FantaZ: Soldak Release Zombasite Demo

Soldak Entertainment are known mostly for their unusual action-RPGs, click ’em ups like Din’s Curse and Depths of Peril with dynamic quests and living worlds. Their latest is Zombasite, a zombie apocalypse action-RPG in a fantasy world, and though it’s still in Early Access, it now has a demo so all and sundry can give it a go.

Zombasite combines action-RPG with a touch of zombie survival, and NPC factions who are also out exploring and questing for supplies like you. Adam played a little of the initial beta version in October and reported back:

“It’s a very busy game, with loads of quests available right at the start. I was told that my nemesis had slaughtered a human settlement and had to be stopped minutes after beginning my first playthrough. That was the first time I’d even realised I had a nemesis. When I stepped out into the randomly named wilderness – the superbly appropriate-for-the-genre “Desert of Items” – I killed a bunch of monsters, collected a stack of loot and met a couple of clans. Then I murdered a man I’d been attempting to rescue from a terrifyingly speedy zombie. He turned on me as soon as I rescued him because he was a bastard in disguise.”

Buuut he found it a little too similar to earlier Soldak games for his liking. But maybe that’s exactly what you’d want. Or maybe it’s changed over the past five months. Or maybe you haven’t even played any of Soldak’s games before, and the whole thing will be a big surprise for you.

If you fancy a crack, you can grab the demo standalone for Windows, Mac, and Linux, or snag it through Steam. If you dig it, hey, Zombasite is £10.99/$14.99 through Steam or direct from Soldak. Their last two games have gone through paid beta so they do know what they’re doing with this.


  1. AngoraFish says:

    Anyone know if buying from their website nabs you a Steam key?

    • HKEY_LOVECRAFT says:

      Not automatically, but Steven (the designer and head of Soldak) has always been amenable to providing Steam keys to those who ask in the forums. Two friends of mine took him up on this policy in the past, for Drox Operative and Din’s Curse, respectively; all he really needs is a PM or email indicating your proof of purchase.

      Of course, I provide this information with the caveat that he may have changed his approach since those titles were released. It can’t hurt to ask, though!

  2. xyzzy frobozz says:

    Anyone else utterly sick of zombies?

    • Press X to Gary Busey says:

      Zombies are still fine depending on the game/series/movie/book/whatever, or even if they’re just another enemy type.

      It’s tiring when they’re thrown in just because the designers are uncreative, cynical and/or too lazy to code more advanced behaviour than Aggro On/Off.
      Plus Steam Greenlight’s incredible over saturation of unsolicited zombie apocalypses in everything I guess.

    • Professor Paul1290 says:

      Honestly, it’s not really that much of a zombie game as much as it’s a game that happens to have zombies in it.

      For the most part it’s Depths of Peril, Din’s Curse, and Drox Operative mashed together, taken further with some new mechanics, then packed with more content than the previous games.

      If you wanted an “bigger and better” version of previous Soldak titles then that’s mostly what Zombasite is, which I’d consider a good thing.

    • Premium User Badge

      Phasma Felis says:

      At this point, zombies are nearly as generic and flexible as “robots” or “aliens,” as far as vidyagame baddies go. I see no reason not to judge each zombie game on its own merits. Yeah, zombie survival/FPS games are kind of a glut right now, but a zombie fantasy-action-RPG? A zombie co-op-multiplayer fantasy strategy game? I can stand a few more of those.

    • yhancik says:

      Actually I’m also bored of fantasy settings, so that sounds like the perfect game for me :D

    • Premium User Badge

      alison says:

      Definitely, but that’s primarily because zombies are essentially the computer game baddie archetype. They have no goal other than to destroy the player character. They are incapable of communication. And they are giant bullet sponges. Simply by invoking “zombies” you can create an in-universe justification for the painfully shallow motivation and nonsensical behavior of baddies in a huge number of shooters and action RPGs.

  3. Spacewalk says:

    I can’t think of a flavour that starts with a ‘z’. I’ll play it safe and stick with orange.

  4. Enkidum says:

    Probably a lot less than is wrong with her cyber-stalkers.

  5. Turkey says:

    That’s it. Every vague zombie related game title have been used up. We’re down to Zombasite, folks.

    • BooleanBob says:

      Still inexplicably available Zombie game titles:

      Deep Vein Zombosis
      Zomb Raider
      Going Viral
      All the Better to Z You With: the Rise of Red Riding Blood: Origins
      Look Out! It’s the Alive Again Men!
      Look Out!! It’s the Ms. Alive Again Men!
      Condo of the Dead
      Plan A Failed; We’re Moving To Plan (Zom) B
      Les Mizerombies
      Not Clive Barker’s Undying
      Around the Brain in 80 Bites
      And in Strange Aeons, Even Death may be Vulnerable to Fire Damage

      • Minglefingler says:

        Couldn’t resist:
        Z’s Dead Baby, Z’s Dead.
        Bill and Z’s Bogus Journey
        Zmilla’s Lack of Sense Of Snow (Or Anything Else Because She’s Dead.)
        Zombie Serial Killers From Alcatraz
        Brains, Trains And Automobiles.
        Zombie or Not Zombie, The Tragedy Of Hamlet.

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      Whoever’s in charge of coming up with the names for Soldak’s games is either awful or an absolute genius and I’ve never been able to decide which. Zombasite has a certain charm to it though. Just say it. Go on.


  6. deadlybydsgn says:

    Looks like they chose the ugliest font they could find and then added a bevel & emboss effect.

  7. Alice O'Connor says:

    I’m presently powered by the magic of jetlag.

  8. trjp says:

    I got excited when this appeared on Steam – I’m a long-standing fan of Soldak’s games but I think I might just be worn-down on the formula…

    It’s nice to see some quality-of-life improvements (the older games feel really dated in many areas – esp UI – this improves that a BIT) but I’m still being SHELLED with tooltips (FAR too many tips!) and events and 100 other things I need to understand and I’ve been playing 5 mins…

    Depths of Peril was great – Dins Curse simplified the formula (and many people prefer it) – Drox Operative moved it into space (with some complications reinstated) and this just seems to have added more gubbins with a zombie setting…

    The worlds created in these games are amazingly dynamic – all other ARPGS feel flat after you’ve played one of these – but we really do need a new engine here. The UI, sound and animation (all monsters doing the same moves at the same time is like a dancing game!) are way past their sell-by-date…

    I urge people with the remotest interest in ARPGs to play ONE of Soldaks games – Din is simplest, this is newest, Drox has spaceships etc. etc.