

      Can confirm, this exact thing happened to me as a kid. My brother fixed my puncture for me, which was nice of him, but he accidentally got a bit of the inner tube pinched between the tyre and the rim.

      Next thing I know, I’m doing my paper round one morning, and BANG. It sounded like a gunshot. I legitimately believed I’d been shot for a couple of seconds.

      • Butts says:

        Ugh, did that once inside the house by unwisely reading the instructions on the side of the tire and subsequently over-inflating a tube to the point it exploded.

        Came as quite the surprise even there, where I knew what happened, so I can really see why you’d think you were being shot at.

        Not that you or Pip mentioned it, but I suspect I’d also fall off my bike if that happened to me.

    • flibbidy says:

      Or you didn’t seat the tire evenly all the way round and it popped off the side of the rim.

    • Person of Interest says:

      Tip to avoid this:

      1. Partially inflate the tire with the new tube installed (10-15 PSI)
      2. Go once around the tire, squeezing the sidewalls towards each other
      3. Finish inflating the tire

  2. Amstrad says:

    This game has finally given me a context in which to place the idea of ‘Simulator’ games that aren’t actual simulators..

    • Xzi says:

      Yes I love the idea that these VR games will have objectives, but they’ll also have the option to just fuck around in a virtual world.

  3. Conundrummer says:

    Every game you play is technically a simulation of some kind, whether of the real world, or of the author’s ruleset. Just because “simulator” came to mean “vehicle control game” in the 80’s and 90’s doesn’t mean it’s not an apt way to describe games like this, or even something as silly as Cooking Mama.

    • Conundrummer says:

      RPS, it would be nice if, when clicking “reply” and then logging in, it didn’t default to making a new post. I suppose it’s my fault for not being logged in forever’n’always though!