Early Death: Dark Souls III’s Launch Trailer

Dark Souls III [official site] is out now-ish! In Japan. Sorry. But hey, we can still benefit from the release of the Japanese launch trailer, which uses English for voiceovers and its other languages, of music and ultraviolence, are universal anyway. It’s pretty, and has me commencing my scripted descent into extended illness for the game’s western release on April 12th. Observe, but be wary of minor spoilers and revelations:

The Japanese release of Dark Souls III also means that we can, if we so desire, watch streams of folks playing through the whole dang game. I certainly don’t want to do that though, do you? I played the first Dark Souls mostly blind, meaning it was full of surprises (oh my stars, what surprises!). I wouldn’t want to spoil that. I have to watch these trailers and things for work but I think I’m okay with how much they’ve shown.

Though maybe you would like to watch, say, Souls fan VaatiVidya or that Northernlion lad playing. Other YouTubers are, of course, available.

Anyway, please do play along with my feigned illness. Don’t worry, no one else at RPS reads my posts, so you can support me by popping up in their comments and asking if I’m okay. Say you heard me almost coughing up a lung on the bus. Say you spotted me fainting and rolling all the way down a hill through gorse. Tell them you caught me down the bakery with one crushed arm hanging on only by tendon. Come on, do it for your old pal Alice.


  1. Aitrus says:

    Giant mudcrab spotted.

  2. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    I saw you were feeling a little horse the other day, Alice, hope it doesn’t turn into full blown Souls flu.

    • Replikant says:

      I don’t want to make fun of typos (as non-native typer, I shouldn’t), but “feeling a little horse” is really cute.

  3. fish99 says:

    Apparently you can play the Xbox One version in English right now if you buy it on the JP Xbox store. It’s also a little annoying they’ve given the PC version to streamers/youtubers so early (they can only stream the first third of the game).

    Honestly I think they kinda messed up with the split release.

    • Wicked Fox says:

      This is true. It’s easy, too!

      If you have an Xbone: simply switch the system language to Japanese to access the Japanese storefront.

      If you have a PS4: it’s a bit harder, but still easy. Just make a Japanese account on your console to get to the storefront.

      There are loads of tutorials for every part of the process including checkout.

      And yes, I really wish the release date was worldwide instead of Japan and e-celebs first. Then I wouldn’t have be resisting the import urge right now.

      • Wicked Fox says:

        Slide a ‘to’ between ‘have’ and ‘be’ to fully understand my comment.

      • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

        If it wasn’t for Black Desert keeping me 100% occupied, i’d cave in.

        Thankfully this is not the case, and i won’t feel compelled to buy the NOT-PC version!

  4. grve says:

    I spotted Alice farting and rolling all the way down a hill on a mini golf course. (this is what I actually read at first)

    This video is so, so tasty. I’m spending two full days not leaving the house when us plebes can play.

  5. Premium User Badge

    DelrueOfDetroit says:

    I really need to get around to playing the second one. I am kind of leery getting this at release for fear of them pulling another Scholar’s of the First Presbyterian Church on us.

    I heard Alice swam in the wrong pond and got herself a bad case of ick.

    • Wicked Fox says:

      Bloodborne never pulled a Scholar on us so it’s probably safe.

  6. DantronLesotho says:

    We wants it….

  7. popej says:

    Has the PC version come out in Japan?

  8. ChromeBallz says:

    WTF that was Gwyn on that dragon… Or was that Andre?

  9. Monggerel says:

    Pretty as a painting. Nice to see how much better looking the games got since Demo’sn'”s S'”ous”‘

  10. Zanchito says:

    The game can be played in English using Japanese accounts (details vary by system, it’s generally quite easy), streaming celebrities have got the pc version sent ahead of time (the numbers in Twitch are ridiculous), but somehow our money is worth less. No oceans in digital distribution and all that.

  11. The Algerian says:

    No rush, I’m on my first Dark Souls playthrough at the moment.
    And I downloading Dark Souls II from Steam so it’s ready when I’m done with the first one.

  12. SingularityParadigm says:

    Maybe its just the 1080p trailer being displayed on a 1440p display but…that graphics quality is hideous! What year is this??

    • Aitrus says:

      I’m on a 1080 monitor, it doesn’t look great to me either. I’m not super picky about graphics but I was kind of surprised by it.

      • suibhne says:

        That wasn’t my reaction at all. I mean, yes, some of the textures and environmental effects were obviously low-res, but animations looked splendid and the character art was typically creepy.

        Regardless, I expect this was filmed off console, not PC, and we’ll have options for higher resolutions, better particle effects, and maybe even more detailed textures.

        • SingularityParadigm says:

          I think it is the lack of anti-aliasing that is bothering me…its particularly noticeable in the library scene when the camera pans vertically and the edges of all the books shimmer. Its also really noticeable in the scene right before the close-up of the guy being run through with the sword, again with the vertically panning camera, the edges of the cobblestones shimmer. To add to all that, there is some very noticeable texture pop-in at rather short draw distances throughout the trailer.

          • fray_bentos says:

            I agree with the comments about about the lack of AA. The other thing about the Dark Souls games is that the animation has always felt off to me; most of the enemy characters move as though they are weightless puppets.

  13. wcq says:

    Time to avoid the gaming side of the internet for the next month or so, I guess.

    I’m normally not so picky about spoilers, but the Souls games are a special case. Such a large part of my enjoyment of those games comes from the mystery aspect so… yeah, see you next month.

  14. Truemas says:

    Alice, i am really concerned about your health. You dropped the header-picture-description on at least to article-header last week. Is everything ok with you?

    • FreshHands says:

      Naa, I reckon everything’s fine. Alice is just going Hollow like the rest of us. Bit by bit.

      Apart from that: Who’s this badass naked dude in the first picture, shieldbashing that zombie? Now I want to have him as my character in my first playthrough.

  15. tonicer says:

    If the combat wasn’t so clunky and the graphics so terrible and if it would be a first person game with full body awareness i would be all over dark souls … but it’s just another overhyped console game port which will be forgotten in a couple of months.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      Yeah, no one ever talks about the souls game anymore. Absolutely.

    • Unsheep says:

      I’m not a fan of these games either, but denying the overwhelming success of the series is self-delusional.

  16. Unsheep says:

    People don’t really play these games for the story anyway, so who cares what language its in.

    • suibhne says:

      I don’t think that’s accurate in the case of the Souls games, actually. The narrative and setting are understated but pervasive, and there’s a massive and enduring community of users dedicated to digging through it. There’s a lot more richness to the lore than in most other ARPGs.

      • falcon2001 says:

        Yeah, I find that really weird. The lorediving is one of the huge parts of the souls series, and the fact that it’s not just spelled out for you is one of my favorite bits. I generally just play through my first time and get what I get, and then my second time through I really dive in to find out what’s up.

  17. C0llic says:

    I’m so excited for this. Dark souls II was good, but something felt like it was missing. Now the creator is involved again I’m very excited for the weird and baffling world I’ll be able to run around in.