What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

Alice is at GDC, which is why it falls to me to ask in her place: WATYPWPATWPAWAPTPYPWAWPAPTPTP this weekend? If you need time to think about it, you can peruse our own selections below, with Joe and Medoly kindly standing in for Adam and Pip as they have done all week.

Joe: This weekend I’m heading to the Isle of Mull for a rescheduled trip that Storm Gertrude made impossible back in January. I’ve never been before, but I’ve heard it’s lovely. I can’t wait to relax in a tranquil setting, converse with some of the friendly locals, cook some delicious meals, do a spot of fishing, and perhaps even a little bit of farming. Of course I’ll be doing all of this in Stardew Valley on my laptop, while the real world outside passes me by.
Alec: I’m still bludgeoning my way (and tearing up my shins, as I had to trick the system into thinking I have more space than I do in order to use it) through Vive games and demos. It’s time to stop drawing massive neon space-cocks in Tilt Brush and try out Fantastic Contraptions physics oddities, for instance. I’m also told that Universe Sandbox ² has a rudimentary but mighty impressive VR mode. Haven’t tried out Elite Dangerous on a VR headset with a usable resolution yet, either. There’s a ton of stuff to dabble with even before this thing is released to the world: I guess I’m going to be overwhelmed come April.
Melody: I help run a guild in Final Fantasy XIV, so I’ll surely spend at least a couple of hours being a catgirl. For me it’s as much a game as it is a place to hang out with friends so it doesn’t really get tiring even after months. I’ve also rediscovered the joy of jolly cooperation in Orcs Must Die 2, but this annoying debuff called “Getting a degree in Philosophy” is severely limiting my time.
Graham: I installed Black Desert Online five days ago and have yet to boot it up; I haven’t been back to The Division since last week and I’m craving it; and I’m pretty sure that Stardew Valley will be playable remotely over Chrome Remote Desktop, so I’m keen to give that a shot. But in all likelihood I won’t play anything because I’ll be too busy mucking around in Game Maker.
John: [Last week reader lowprices heard tell of John’s activities. “I heard a rumour that John was at GDC, roaming the halls in a coat made of skin, picking his teeth with his favourite gutting knife and bellowing “I HUNGER” at passers-by.” Is it true? Is John now headed east at a terrifying pace, headed who-knows-where? Sound the alarm and warn us of your sightings below.]

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. Sandepande says:

    Storage Tetris.

  2. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    Alien Isolation (seems good so far, though not sure about the third person cutscenes), Assassin’s Creed Unity co-op (a lot of fun actually) and SUPERHOT (quite good indeed).

  3. Morph says:

    Continuing my third play through of Pillars of Eternity, this time only using one character. I know it has its detractors but damn I love this game.

    • Andy_Panthro says:

      I’m on my first proper playthrough (on act 3, still need to do the DLC), and while I’ve enjoyed the story and setting, there’s plenty of other things I dislike. Very mixed feelings, mainly involving the character creation/progression and combat (just don’t find that enjoyable at all).

      • malkav11 says:

        I love the character creation and building and while I think the buffs and debuffs should be condensed some (so that there are fewer, affecting more stats and having a clearer impact on the fight), I mostly like the combat design. Unfortunately, it’s real time with pause and that wrecks any possibility of tactical enjoyment as things blob unintelligibly and everything happens at once. I think if the combat mechanics were applied (with caveat above) to a turn-based tactical system ala Temple of Elemental Evil or similar, it would become one of the best combat systems in videogames today.

        But they promised a spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate, so it kinda had to be RTWP. :(

        • Andy_Panthro says:

          I generally agree. Turn-based might have made all the difference for me.

          As Real-time-ish, I just find it ends up being a big scrum, and then I just found it tiresome to sort through spells and melee weapons that would be best for whatever enemy I was facing (because almost every enemy has strengths and weaknesses to certain types of damage).

          I fully understand that this is exactly what they wanted to do, and plenty of people love it, but the RTwP in BG/BG2 was usually far more simple and I think simplicity would be better with Pillars too.

  4. Herzog says:

    My actual plan was to finally get back to XCOM and do a EW Classic Ironman game. Sadly I had issues with the Steam Controller and after verifying the cache it didn’t startup at all again.

    So I installed Deus Ex: HR. Only played the first half hour but looking forward for more.

    Also playing Foul Play (so-so beat’em up – will finish act one and then decide if I continue), Danmaku Unlimited 2 (fun bullet hell) and of course Spelunky (I died because a bat pushed me into spikes in today’s daily run!)

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      I’m also playing Deus Ex HR. I’m at the beginning of my second playthrough and while I played the first one as a ghosting and minimal kills/weapon usage agent, I’m now reveling in fun and mostly silly ways to kill each and everyone of the enemies.

      Death by heavy object is my favourite, since it seems so uncharacteristic of a tough, husky voiced character like Adam Jensen to throw fridges at people. The guns are also quite fun to use and offer more options than many other shooters.

      • Scurra says:

        Same here. I’ve been through DE games on stealth so often, it seemed like fun to try and just kill everyone for a change, and without just sniping from cover.

        • Herzog says:

          I only completed the first Deus Ex so far. Always greeted everyone with a shotgun blast to the face. I am not so much into stealth. Thank God there are choices!

  5. elvirais says:

    American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. Never played this genre before, always play strategy/rpg, now I’m hooked :)

  6. Jekadu says:

    Still Elite: Dangerous. Going on week five now. I don’t think I’ve been this hooked on a game since World of Warcraft — I haven’t touched another game in four weeks aside from Fallen London, which I play when traveling in-system.

    • FFabian says:

      Do I understand that correctly: Elite (or parts of it) is so boring that you need another game to distract you?

      • Blackcompany says:

        This is absolutely correct. In system travel often requires minor distractions.

        Or War and Peace, if you’re flying to Hutton Orbital…

      • Jekadu says:

        “Boring” is a pretty strong word. “Slow-paced” is a better descriptor. In-system scale of objects is 1:1 with reality, so travel can take a while, even at superluminal velocities.

      • gabrielonuris says:

        It’s a thing with simulators (specially SPACE simulators).

        I’ve used to text my ex GF while playing X3 Terran Conflict, and get out for lunch while its auto pilot was mining asteroids.

        Nevertheless, Elite is a great space game, even if sometimes you basically have to mess with your phone or something while in supercruise (some distances are really that big to cover).

  7. heretic says:

    Oxenfree and maybe some Hotline Miami 2, what a soundtrack.

  8. burn_heal says:

    I had a weak moment and bought Far Cry: Primal.

    I’m playing my own house rules:
    – most HUD elements are turned off
    – limiting weapon and health upgrades so that the world stays dangerous
    – no hunter’s vision (this way you actually have to read the land to find resources and track injured animals carefully with their blood stains – a neat new feature!)
    – no pet or owl usage (overpowered).

    Reviews were a bit down on it mostly because of its similarity to FC3/4, but luckily I enjoyed FC3 so I’m enjoying this for similar reasons! They have tinkered with the formula in quite a few ways with some good ideas but often not going as far as they could. Still, the emergent fights that break out while you’re wandering the (very pretty) world never get old for me.

  9. Grizzly says:

    Aside from the usual outings into the Total War games (currently The Last Roman in Atilla) and racing games (Formula themed becuase, well, F1!), I had half a mind to re-install Shadow of Chernobyl and play it from start to finish, this time with the simple Zone Reclemation Project mod as I never played the vanilla game (And only finished the once, with the complete 2009 mod) and the ZRP is simply a bugfixing mod. All the talk about The Division wanted me to try a post-apocalyptic free-roamer again, and another Stalker playtrough is a good bet.

    • Morte66 says:

      If you play ZRP, assuming I’m not getting confused, I think it had an option called “Screw fix” which let one guy in game repair your gear. I personally suggest you don’t enable that, because I think it changed the nature of the game.

      I remember after playing Call of Pripyat that it was pretty good, but it just didn’t feel oppressive like SoC. I put this down to a few reasons:
      – you could repair guns
      – the bandits weren’t hostile by default, so less pressure
      – it was a more guided, hand holding sort of structure
      – the music was by a different guy and it just didn’t get under the skin so much

  10. Morte66 says:

    Last weekend I gave a bunch of games I’d not finished a final hour to avoid uninstalling, so as to clear SSD space. Many fell, but a surprise star was the somewhat maligned STALKER Clear Sky. I played it all week (off work) and really enjoyed it until the shitty ending. Man, it’s good to be back in the zone.

    So this weekend I’m back to the other two, that I did play. I’m playing “try out some of the huge mods for Call of Pripyat” and “try to get my flatmate to find my Shadow of Chernobyl disk he borrowed so I can try huge mods for that”.

    On the starting line we have:

    For Shadow of Chernobyl:
    – Original Good Stalker Edition (O.G.S.E.) 0.693
    – Shadow of Chernobyl Complete
    – Arsenal Overhaul if I can find the conversion patch from CoP.
    – I played Priboi Story back in the Day.

    For Call of Pripyat we have:
    – Call of Pripyat Complete
    – Arsenal Overhaul
    – SGM 2.2

    Let the “deciphering installation instructions minimally translated from Russian” commence!

    • klo3 says:

      Yes, I think Clear Sky has the best atmosphere in the series. Limansk – based on pre-war Kiev architecture is nice and the scale of the Russian Woodpecker is just amazing. As a result, apart from the ending of SoC, SC is the one I have the most fond memories of.

      The Stalker games are one of my all time favourite series and the plan is for me too to play them modded at some point. Interested to see how the play with the ones that make them more of a survival game.

      • Legion23 says:

        If you guys are not aware of it already you should check out the mod “Call of Chernobyl” for STALKER. It´s basically freeplay mode with random missions including the maps of all 3 games and even some new.

        • Morte66 says:

          Thank you, I will take a look at that.

          I have had my eye out for a mod that merges all or most of the maps. I’m have really no idea whether I’ll like the free play without story, I guess I’ll just have to try it.

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      Clear Sky comes so very, very close to being my favourite STALKER that I almost feel sorry for it for not quite getting there.

      Honestly that the primary complaint people have of it is that it revisits a lot of areas from SoC just baffles me. That is a PLUS in my book. I just wish its systems were a liiiittle less broken. It’s STALKER, it’s expected, and I can deal with it, but still… I don’t suppose Clear Sky ever got the fabulous mod treatment the other two got, did it?

  11. Mud says:

    Purchased Naval Action last night and gave it a go.
    Talked to some nice people helping me throuh the first steps.
    So far I like it, my weekend is set.

  12. Vacuity729 says:

    Somewhere I’ve lost track of the acronym…

    What Are The Youth Playing With Pals At The Weekend Playtime And With A Poor Teenager Picking Your Pocket With A Window Pane Across Poole To Play Trip-Pop?

    Anyway. In my case the answer is probably Lego Star Wars. I’ve never played a Lego game and picked this up in a bundle a few weeks back. It should be worth a try, right? Does the fact I consider the movies to be nothing more than a bit of light entertainment mean I’m not going to ‘get’ (or care about) the game?

    • welverin says:

      I suspect you’ll find the game to match your opinion of the movies.

  13. Chaoslord AJ says:

    Tried “Rising world” -not enough content yet, might take years of developement to reach Minecraft-level but entirely possible, proof of concept is there.
    Also started Skyrim again with some mods. I play with Skyrim Unbound to skip Helgen and enact a story where I’m a thief and assassin (pure stealth) and get bitten by a vampire, also Frostfall.

  14. dethtoll says:

    Doom, mostly. Been working on the “Going Down” mapset, which is great fun if frantic. Nothing compared to the rollicking madness of Sunlust, though, in part due to the levels being significantly smaller. Map 23 is a treat, but I’m partial to the middle levels.

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      Going Down is one of my favourite mapsets of all time, right up there with the likes of BTSXe1 for me. The sense of continuity is great, the individual map themes can be a bit hit and miss, but when they hit, oh boy do they hit. My favourite thing about it, though, is the way Mouldy used all the set’s recurring themes to his advantage – sometimes to lead you in the right direction, sometimes to trick you, sometimes just to make you go “ohhhh”. That lift became my best friend in all the world.

      • Kaeoschassis says:

        Fake edit: Haven’t tried Sunlust yet, as I fear my lowly computer would melt from the strain, but if nothing else it LOOKS delightful.

  15. kyynis says:

    UnReal World, maybe a bit of Talos Principle. Completely random roll saw my character starting his adventure in the beginning of winter, in middle of a miles wide mire, armed with a shovel, couple of handfuls of useless seeds and little else. Somehow managed to bring down two elks and a njerpez warrior, who kindly supplied me with an axe. Crafted skis just before snow got deep enough to hinder movement. Currently pondering what my next move will be. I have enough dried meat to last me a month at least, so I could seek out a suitable location to start building a homestead and be ready to start farming right at the beginning of next spring. Although hunting seems to be good at my current surroundings, so building a kota on hilltop and continuing to duke it out in wilderness could be a valid option as well.

    I kind of forgot how rewarding these survival games can really be. Last one I played was Skyrim with Perkus Maximus, Frostfall, Hunterborn and iNeed installed. It was fine, but the condensed theme park landscape didn’t really have that feeling of vast outdoors, living off the land.

  16. Kefren says:

    Resident Evil Remastered. It was fun until I reached a point where I would shoot a dog a few times, it would leap on me, then kill me. Even though I was on full health. Game over, set back 20 minutes, try again. Incredibly frustrating. I read up on it today and it turns out that there is an extar control that is not mentioned anywhere in the manual or in-game cotnrol help, which breaks free of the dog/zombie with only a minimum loss of health, but if you don’t do it you end up dying. A bit of an oversight not to include that as a vital control when it regularly makes the difference between a bit of damage, and game over, back to last (limited) save? Also, because it isn’t documented, people suggest different combinations – button mashes, wiggling control sticks, rotations clockwise on one or both sticks etc. Get it wrong and you have to reload. Major fail there, the rest of the game was going well.

  17. popedoo says:

    Subnautica and Starview Valley. :)

    • Blackcompany says:

      Been eyeing Subnautica. Almost bought it on sale recently. Looks very cool, but I may wait a bit until controller support and more finalized mechanics.

      Still looks quite wonderful and very intriguing.

      • Chaoslord AJ says:

        Well I bought it in the recent sale. Very pretty and promising but I think hunger and thirst are yet too extreme including in crafting menus and while reading the data entries. Might be better in creative but I’ll just wait until it’s finished.

        • Zenicetus says:

          I bought it in a recent sale too, and had the same reaction to hunger and thirst feeling a little too overdone, and getting in the way of enjoying the environment.

          It’s still a very interesting game, and I want to spend more time with it eventually.

          • Hawkseraph says:

            My subnautic ainstall won’t start, so I can’t check, but I’d swear there’S a mode that just lets you turn off hunger and thirst – instantly making the game about 300% better.It takes away the grind and leaves over the fun stuff. It’s called “Freedom” mode. Try it!

  18. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    It’s more Devil Daggers and Elder Scrolls Online for me this weekend. A friend just beat my 151 seconds in the former with 180-something seconds, so I’ve some work to do! Also, now that I know what’s going on to a half-decent extent, I’ve found that it’s really fun watching other people’s runs — so much so that it occurred to me that maybe this is the sort of enjoyment people get out of esports, and that I get a similar kick out of watching speedruns and single-player athletic competitions. Never been too keen on the team sports side of the coin, but yeah.

    I also recommended Stardew Valley to my little sister (a Harvest Moon enthusiast), and she was up past 2am with it — whoops. :| So, I guess that’ll be what she’s playing this weekend! I might give it a go at some point, too, but for now, I have devils to dag. And taxes to tackle, ugh.

    • Chaoslord AJ says:

      God noes the taxes. Just found out I can’t find the password to deliver them by internet anymore…

      • Premium User Badge

        particlese says:

        Nooooooooo! You’ll have to buy stamps and things now! D: I seem to recall the returns being a bit slower by physical delivery, too, but it’s been a while.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      164 seconds, and I beat the snake!! And the critter sounds are leaking into ESO now. :| Gotta beat my friend again, but I’ll let today’s lessons soak in overnight.

  19. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    It’s still Bloodborne, I’ve fallen way back down the rabbit hole again after a break. Neared the end last weekend (I think) so been seeking out hidden areas and now working my way through the twisting maze of the DLC before I accidently finish the thing and miss my chance. It’s so good. Haven’t even finished so can’t honestly assess if its better than Dark Souls, but I think I’m enjoying it more than Dark Souls. The art style, the weirdness, the way it forces you to play ‘like a pro’. I think Rich Stanton made the comparison to great literature that once you’ve read it, you can’t enjoy reading anything else. Miyazaki is doing that to me with games, I swear. Good job DS3 is so close!

    • Vandelay says:

      I said I wouldn’t be playing it last weekend, but I didn’t resist for very long. Managed to finish it, although I gave up with the Orphan of Kos boss that closes the DLC. If you are going through secret stuff, make sure you find the Umbilical Cords to face the real final boss (surprisingly easy fight, once you figure him out.) I have immediately started playing some NG+ and already discovered stuff about Father Gasgoine that I had no idea about the first time around (the music box makes that fight quite easy.)

      I think I probably agree with you that it is superior to Dark Souls. I did find occasionally a bit aimless in direction, but that might have just been me missing hints on where to go. For example, I didn’t realise the red lanterns indicated someone who could be talked to was near by, so I missed out on a huge number of NPCs. I also didn’t like having to quite regularly farm up on blood vials and bullets. Again though, I now think that was my own fault for not spending spare blood on those items. Playing NG+ now and I have something like 60 blood vials in my stash, as I just spend the blood on them when I don’t have enough to level up.

      Besides those points though, it is a fantastic continuation of what Miyazaki was doing in his previous games. I hope Dark Souls 3 continues to build on it.

      • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

        Until I read this I didn’t realise there was a stash you could accrue extra vials in! I thought any you picked up when you already had 20 were lost! Hah. Thanks for the tips, yeah I read about the music box but a while after if beaten him, always wondered what it’s purpose was. I seem to have 2 umbilical cords so will look into that. The DLC bosses are hard, I’ve beaten 3 now but needed jolly cooperation for 1st and last. Will see how I fare with Kos!

  20. Risingson says:

    No games this weekend. I will do another “westerns and hangovers” weekend. And right now I am playing the fun game of finding a good bike repair shop around here that is not closed whenever I go.

  21. MiniMatt says:

    The Division.

    I like it a lot. It’s a sort of Borderlands/Diablo/Hellgate London mash which works rather well.

  22. Carra says:

    Going retro and playing Pharaoh. Man, it’s been a while since I’ve played it. One of those few games where I watch at my clock and notice that two hours past while I thought I’d only been playing for an hour.

  23. dangermouse76 says:

    I am playing a loose your own adventure called the BT customer service enquiry.

    It has a dull and tedious narrative with broken poorly implemented mechanics reminiscent of a wisdom tooth extraction.
    The game overstays it’s welcome both in terms of length and content, and the conclusion I fear inevitably will be a let down.
    The music is terrible also.

    • Risingson says:

      Please keep us updated about the plot twists.

      • dangermouse76 says:

        Turn to page 400………..you have been killed by being passed to a department that is not operating at this time please phone back on Monday between 9-6pm.


  24. Kitsunin says:

    I’ve been playing Gremin’s Inc., oddly enough. It’s pretty dang neat-o with a Monopoly feel, but unlike that terrible game is really damn well designed, and shockingly for a board game, very fun to play with randoms online. There are ranked matches, and your ranking changes based on position, so even if you get a runaway leader (not that there’s a mechanical runaway leader problem) clawing your way to second place can be very rewarding.

  25. shocked says:

    The last few levels of Legend of Grimrock 2. Was surprised at how much I enjoy the game. Really good.

  26. Anthile says:

    Ultima Underworld, and cursing at the insane control scheme. Past me must have had an extra hand or two. The lack of mouse look makes it much more claustrophobic than it should be and don’t even get me started on the combat…

    • welverin says:

      That is exactly why I don’t think I’ll ever be able to play, I can’t see myself being able to get past the archaic control scheme.

      Anyway, I believe I shall continue on with Black Flag and see if I can do a better job of ignoring all the filler and plow through the story.

      • Kaeoschassis says:

        It really isn’t bad. I know people are probably sick of me repeating this around these parts, but as somebody who didn’t play System Shock or Ultima Underworld on release and who now adores both, I feel like its control scheme isn’t a big obstacle to modern gamers who want to try it. Also if the SS1 enhanced doohicky is anything to go by, mouselook would make Ultima Underworld’s bads far too easy.

    • Andy_Panthro says:

      I kinda love that crazy control scheme (and absolutely love UW1+2), but it certainly is weird in comparison to modern controls.

      Perhaps if the System Shock remaster sells well, they could redo the underworld games too? I can dream, at least. (and of course we have Underworld Ascendant to look forward to).

  27. Llewyn says:

    Same thing we do every weekend, Pinky…

    (EU4, as Ethiopia this time)

  28. Discosauce says:

    I’ve been leveling up a new character from 1-20 in WoW for the new Hearthstone Paladin skin. Though I was a hardcore player years ago, I haven’t played since Burning Crusade. Also my Hearthstone account is separate from my old account, so no buffs. So much has changed, yet still a lot of nostalgia.

  29. dakotabeeton says:

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    • dksd says:

      So, why you have the need to spam? Enjoy your multi-billionaire life and leave us alone dude.

  30. malkav11 says:

    Well, there’s Daredevil Season 2 to binge (or, more likely, watch a few more episodes of and then reserve further watching for the weekday evenings down the line). But in between that I expect I shall put more hours into Pillars of Eternity – last week I managed to complete act 2, finish levels 5-8 of the Endless Paths of Od Nua (I apparently either need more Mechanics to progress through 9 or I am missing something), and now am probably going to pop back over to the White March to explore the Battery environs and the Battery itself – I was level 8 last time, which felt a little low. I suspect 11 is a little high. We’ll see! Apart from not particularly getting on with the combat (so I have it on Easy), I think it’s a great game with a great setting and writing. It feels a little slight in places (I was surprised how few quests were involved with act 2’s competing factions), but they were operating on a pretty small budget for this sort of thing despite having one of the highest Kickstarter returns of any game, so oh well. I like a medium length RPG anyway. I don’t have hundreds of hours to pour into these things like I used to.

    (Yes, Star Citizen has made WAY more crowdfunding money than Pillars, but most of that wasn’t on Kickstarter.)

    I also expect to at least dip into Marvel Heroes, because they’re doing a number of special promotions around Daredevil season 2, including giving you Daredevil as a playable character for free if you log in today or tomorrow (I already have him, but it’ll turn into a point for his ultimate, so that’s all right.). And I’ve got two narrative games on the docket from purchases last weekend – Oxenfree and the deeply weird The Ice-bound Concordance, which I only even knew about thanks to RPS. So hopefully I will find some time for them as well.

    • Minglefingler says:

      Oxenfree is great, I wasn’t sure about the ending which may have been my fault as I ignored the optional documents that may have shed light on what was going on. It didn’t affect my enjoyment of the game at all though.

  31. Minglefingler says:

    The Division which I’m still really enjoying. I’ve been doing solo runs in the Dark Zone which is never less than tense and soloing the rest of the game when I need a break from the threat of pvp. So far I’ve been killed by two players (in a teamm, my ego can’t allow for any doubling of my shameful tally) and have offed two so I’m doing fantastically well in my admittedly generous self evalutaion. I’ll probably dabble in The Talos Principle (which made me pause to consider the nature of value last time I played it, I welcomed this immensely) some more and if I have time watch an episode of Daredevil. This could all be wishful thinking if I pick up the copy of The Lies of Locke Lamora that I started reading during the week.
    I spotted a bearded man outside earlier, he said he couldn’t wait for summer so he could “pet the bees” and told me he’d recently been offended by a local dog and in response he was going to spend a week here stalking parks with a tupperware box full of fleas that he planned to toss at any dogs being taken for a walk. But not the dog walkers “I’m a Walker too” he hissed at me before punching a teenager and running off with his skateboard.

    • Minglefingler says:

      Speaking of The Division, I’m aware that a lot of people have pointed out how dodgy it’s politics are. I remember having to shoot looters on my first mission and thinking that I needed to turn my brain off in certain regards (They hadn’t seen me so I was curious as to what they’d do if I stood up and walked over. They were red on my hud so that question was answered without need for experimentation.)
      I wonder what it says about me and about videogames in general that I was able to mentally shuffle over to “just shoot them, it’s that kind of game” even though I’d feel grubby if I watched an action film or read a book with the same outlook. If I disdain Call Of Duty for it’s fetishism of guns and military language and “hoo-ah” and the manliest of moustaches am I a hypocrite for enjoying The Division?
      That’s without getting into the issue of games publishers paying arms companies to license their weapons for use.
      I realise that this is hardly a cheerful Saturday post so I’ll end with a terrible joke that I’m stupidly proud of.
      Johnny and Dave were sat in a pub, equidistant between the only two toilets. Johnny went to the loo, came back and said “Don’t go in there for twenty minutes.” Dave left a minute later to go to the other toilet and upon returning said “Don’t go in there for a while.”
      “Fuck me” said Johnny. “We’re caught between two stools.”

      • SyCo_Venom says:

        What is the problem you have with game publishers paying to be able to use real weapons in the game? It really annoyed me after Counter Strike went retail and they changed all the names to the weapons. I have never really thought about it but I would prefer the real looks and names of weapons. Provided it fits the settings and such.

        • Premium User Badge

          Ninja Dodo says:

          I imagine it’s that you’re literally giving money to companies who profit off war and death. I like conflict in fiction as much as the next person but the real world could use less of that probably.

        • Minglefingler says:

          Pretty much what Ninja said. I’d had an unpleasant real life experience that involved guns and no matter how much I enjoy gunplay in video games I have a distaste for them and those who profit from them in the real world.

  32. rahji says:

    Demon’s Souls on NG+. I thought the first playthrough was hard, but right now I am hitting a brickwall called shrine of storms. The skeletons and the flying manta spearthrowers come together and kill me much too often. On the other hand I beated flamelurker on the first try.

  33. Premium User Badge

    Big Dunc says:

    Still working through my backlog (AKA The Steam Library of Shame) and have just started The Witcher 2. So far, so good, and it’s definitely a lot more polished than the first game.

  34. Cyrus says:

    C&C: Tiberium Wars, didn’t really play it at the time, guess it’s never too late! Played Diablo for instance 13 years after its release.

  35. teije says:

    Don’t Starve. Thanks to my son who kept on bugging me to try it – he was right. Maybe some Long Dark with a different map than Mystery Lake. And Pillars (bogged down a bit with “which quest next”-itis at the moment).

  36. Zenicetus says:

    I finally did enough flying in the FSEconomy game with X-Plane to pay off a new virtual helicopter purchase, so I’ll set that aside for a while. This weekend I’ll probably bounce back and forth between Far Cry Primal and XCOM2.

  37. Mi-24 says:

    Well steam just had a borderlands sale and was selling a bundle of borderlands 1,2 + pre-sequel. as I own 1 and 2 already the bundle just contained pre-sequel and they sold it for 30% of 40% (almost 10%) of the original price.Therefore I got it for £3.60 where individually it is still £30. So I’ll be playing that with my brother.

  38. fish99 says:

    Until I get over this horrible cough I won’t be playing anything, but I am enjoying my second playthrough of Dishonored currently. Doesn’t quite have the stealth mechanics or atmosphere of the Looking Glass Thief games (which Dishonored owes so much to), but it’s the next best thing and the world is very well realized. I love the city and reading every bit of lore.

    Want to play more Devil Daggers as well and get into the top 1,000 players (current best 203).

    Still plodding through Ocarina of Time on 3DS too. Just beat some fiery wormy thing.

  39. 9squirrels says:

    I played some Elite:Dangerous with my Dad, teaching how to navigate and persuading him to buy a new computer to run it at a reasonable speed. Then I played some Minecraft with my son, teaching him he doesn’t have to be scared of creeps and zombies. Fun times. Now if I could just get enough time together to take part in the E:D community goals event I could make some serious in game cash, but I think that ship has sailed now and I’ll have to wait till Easter.

  40. jonahcutter says:

    Just now finished XCOM 2.

    It’s a great game but it left me hankering for XCOM EW/EU + Long War in 2’s engine with the randomized maps. 2 is a big improvement of several of the mechanics, but I found myself missing many elements of EU/EW.

    The alien, visual and sound designs are often superior in the first game. As is the writing, human characters and sense of humor. As well, I found a couple of 2’s mission types far inferior to EU/EW’s (landed ufo and base defense). I also miss the exalt missions.

    I think I just also just more enjoy the idea of fighting off an alien invasion (and the human turncoats) than overcoming an overt alien occupation. The former just feels more like classic scifi.

    2 is an excellent game. But when I think of XCOM, I still think of EU/EW (+ Longwar).

  41. notcoffeetable says:

    The Bravely Default demo… was gonna get the game if I could finish the demo, but I’m 5 hours deep and not sure I’m close to done with it.

  42. Disgruntled Goat says:

    Grinding in Darkest Dungeon.

    I tried a level 5 dungeon and got curb-stomped. I guess I need to fully upgrade the Hamlet before I even think about dipping a toe into level 5 dungeons.

    • Discosauce says:

      The same thing happened to me on my first level three dungeon. (also, I may have forgotten to bring a healer) I have set it down in fear since then, perhaps it’s time to wade back into those fathomless depths.

  43. Unsheep says:

    I tried some Magic Carpet for the first time this weekend but did not enjoy the controls; there’s no keybinding, you can’t adjust the cursor speed, and you can’t change the inverted Y axis. I wish I could play this game using only my keyboard keys.

    Played some Massive Assault, which was awesome, it is simple in many ways but still manages to be very challenging.

    Then some Lethis, the steampunk city-builder game. Its quite unique as it forces you to think differently, compared to other city-builders, in how you plan your city. Its more compartmentalized and demands streamlined city designs.

    Might play some Project Cars or DTM racing tonight.

  44. RyanCory says:

    My uncle Angelia recently got a new blue Subaru BRZ Coupe just by some part time working online with a PC… learn gt this here now …

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  45. kelmorg says:

    The Division. Im Level 24 now and my play sessions are becoming shorter and shorter with it. Boarderlands 2 because reading comments making comparisons with the Division has made me want to fire it up and take another look with the cheap DLC on Steam.

  46. Premium User Badge

    zigguratvertigo says:

    I’ve downloaded Stardew Valley. Definitely not my normal CoT, but recommended by too many reviewers to ignore. Enjoying it so far, they weren’t wrong.

  47. syllopsium says:

    Arkanoid DS, on a 3DS. TBH it’s not particularly good, but it only cost me a couple of quid, so no real loss.

  48. Lisa0Nine says:

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