Hitman Hits Sapienza In Episode Two On April 26th

Hitman? I don’t know, man. Are you a hit, man, or a miss, man? Tell me if you can, man. Are you a beat or a beater, a sneaker or stabber, episodic or early access, treasure or stress like a shirt of hess – ian – scratch at my neck, man

may be it’s that
we don’t know yet
we might have a clue
after Ep Two

So all hands on deck, pack your trunks in your trunk your needle-o in your Speedo your Silverballers in your swingball set ready go daddy-o (look out below!) to hit the hacienda in Sapienza on April 26th, hepcats.

Episode Two will send Ian Hitman off to sunny Sapienza in Italy (haciendas are Spanish, you damn lousy beat). He’s come to the coastal village on murderbusiness, of course. Adam remarked that “stronger architectural design” in future levels could resolve some of his issues with Episode One, so it’ll be interesting to see how this space plays.

Following the episodic plans, Episode Two will come with the $60 ‘Full Experience’ pass, or cost $10 as an add-on for folks who bought the $15 ‘Intro Pack’ (who have the option to upgrade to the Full Experience for $50).

Oh hey, and a patch is due soon with load time improvements and some other jazz.

That new trailer announcing Episode Two’s release date is rubbish, so here’s a months-old one showing places, activities, and murders in Sapienza:

Hitman game in the jazzy world of Thirty Flights please, thanks Squeenix and Blendo.


  1. Cross says:

    This is where the game proves itself or crashes and burns. If the technical troubles are ironed out and the new content is good, i am all sold. If not? I remain cautious.

  2. SingularityParadigm says:

    Before I had even finished reading the first paragraph I knew that when I checked the byline I would see your name, Alice. ^_^

  3. silentdan says:

    Personally, I’m going to remain cautious until it’s completed, but I really, really hope it works out. If not, I want them to just update Blood Money’s engine and re-release it. I’d take that over another flop any day.

  4. slerbal says:

    Once I found out about the annoying always-online limitations of the game my interest dried up for this, which is a shame as I loved Blood Money.

    • silentdan says:

      The longer you wait, the more likely they are to relax about DRM. That’s a big part of why I’m waiting.

      It’s weird, man. The longer the game has been out, the lower its perceived value, and therefore the lower its asking price. Once the perceived value drops to a certain level, it’s no longer worth protecting with intrusive DRM. When the DRM is relaxed, due to the low price, it instantly becomes worth $60 to me, but they only ask for $20-$30, so that’s all I end up paying. I mean, for all my talk of caution and patience, I’m really tempted by this one, but as soon as I saw that Steam review explaining how the game periodically boots you — without saving!! — every time your network hiccups, I thought, “Naw. Pass on this for now.”

      Point is, they could have my $60 today if they weren’t so goddamn scared of not getting my $60. Irony thick enough to choke a man, and in a game about assassination no less. :)

      • manny says:

        Maybe that’s the reason. Online requirement = more versatile, more user friendly DRM. And as you say, once the hype dies down, they can just remove the online requirement/drm for most of if not all the game.

        Indeed, Steam’s popularity is mainly due to it’s DRM being user friendly and reliable.

        • malkav11 says:

          Requiring a server connection is not in any way user-friendly or unobtrusive. And companies rarely remove any sort of DRM.

          • Faxmachinen says:

            I can’t think of any popular game that has died from always online DRM. I suspect most publishers have a plan for removing the DRM after a certain amount of time so they can shut down the servers when they become cost inefficient.

  5. dontnormally says:

    Man, I found this game to be more difficult than I should have. Enjoying Paris so far, though.

  6. Dragen says:

    That was just beautiful, Alice

    • Premium User Badge

      DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Did anyone else read those first two paragraphs as a rap?

  7. 0positivo says:

    For a second here I thought we had a hitman game set in Rome’s University

    That’d be actually kind of cool to see

  8. Jediben says:

    Lovely game so far, but needs improvements to blood/impact effects.

  9. caff says:

    Still interested, but scared of technical performance. Can anyone pontificate on what 1080p / 1440p / 4K performance is like?

    • themaxmeister says:

      The performance is good for me so far at 1440p, all maxed out. I hover around 80-90, but sometimes dip to ~65. I could easily lock the framerate at 60, and never drop.

      The problems I have with the game are based in gameplay. In this trailer for example, why is Agent 47 walking around with a giant sniper rifle magically attached to his back? Where is the briefcase? Why doesn’t he carry long weapons in his off hand, like he did in the superior previous titles? Why are people standing around, waiting for you to trigger their scripting routine? Why has the fiber wire been rendered useless by allowing you to easily, and quietly dispatch enemies without it? Why don’t guards care if I climb up and down pipes, push people around and break shit, as long as I’m in a public area?

      In any case, the one thing this game gets perfect is the visuals, and the level design is also pretty great.

      • manny says:

        Fibre wire was cool, but it’s unrealistic. If Hitman was detained or searched and that was found it would basically be a “I’m a hired assassin’ business card. Or perhaps they are just trying to make it less violent and more pc friendly.

        Plus if your strong and disciplined enough, there are ways to choke someone out with your bare hands. But doing so against high level opponents like ex-spec ops bodyguards should be more difficult, (they carry knives and know how to get out of a chokehold) and if the person is big and strong enough impossible. (like that sumo wrestler from the first hitman game)

        • themaxmeister says:

          It’s not that unrealistic, a fiber wire could be concealed quite successfully, and it is conceivable that it would go unnoticed during a frisking. Also, in terms of narrative, Agent 47 doesn’t get caught. He’s the one who knocks. In any case, it’s certainly not any more of a stretch than anything else in Hitman (e.g. shoot someone with a shotgun, then magically transpose their pristine clothes unto your body).

          But ultimately, my contention with the fiber wire is in the game design. Why would you ever bring a wire with you on a mission, knowing it will take 1 of the 2 (why? that’s also quite stupid; are you telling me agent 47 can’t carry 5 quarters, a lockpick, and fiber wire? what?) item slots you’re allowed at the beginning of a mission, and that it has absolutely no benefit/use, other than to complete their contrived challenges?

          The fiber wire is a classic Hitman weapon, and they didn’t honor it at all. Speaking of which, it doesn’t even have multiple animations now, and it’s too quick/boring to use.

          • iucounu says:

            The fibre wire feels (though I have not tested this) like it has the advantage of speed. It’s much quicker to kill someone using it than with your bare hands, and you transition instantly to dragging the body, so you can hide it more quickly too. This has come in handy here and there when I’ve picked off Novikov’s bodyguard while he’s following N around in the ground-floor hallways.

  10. Halcyon says:

    Alice O’Conner started writing for ShackNews and I just couldn’t bloody take it. Same thing for RPS now. Every article is 85% “wit” and anything resembling news gets lost in the in-jokes. Good luck.