It-alien Isolation: Anna’s Sequel White Heaven

Released 4 years ago, the palindromic Anna was an interesting idea marred by poor execution: an Amnesia-like set in a single environment that begs to be explored in-depth, it was held back – Adam thought – by a lack of interesting stuff to see and do in those spaces.

Still, devs Dreampainters have shown a laudable commitment to listen to feedback: first, they patched at least a few of Anna’s issues, both technical and gameplay-related. And now, some of Adam’s criticisms are being addressed head-on in their new White Heaven [official site], a horror adventure with greater emphasis on survival elements.

White Heaven will be set in the same universe as Anna, and in a similar place: an isolated hotel in Val d’Ayas, in the Italian Alps. But this time there will be people! Scary scary people. And a weird shadowtentacle creature you can see halfway through the trailer.

The creature will be hunting players throughout the game, and it will be connected to the “Time of Day” system: it will be weaker during the night, only to gain strength after sunrise. Time will pass for the protagonist as well: he’ll get tired and he’ll need sleep, or he won’t be able to run as quickly, and his sight will be disturbed.

In his Wot I Think for Anna, Adam complained, for instance, about the poor UI, and that at times the game became a pixel hunt: White Heaven’s website mentions these complaints more or less explicitly, reassuring that they will not make the same mistakes twice. “As the goal of the game is not to have you pixel-hunt your way around, you’ll very easily know what you can interact [with]” It also says “Compelling Characters”, right under a screenshot of a man’s head that looks like a deflated balloon. I find that quite amusing.

White Heaven should come out in 2016 for Windows. It’s being made in Unreal Engine 4 and yes, will support Oculus Rift.


  1. dethtoll says:

    So are we ever going to have a game that actually does mimic Alien Isolation and give the player some agency? Or are we doomed to watching the horror genre disappear into a sea of “I Have No Hands And I Must Scream” clones and “Open-World Hovel-building Zombie Apocalypse Simulator 3000” knockoffs?

  2. Pan Vidla says:

    I think the biggest problem with Anna was that it didn’t make any sense what so ever. The actions that were required of the player, I mean. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a bad game, the atmosphere was thick and the audiovisual side of it was great. But I am not quite sure the studio is heading in a very interesting direction.

    • Jalan says:

      Its story wasn’t really good. Even when they “fixed” the game, it still did nothing to make the story better even though it helped make some things seem at least slightly more clear in it.

    • Razumen says:

      I agree, some of the puzzle solutions were taken straight out of Bad Puzzle Game Design 101.

      There was some great atmosphere in certain parts of the original, but the variety and size of the locations were too constrained – they just tried to do too much with too little. If the house had somehow changed to show progression and reveal new puzzles, and the outdoors were incorporated better into the puzzle, it would’ve been a lot better.

  3. GameCat says:

    I hope they will not use some bullshit DRM again.
    I’ve tried to play Anna, but I couldn’t even run it. Thank God I’ve got it from bundle.

  4. ZIGS says:

    These guys also made the new Haunted House, which is so abominable, Atari themselves removed it from sale

  5. vahnn says:

    Is it just me or does the audio sound like ultra-low bitrate MP3s downloaded on KaZaa back in the day when you were 13?

  6. helen16 says:

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