Real Life Gaming: American Truck Simulator LARP

I have a favourite YouTuber. Her name is Allie Knight and she’s a trucker.

I don’t often get to see real life versions of the games I play. Could I watch footage of Rainbow Six Siege-like training exercises, or real life military raids? Maybe. I don’t particularly want to do that though. And there’s no way for me to watch any kind of science fiction escapades in the real world because even though scientists are now surfing on gravitational waves, there don’t appear to be any intergalactic journeys involved. Bah, I say. GET WITH THE PROGRAM, SCIENCE.

There are sports games, of course, but in those cases, I saw the real version of the sport (and sometimes even played it) before experiencing the games based on it. What I want to find, essentially, are video diaries of games happening in the real world. And I want to find them because, based on how much I’m enjoying a series of videos I found last week.

They’re trucking videos and have been the perfect companion to my American Truck Simulator obsession.

Allie Knight, the lady who uploads them, describes her YouTube channel like this:

“I explore the country looking for rad freight. Earning an honest living doing the kind of driving that makes civilized life possible for the rest of us. Join me on my epic journey throughout the US with Lazarus, my Peterbilt 579, Tom, my GPS, and Spike, my obnoxious cat.”

And that’s exactly what the videos show, journeys across the US, with occasional tours of the sleeper area of the truck’s cabin, conversations about states and freight, and truckstop critique. Allie is good company, upbeat and talkative, but the scenery is the star of the show for me.

I’ve visited a few cities in America but I’ve only ever travelled into or between them by plane. And that means that whole, ridiculously large mass of land isn’t really a landmass at all in the psychogeographical spaces of my mind. It’s an archipelago of cities, divided by sky. And by imagination.

Allie’s videos, along with American Truck Simulator, are a wonderful way to stitch together the places in between and to make them real. Remarkably, the YouTube channel hosts a new video EVERY DAY, which means it’s actually possible to follow Allie’s trucking adventures chronologically should you so wish.

Here are some highlights:

Never-ending New Mexico. From the silos sparsely sprinkled in the early stages to the enormous skies of the middle period and the burning sunset of the final moments, this is great.

And this has a dramatic title and completely different terrain.

The coldest video. I’m cold right here in my house, in Manchester, but this is far colder.

MORE DRAMA. Plus off-road action. As in, out-of-the-truck action. Not truck off-roading. This is real life.

There’s so much to see, including some wonderfully titled pieces like Innocence in a Moment, Deadly Fiery Heartbeats, I’m Always Chasing Time and 20,000 Leagues In Double Canyon.

Interspersed with the trucking, there are days of downtime and the videos are an insight into not just the job but the person doing the job.

When I shared one of these in the RPS chatroom, Alice laughed. I am too old to have a favourite YouTuber, I think. But I’ve been watching these every day since and, yeah, I have a favourite YouTuber.


  1. heretic says:

    This is very cool, I checked it out when Alice mentioned it on a previous post – had no idea about trucking and this was a nice insight.

  2. Premium User Badge

    keithzg says:

    Hah, that’s pretty neat.

    Unrelated, but I just got around to re-upping my RPS Supporter subscription, and I remember back when the program was first created there were intentions to have an RSS feed for supporters, did that ever happen? Either my Google-Fu is weak or there hasn’t been explicit mention since link to

  3. lowprices says:

    Well, she’s earned at least one more subscriber. Also I just want to say that ‘An archipelago of cities, divided by sky’ is the most beautiful description of a place I’ve read in a long time.

  4. Synesthesia says:

    She has a little kitty cat! Just like the Heavy Metal Queen.

  5. Greggh says:

    HOLY SHITSSNAPS! Look at the graphics on this!!! Is this VR? WOW!

  6. Slazia says:

    Gonna try keeping this on in the background on my second screen when working at home. Unfortunately, I need to mute it otherwise I can’t focus. But great recommendation! Thanks, Adam!

  7. Michael Anson says:

    As someone who used to work with truckers on a regular basis, I can confirm that the majority of them are excellent people looking to make an honest buck, and very much worth knowing. I can also confirm that there is a lot of America worth looking at, and sometimes the best way of doing so is behind a wheel.

    I can also confirm that there are very good reasons why it is sometimes better to do so from behind the wheel. It’s a beautiful country, generally full of wonderful people, but there are places where the ugly collects, either due to broken local economies, poor governance, or lack of education (and frequently a combination of factors), where a bad situation drives people to bad things. And thanks to how reporting works, it is very, very difficult to get an accurate image of the entire country, even from inside of it, unless you really work at it.

    Allie seems pretty amazing, so she’ll likely wind up on my list as well. I haven’t checked her video catalog, but if she has videos of the Columbia River gorge, in particular, I would recommend watching them, because it is easily one of the most beautiful stretches of road I’ve ever seen.

    • Artist says:

      I understand the first paragraph is about America as awhole and the 2nd describes the United States? *chuckle*

  8. Innocent Dave says:

    “Could I watch footage of Rainbow Six Siege-like training exercises, or real life military raids? Maybe.”

    Thanks to the proliferation of GoPro cams, this stuff is now genuinely available on the less salubrious corners of YouTube. Discovering this was one of the most disturbing experiences of my life.

    These trucking videos are way nicer :)

  9. pringles says:

    I’ve found myself watching Indiana Jack’s (indianajacktrucker) videos, the longer format works for me. Been planning to go back and go through Allie Knight’s videos as well. Plenty of road to see out there.

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  11. fredc says:

    That is a pretty cool youtube channel. I have mixed feelings though because I’ve just wasted half an hour configuring my own Peterbilt 579…


    “I am too old to have a favourite YouTuber, I think” Don’t be ageist! New media are for everyone.

  13. Lucas says:

    You should take a look the biggest youtuber trucker their channel is called Vlog18rodas. He drives a Volvo VNL670. Is super cool his videos and i think that is funnier than Allie Knight.