Turn Back The Clock Tower: NightCry Released

Herbert The Doll had eaten too many Easter Eggs and felt sad and bloated

NightCry [official site], which arrived on PC yesterday, is a spiritual sequel to the Clock Tower games, created by a team with original series creator Kono Hifumi at its head. Although it looks like a 3d survival horror game, it apparently hews closer to Clock Tower’s point and click origins rather than the slightly more action-heavy Clock Tower 3 and Haunting Ground. Reviews on Steam are ‘mixed’ at the moment but I’d like to investigate for myself.

If I was going to be mean, I’d say that looks a bit rubbish and sounds even worse – does that one bit of voice acting say something about joining a world of no worms? – but there’s a much kinder part of me that reckons all the jankiness might lend a certain VHS video nasty vibe to the game.

Polish and high-tech visuals can be the death of a good horror game, reliant as they so often are on a certain uncanny visual sensibility that can suffer from the loss of rough edges.

That said, NightCry’s mobile aspirations/origins (delete as appropriate) are evident. The game hasn’t actually been released on any mobile platforms yet but the Kickstarter campaign that succeeded last year was to fund this PC port of what would otherwise have been a mobile-only game.

As soon as I’ve managed to clear some space in my ever-busy schedule of hacking, slashing and strategising, I’ll see if I can find time to run with the scissors.

NightCry is available on Playism and Steam for Windows.


  1. int says:

    Myself, I enjoy a diet of worms.

    • Captain Joyless says:

      nah, far too much pomp and circumstance. and by 1521 they had definitely jumped the shark.

  2. ZIGS says:

    No country for old worms

  3. Bobtree says:

    Old survival-horror games were really about vulnerability.

    I played Haunting Ground a couple years ago. It’s a compelling and memorable game with more flexibility than one would expect. The late game falters, but the first two antagonists were fantastic, and I can see why it has a minor cult following.

    NightCry is tempting, but watching a protagonist run awkwardly in a tight-dress with high-heels and foot-sliding animation is immediately off-putting.

  4. Buggery says:

    I’m totally down for a nice, B-grade (or even C-grade) title but this looks like a choppy port direct from the Android. There’s a difference between, say, Clock Tower 3 or Michigan: Report From Hell on the PS2 and the original PC release of Resi 4. The first two were cheesy and bad but charming in their own way. The latter was unplayably wonky.