Postapocamoshpit FPS Bunker Punks Hits Early Access

A punk’s primary responsibility is to stick it to The Man anytime, anywhere. Check clause 17a in your contract if you don’t believe me, punks. This isn’t voided in event of apocalypse, so punks will need to escalate.

The folks in Bunker Punks [official site] have taken that to mean build bunkerbases and raid corporate strongholds, and you can join in now that the roguelikelike FPS has launched onto Steam Early Access. It looks pretty good old-fashioned fun, complete with – gasp! – enemy shots you can actually dodge. Full of good ideas, those punks.

So, there you are in a post-apocalyptic future ruled over by the corps (again! damn them!) – what are you to do? Primarily, raid them. The core of Bunker Punks is first-person roboshooting, blasting into corporate strongholds for weapons, armour, and supplies to become tougher punks. The Bunker Punks live in a bunker, obvs, which can be expanded and upgraded to boost punks and give members new abilities. An underground skill tree, yeah?

It’s a roguelikelike, which means each run will bring new level layouts, enemy placement, loot, propaganda posters, and all that. Go on enough runs, get cool enough loot, and hone your skills enough, and you might be able to overthrow The Man.

Bunker Punks is £9.89 on Steam Early Access for Windows. Its developers, Ninja Robot Dinosaur, plan to launch the full version of Bunker Punks by spring 2017, after a good long stretch of adding new bits and tweaking in response to feedback. That’s quite a while, though they say it is “fully playable” in its current state.

You know, I think that trailer’s quote from me loses a lot of context. I’m just saying, yeah, that I want to hang out with a load of cool women in leather jackets, building a cool clubhouse and polishing our cool guns. Cool.


  1. J. Cosmo Cohen says:

    Silly Alice, punks don’t adhere to clauses of any sorts. That’s, like, something The Man would do to trick faux-punks into thinking they’d “made it” or whatever.

  2. thebigJ_A says:

    Why am I getting popups on my iPhone saying “congratulations rockpapershotgun reader, you’ve been chosen to win an iPhone blah blah blah”
    It even knows my cell carrier

  3. Catweasel says:

    The different resolution of different art assets looks real weird, and I’m not impressed by more randomly generated mazes that have no more depth to them than a Wolf 3d level. Procedural generation is fine if the levels have anything interesting at all in them, but a flat maze is not it.

  4. Raoul Duke says:

    I think this looks cool, but I’m not sure how the people in their art there are “punks”, they look more like kids who have just been shopping at the Gap.

  5. Blain says:

    Punks will have to es-ca-late! Punks will have to es-ca-late!

  6. bl4ckrider says:

    It looks promising. You unlock new stuff with every game (a bit like Risk of Rain) which makes you come back and get further the more you play.

    Could have better textures and more variety or features.

    Still, I’m enjoying it.

  7. Keroscee says:

    I am I the only one who finds this to be dripping in My Chemical Romance references? Not that that is a bad thing….

  8. Minglefingler says:

    I bought this today out of curiosity to see what happens when punks escalate. So far I haven’t seen any escalation but I can report that the gunplay and movement seem to be done right. I played Doom II just before this and the speed you move at seems comparable, unlike the multiplayer beta from the new Doom which felt a bit slow.

  9. tangoliber says:

    I’ll buy any procedural death FPS or Doom-style FPS, so obviously I bought this right away. It’s basic design principles are sound….but unfortunately, that’s about it. Yes, there are no hitscan enemies, which is nice…but simplistic projectile patterns and level design does not make the dodging interesting.

    I actually always wanted to see a overworld map in a Doom mod, but the map is currently static and there isn’t much difference between each dungeon.

    The base building, at this point, is nothing but increasing health and increasing weapon type damage.

    I recommend Ziggurat and Fancy Skulls, both which are worth playing just for the combat and dodging alone. Bunker Punks needs a lot of development time. It needs much more interesting projectile patterns, level design and character development.