Built-A-Bot Workshop: Fallout 4’s Automatron DLC Out

Automatron, the first DLC release for Fallout 4 [official site], came out today. It’ll let wasteland survivors create and customise their own murderbots, all wrapped up in a new quest line. You want a buddy who’ll leap at folks with dual stabby road drill arms or a big wheelybuddy bristling with guns? Get in, my son.

Plain old Fallout 4 is on sale to celebrate the launch too, with a 33% discount.

Automatron’s story reintroduces the Mechanist, or… another Mechanist, presumably another person inspired by the Fallout world’s comic book character. Fallout 3 had a Mechanist in a comedy questline but Fallout 4’s seems way more serious, sending out hordes of evil robots. You’ll get to murder these!

And, of course, you get to build your own bots. Bethesda say the DLC has “hundreds” of parts to pick from, limbs and armour and abilities and weapons and voices and everything to make your dream murderpal.

When Bethesda started detailing Fallout 4’s DLC I thought the first couple of packs sounded like things mod might add – bot-building and a gladitorial arena – but liked they were being done with Bethesda’s budget. A quest line with new voice work, a new settlement, and whatnot makes it a bigger, more polished package than you might readily see from a mod. Maybe this is a lesson Bethesda learned from Skyrim’s Hearthfire DLC, which didn’t do much that mods hadn’t already. Steam player reviews for Automatron look fairly, though not entirely, positive so far.

Automatron is £7.99 on Steam, or included with the £39.99 DLC Season Pass. Fallout 4 is on sale on Steam for the next week too, with a 33% discount bringing it down to £26.79/$40.19. Here’s the DLC’s launch trailer:


  1. AlFitz says:

    I’m pretty sure that is “The Mechanist” from Fallout 3, but where is that barmy ant woman.

  2. wombat191 says:

    my recommendation would be to play the final quest wearing the silver shroud costume.

    all up pretty fun and also really dark in parts

    • Bing_oh says:

      So, the question is, does wearing the Silver Shroud costume give you Silver Shroud dialogue options during the quest? If so, I might actually buy it just for that…the Silver Shroud quest was the best one in the game just because of the dialogue options.

  3. klops says:

    I always saw that screenshot that’s been taken at 0:28 as a guy with heavy armour riding a motorcycle with the vault dweller walking next to him/her. Every time that picture was used I wondered how would a bike fit in Fallout. Now I understand.

  4. Premium User Badge

    Maltose says:

    Fallout 4 is also on sale @ greenmangaming.com for $29.76 with the “SPRING20” coupon.

  5. trueGamer says:

    Does it “just work” ?

  6. Sandepande says:

    It is reasonably fun, although it took me doing ten minutes of the questline to get to a dialogue line saying “Finally, we have the advantage”. Yeah, I’ve shot a dozen of Mechanist’s robots and stolen one bit of tech, and now FINALLY we’re getting somewhere…

    So dramatic!

  7. alenkubo says:

    I have a video about it. let’s watch it: link to goo.gl

  8. Unsheep says:

    I think they could have added a new, more interesting, zone. Its got a very cool concept but the setting is underwhelming.

  9. Parrilla says:

    I find I don’t really care. Had fun in Fallout 4 for about 3 days but I doubt I’ll ever touch it again. Can’t help thinking it needs a complete new engine or something; it still feels like I’m playing Oblivion with slightly better textures and the cracks are showing.

  10. GWOP says:

    We need Armored Core for the PC.

  11. KastaRules says:

    it’d be cool if you could directly control the ‘droid.