XCOM 2 Anarchy’s Children DLC Out Today

Happy Saint Paddy’s Day one and all! A day for dressing up in garish green hats, novelty glasses, and orange wigs. Which is what I assume we’ll be able to do in the latest XCOM 2 [official site] expansion, Anarchy’s Children, which promises “100 new exotic customization options for your soldiers, including new hair styles, face paints, armor, lower face props, decals, helmets, masks and more.” I guess we’ll find out either way when it launches later today. Top o’ the mornin’ to ya, Advent soldiers.

Anarchy’s Children marks the first of three adds-ons heading to XCOM 2 in the coming months, which can be purchased on its own or alongside the Reinforcement Pack. Opting for the latter gets you both the Alien Hunters and Shen’s Last Gift expansions when they arrive later this year, both of which will introduce new missions. The new content arriving today, however, is purely cosmetic and is a “rebellion themed DLC featuring more dramatic soldier customizations.” As it stands, the base game’s character customisation suite is already pretty sophisticated, allowing for what I’d consider some already pretty dramatic rig outs, so it’ll be interesting to see how this one pans out.

When the Anarchy’s Children release date was announced last week, Alec spoke of how the new add-on runs the risk of “capsizing into arbitrary weirdness”, however qualified this by suggesting his skepticism might stem from his own game’s lackluster performance. I myself have been one of the lucky ones and haven’t had any major problems, however a performance patch has since been launched for those of you that have.

On top of its highly customisable characters, XCOM 2 is also pretty darn moddable, which is why we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up the best ones here.

Anarchy’s Children costs £3.99 on its own, and £14.99 as part of the Reinforcement Pack via Steam.


  1. MrFinnishDude says:

    Well in-game it’s implied that most of Xcom’s soldiers are escaped convicts, psychopaths, or they have spent years in the wilderness killing aliens whenever they see em. And most people’s Xcom squads look like bunch of rainbow coloured crazies anyway (even in the previous games) so I don’t think this cosmetic set is “too weird” so to say.
    You cant have an A-punk-alypse. without punk.

    • subedii says:

      Yeah I tend to colour by class for easier identification.

      Pretenses to realism pretty much go out the window when you’re harbouring dudes in bright orange and neon purple.

    • MrFinnishDude says:

      This just in, you can go shirtless with this DLC. Best DLC ever. Over.

      • Kitsunin says:

        Pleaaaaaase tell me we’re still allowed to go shirtless at the highest armor tier.

  2. Slazer says:

    My main group currently lists Super Mario, a Storm Trooper (replacing the late Boba Fett), Samus Aran, President Roosevelt, Officer Barbrady and The Witcher’s Red Baron. I am not really worried by adding some ridiculous stuff to this list.

    Bring it on!

    • Corporate Dog says:

      US Presidential Candidates in my squad.

      Hillary ‘Slay Queen’ Clinton is vicious with that Fusion Blade.

      Alas, Ted ‘Zodiac’ Cruz… the stars the shine twice as bright, burn twice as fast.

    • dahools says:

      Tell me there is a voice over pack for Officer Barbrady, I had a look and couldn’t see it. . .

      That would make retaliation missions so much more fun, “Move along people, there’s nothing to see here…!”

      This needs making if it’s not already available!

  3. Mungrul says:

    I hope this gives some more interesting options for the powered armours. They all look too shiny and neon for my liking, as well as too, well, uniform.

    • mcnostril says:

      Yeah, it was quite disappointing that as soon as you researched better armor you lost a lot of the character of your troops, especially with the power armor.

      • aircool says:

        Yep, having eight different starting armours was great, but the researched armour had very little customisation, and I didn’t really like any of the helmets much either from the second and third tiers.

        Unfortunately, some of the better head/face items just didn’t go with those armours either.

    • Davie says:

      Agreed; I’d love a version or two of the power armor that looks like it was actually built by a half-dozen scrappy engineers in a cargo bay foundry, as opposed to the Lamborghini-esque suits that Shen somehow manages to put together.
      The mid-tier armor has a good aesthetic; it looks advanced but utilitarian, and I think it wouldn’t be too difficult to apply that look to something slightly more high-tech.

      • Punning Pundit says:

        3D printers have come a long way in XCOM2 world. The hard part is designing something. Once you do, cranking out copies is trivial. That’s why you buy weapon and armor tiers once and upgrade all your soldiers simultaneously.

        No, I have no idea why this isn’t true of spider/exo/wraith/war suits.

  4. popej says:

    I’d probably skip on this IF the reinforcement pack was pricier to begin with. For £14.99 though I may as well get it as I’m sure the other two add-ons will be half decent.

  5. Trackdoc says:

    Bring out the gimp.
    The gimp’s down after going to toe to toe with a muton.
    Better get him up then.

  6. Elusiv3Pastry says:

    How long do you figure until all of the DLC content is modded in for free via the workshop?

  7. aircool says:

    Or it’s out tomorrow if you live in Australia.

  8. Horg says:

    Turns out an anagram of Anarchy’s Children is ‘Harsh Cynical Nerd’, which relevant to how I feel about buying into the DLC when Firaxis still haven’t fixed the performance problems : |

  9. scritty says:

    Are the anvil ugly faces fixed? The reason most of my guys and girls wear face covering head armour is because their “putty” faces give me nightmares. Some of the ugliest faces in any game since Direct X 8 was “a thing”

  10. Shadow says:

    This DLC will convert your copy of XCOM 2 to XCOM 2: Facepalm Edition.

  11. geminigod says:

    At first glance the most obvious criticism is that I wish the anarchy armor options had its own armor grouping selection like the Reinforcement pack had. In loadout you can choose kevlar armor or resistance warrior armor, and it pulls up your saved settings for that armor. There should now be a 3rd anarchy armor selection. Instead this is all clumped together with kevlar armor in a weird way.

    If I wanted to nerd out, I could start rookies with anarchy armor, and then easily switch loadout to resistance warrior or kevlar armor as the soldiers level up, gain health, and become more… respectable.

  12. Flappybat says:

    Beyond me why they made this pack for outfitting a squad from a fetish club in an ironic movie set in the 80s like Kung Fury. The game is crying out for the second and third tier armor sets to be fleshed out and given alternative options. Texturing and rigging armor is one of the harder things for modders to do, particularly consistent lore appropriate ones. Silly hats and paint jobs are easy.

  13. JFS says:

    As soon as they fix the game, I might consider buying the Saint’s Row DLC on sale.