Hard Sci-Fi: Anno 2205 Patch Adds Veteran Difficulty

The Moon isn't all sunshine and roses, you know. Nights last two weeks, for starters, and you can't grow roses in cheese.

Back in my day, running a corporation spanning the Earth and Moon took real guts, real gumption, real sleeve garters. Nowadays they simply hand you the Moon on a stick, and a shiny gold star too. True story.

If you’ve wished Anno 2205 [official site] presented more of a challenge, you might fancy another look after today’s patch. Version 1.5 has added Veteran Mode, which… makes it more difficult. The update also brings new quest types, performance improvements, bug fixes, and other patchy sorts of things.

Players can convert existing corporations to the new Veteran difficulty presets, but it’s a one-way process so think twice before going for it. Hit the patch notes for the full scoop on everything, which include new assignments, new ornaments, interface tweaks, and plenty of other jazz.

Another free update, named the Big Five Pack, is due to add economic warfare in June. Ubi say:

“Here, players have to battle for shares of the Big Five, the five most successful competitive corporations, but they also need to defend their own corporation’s shares. Moreover, new Sector Effects can add a permanent or temporary positive or negative effect to players’ sectors.”

June will also bring the Orbit DLC, which introduces space stations. Not a freebie, that one.


  1. Psychomorph says:

    One thing I don’t like about RPS is how they post nice pictures accompanying their articles and you can’t expand those. I zoom in and admire the pixels.

    This might be digital press, but it’s digital game press, gamers like to see what is being talked about.

    • TWChristine says:

      I agree. I love space, and I have a special thing for architecture that follows/molds into the terrain (always a big fan of castles built onto mountains); so this picture is making me feel all sorts of giddy.

    • Cinek says:

      There, enjoy ;)

      • Psychomorph says:

        Oh nice! Wish it was a(n actual in-game, no fake marketing hype) screenshot from Elite Dangerous.

        I hope RPS will not become like Bethesda or Bohemia Studios, who let their community fix their broken, unfinished stuff. But thanks for helping them out. :D

  2. Gunsmith says:

    its a step in the right direction but theres still a long way to go before its anywhere near the quality of its predecessors

  3. LilDeamon says:

    Personally fed up of these futuristic Anno games, 2070 was good but I prefer the nice warm graphics of the historical settings. Anno 1404 is still my go to.

    • Carra says:

      Anno 1404 remains the highpoint for me too. The last two games miss the charm of that game. Plus, brewing beer makes more sense than making biofood.

      It’s similar to Civilization: Beyond Earth. In Civ I get to research a bow, that makes sense. In Civ: Beyond earth I get to research a word I don’t understand.

    • Hobbes says:

      1404 Venice, followed by 2205. Though the Veteran update did help smooth out a lot of things I didn’t like about 2205, and the bump to difficulty made it a damn sight more interesting.

  4. peterako1989 says:

    does it remove Uplay? No? Ok still not getting it.

    • roboczar says:

      2010 called, they want their digital distribution platform controversy back.

      I can’t believe people still harp on this after half a decade with no detectable change in market trends.

    • Harvey says:

      I’m with you peterako. Uplay, Origin, nope, nope. Will it make a difference to them? No, but that doesn’t matter.

      It makes a difference to us, and that’s what does. There’s no controversy, just common sense and a dollop of self-respect.

      P.S. Please don’t read my comment as denigrating people who choose to use Origin and Uplay.

  5. feamatar says:

    has it been so long I logged in? but hey, I stayed on the same page after login? what kind of dark sorcery is this?

    Anyway, same story here, release 2070 on GOG, DRM free, and I will buy it. uplay – no play here. proud owner of the rest of the series there, and putting the game into the future was a very good idea imho… too bad if 2205 is simplified.

  6. FelixG says:

    It is going to take a LOT more than a veteran difficulty mode to make the game good. I don’t even know if it can be fixed with how terrible and seperate they made the combat/trade gameplay.

  7. Murdock says:

    Too bad the game lost the soul of Anno 2070.
    More beautiful, but much, much, and much more simplified. A huge shame.