The Division’s Locations Mapped Onto Actual NYC

Cities Skylines: The Division

If you’ve been wondering how much of New York City The Division [official site] actually contains and how accurate the recreation of those areas is, wonder no longer. An enterprising player who goes by the name Feanauro on Reddit has superimposed all of the game’s major locations – including missions, safehouses and Dark Zone points of interest – onto the Google Map of the real life area. There are several fun games to play with this tool. You could jump into streetview and compare in-game streets and buildings to reality, you could try to work out which bits of the city might open up in future updates/dlc, or you could figure out if you’ve ever been to these places in real life.

If you’re anything like me, you instantly wanted to jump into streetview so that you could ‘walk’ through the streets. To do that, you’ll need to have Google Earth installed (as far as I know) so that you can import the KML file with The Division data attached. On the right of the sidebar, next to the words ‘The Division’ and the search magnifying glass, you should see three dots. Click there and choose the ‘Download KML’ option and then open the file in Google Earth.

From there you can look around to your heart’s content, looking for restaurants and bars that have been erased from existence in the Clancyverse, and being occasionally startled that, yes, that one street really does look exactly like it does in the game, right down to the placement of certain cars.

I would like to activate all current Division members within the NYC area to perform an important recon mission. Go to West 33rd Street and let me know what exists at this precise location. Has the world’s briefest and most disappointing Irish pub crawl made the transition to the streets of the United States of Clancy, and if not, what has replaced it?

And if we have NYC residents in attendance, what has become of your favourite spots? And how far would The Division have to expand to include your homes and haunts?


  1. razgon says:

    This is a misleading article headline, if I ever saw one. I have to DO stuff to be able to? I thought your article was about this?

    I am disappointed…

  2. KDR_11k says:

    The Division has non-consecutive street numbers, like the 22nd next to the 20th or something like that. They randomly cut out some parts in the middle.

    And while all that detail is nice I wish they had put that work into making more enemy types and stuff, not endless amounts of unique map features populated by copy-paste battles.

    • BobbyDylan says:

      This. Division should get an award for most beautiful environment and a kick in the balls for repetitive gameplay.

      • LANCERZzZz says:

        If Division deserves a kick in the balls for repetitive gameplay, then so does Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Skyrim, and any other exploration or loot-based RPG.

        Come on people, every game doesn’t have to be Call of Duty with lasers and airstrikes coming in every five seconds. Sometimes the fun of the game comes from wandering and scavenging with your friends.

        • cqdemal says:

          I’ve been playing this nonstop with a bunch of friends. It is repetitive, but it tickles the loot itch well enough and controls more than well enough for us to have fun and fool around all at once. I’m in love, warts and all.

    • phatbhuda says:

      Yeah. My office is on West 31st between 8th and 9th. Basically next to the main base post office in the game. The High Line is a block or two way too close. It shouldn’t butt up against the post office. :(

      Also, the parking lot diagonally across from MSG is accurate but so many other things in the area aren’t. They get the look and feel down really great but that makes the inaccuracies kind of jarring.

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  4. 9of9 says:

    Sadly, it looks like the servers are down at the moment!

  5. Hotfoot says:

    Here you go, looks like it’s been taken over by something generic like many of the shops in Manhattan.

    link to