Road Redemption Revving Up To Leave Early Access

Road Redemption [official site] is expected to finally leave Early Access and properly launch by the end of summer, say DarkSeas Games. Back in 2013, they took their pitch for a Road Rash-style motorbike fight-o-racing game to Kickstarter, then they bopped it on over to Steam Early Access in 2014, and now they say it’s a few updates away from properly launch. It’ll be a while before the first of those hits, though.

Updates haven’t been coming very quickly, with the last big patch arriving in November 2015. DarkSeas said in a Kickstarter update last week:

“For those of you following us on Steam Early Access, you’ll know that we haven’t made any updates since December and may be worried that we’ve stopped working on the game. Quite the opposite is true! Since January we have been focused on improving nearly every aspect of Road Redemption, and this has required us to rebuild a lot of systems before uploading a new build to Steam. Although we have taken longer than we hoped to complete the game, we are dedicated to making the game that we promised. We’ve recently added more developers to Road Redemption, and we’re working hard to finish the great game we envisioned in our original Kickstarter pitch. In the next month or two, we should be ready to upload a new build on Steam so you’ll be able to see our progress!”

That’s a fair wait still to come, but they say that “Our current plan is to finish development of the PC version by the end of this summer” and that they’ll release several new Early Access builds before then. They were a touch over-optimistic in their Kickstarter plan to launch the game in August 2014, and the promised Wii U version is sounding… well, who even knows?

DarkSeas also reeled off a list of what they’re currently working on, including improving bike physics and enemy AI while boshing in a new user interface, new enemies including boss fights, and online multiplayer.

Our last good look at Road Redemption was long ago, when Alec played an alpha version in 2014. Any of y’all been slipping on your leathers at night to play, and maybe fancy sharing some thoughts on how it’s come along since?


  1. Topperfalkon says:

    To be honest, I’d forgotten it was still in Early Access. It’s still fairly enjoyable and I do keep coming back to it occasionally.

  2. Radthor Dax says:

    I only clicked into this article to say that they missed a golden opportunity to call the game “Roademption”.

  3. Assaf says:

    This screenshot looks like the bad action parts of Full Throttle.

  4. Neurotic says:

    Dedicated Road Rasher since the Amiga and Mega Drive days here. I’ve been with Road Redemption for two years now, and I’d like to report that as of right now, it is indeed a) an excellent arcade racing game in its own right, and b) a superb ‘-alike’ to the first two classic games. What elevates it is that it’s been unafraid to continue growing logically beyond its spiritual roots. For example, the way the simple motivational set-up for each stage translates into different objectives each time you hit the road, the wider choice of weapons and deeper combat, and the superb RPG-lite skill-building options. RR looks good and feels great, and I’ve enjoyed every minute with it so far. Perhaps most importantly, it fully justifies its price, and has done so for a long time now anyway. Lovely stuff. :)

  5. lepercake says:

    If the soundtrack isn’t ace of spades and kickstand the 9 year old inside me will be thoroughly disappointed.

  6. griffieboi says:

    this looks like one of my favourite games of all time. its called road to hell have you heard of it?