Goalball! Super Arcade Football Punted Into Early Access

I remember when this were all trees, and we’d ride the hog to market to play football on the village green with Amiga joysticks for goalposts. Proper football, that, proper football. Developers OutOfTheBit remember those simpler times too, and this week released the first version of their arcade kick ’em up onto Steam Early Access.

Super Arcade Football is, like, an arcade football game. Imaginary men run around an imaginary pitch, kicking an imaginary ball towards an imaginary goal. It’s got a little after-touch action to bend balls, and folks can send shots into slow-motion too. It sounds pretty fun? It looks pretty fun?

Super Arcade Football is £6.29 on Steam Early Access right now for Windows and Mac. It currently has singleplayer and local multiplayer for up to four players, but online multiplayer (including things like tournaments) is on the docket to come later in the run-up to release. Also planned are a career mode to take a club from local heroes to mega winners, and plenty more modes and tournaments and things. This being Early Access, OutOfTheBit are planning to listen a lot to what players want as they move towards properly releasing it in 10-12 months.

Elsewhere in the world of arcade kick ’em ups, Sensible Soccer chap Jon Hare failed to Kickstart his “spiritual successor” Sociable Soccer last year but the gang are still working on it – check this recent video.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Risingson says:

    So Sensible Soccer and the Dino Dini games finally had a child?

  2. RimRider says:

    It’s fairly rough at the minute, though and I’d question whether it’s even in a playable state. It does, however, have a shedload of potential.

    The current Steam King of Early Access football games is Kopanito. Very, very polished and on the cusp of a full release. It’s easily my most played game out of 4500 – already sank over 100 hours into it, and online multiplayer is imminent. I have a feeling it’s gonna be a big hit!

  3. Cederic says:

    This would be highly enticing, except Rocket League.

    • RimRider says:

      Rocket League is a great game, but best described as a kind of 3D Air Hockey game, only with cars instead of paddles.

      It’s like saying in 1993: SWOS on the Amiga is good, but I’ll pass ‘cos I already own Speedball 2!

  4. El_MUERkO says:

    I’ve played a half hour of SAF and am looking forward to its continued development, a SWOS style career mode is promised which could be an ungodly time-sink for me :D

    Picked up Kopanito, from your recommendation, after looking at some videos of it. Downloading it (along with a bunch of patches) now while I go to bed.

    • RimRider says:

      Excellent! The last update a few days ago has created some framerate problems, but the devs (a couple of Polish guys) are very active so hopefully this will get fixed asap.

      I’ve fallen in love with Kopanito and even my 6-year-old son loves it – I just checked and between us, we have 126 hours! He’s so good now, he even wins regularly on Professional difficulty! Legend difficulty is where it’s at though!

      As a veteran of Sensi and Kick-off back in the Amiga days, it’s fantastic to see games such as these now appearing on Steam. I was always a lover of ISS Pro Evo on the original PlayStaiton, but that (I’ve never played FIFA for more than about 30 mins in my life) has fallen badly as it’s swapped its famous gameplay for realism.

      Hopefully SAF can step up and fill the Kick-Off void while we wait for Dino Dini to bring his new game to Steam, and Kopanito will certainly (more than) fill the Sociable Soccer void while we wait for Jon Hare to get his finger out of his ass!