PlayStation 4 Remote Play Comes To PC Today

If you have a PlayStation 4, from today you can use the Remote Play feature to stream games from it to a PC. The promised support arrives with today’s system software update 3.50, and Sony have released a Remote Play application for Windows and Mac to match. It’s a bit of a niche feature, useful in far fewer situations than Remote Play on e.g. a Vita handheld, but I thought you might want to know, hypothetical PS4 owner.

Remote Play is a way to play games, y’know, remotely. It runs the game on the PS4 (so you do need to own one and the game), converts the game’s output into a video streamed blasted to you across the cybernet, and sends commands back to the game the same way. This introduces a bit of delay between the game and controls, because technology isn’t magic, but it’s playable enough for many games in the right situation.

So, uh, what’s it useful for? Maybe you fancy cranking on Bloodborne but someone’s watching TV in the lounge. Or maybe you’re staying away from home and have brought your laptop with you. Or you want to play on your laptop in the garden on a spring afternoon. Maybe it’s for your work computer, you little sneak. Maybe… other things I haven’t thought of because, look, I’ll ‘fess up: I mostly use Cara’s PS4 to watch Netflix.

It seems less useful than Remote Play on a handheld, but still something handy to have. Okay, cool, bye for now. Talk to you later on the Internet, okay, bye.


  1. adamsorkin says:

    Appreciated, as I do cranking playing Bloodborne when someone’s watching TV in the lounge.

    • klo3 says:

      Just tried to install it. Does not support Win 7. Googled to find out more, seems max supported resolution is 720p.

      Sad, would have liked to put my GBit LAN to use for some Bloodborne but seems like the couch is where I play it in the future too…

  2. mattevansc3 says:

    Another scenario. Your partner doesn’t want a multitude of stuff by the TV making everything look untidy. Solution, HTPC hooked up to the TV. PS4, XboxOne and gaming PC hidden upstairs.

    • Universal Quitter says:

      Does your partner also put protective plastic on the furniture?

      • HothMonster says:

        They did, but then the partner found it more efficient just to wrap pets and guests in the plastic and leave the furniture uncovered.

      • mattevansc3 says:

        That would make it look untidy. Instead she’d tidy the cushions before you came in and after you got up.

        She’s literally hidden my Xbox behind the curtain.

  3. FreeTom says:

    Ah, how I miss the days when I would put on a headset, pick a joystick and gurn at my CRT monitor from three inches away. Sadly I’ve now discovered playing video games, which takes up too much of my time.

    • ran93r says:

      I’m only reading this because Alice used her favourite picture for the story.

      • HothMonster says:

        I love the image on the computer too. It’s the 1 second load screen before requesting a level up and the character sheet appearing. Absolutely the lest likely time you would yell like that while playing bloodborne.

      • klo3 says:

        Yes Thank You Alice for using this picture.

        Reading the title before scrolling far enough to see the picture, this exact picture down to the smallest details like the colour of the kitchen wall, the barstool, the oval logo on the headset and the facial expression that can only belong to someone completely and fully immersed into the world of Yarnham flashed in my mind.

      • April March says:

        Ah, Stock Picture of Lady Holding Joystick and Screaming at Computer, my old nemesis, we meet again.

      • Premium User Badge

        distantlurker says:

        Alice needs to set up a ‘Using the pic’ RSS feed immediately.

    • TheSplund says:

      TinEye that image and you’ll get some interesting results including this one link to where the screen image is different, which leads me to ask ‘who chose the one in this topic and why?’

  4. TheGamerDad says:

    I think this is a cool idea, even if it won’t be used very often. At least the option is available. I have multiple consoles, including a PC configured for 3D, hooked up to my 3D TV. If the kids want to play on the PC or one of the other consoles but I want to play the PS4, I’ll fire it up on my main gaming PC now.

    Oh, and I love the alt text for the main image. :D

  5. Exuro says:

    Yeah, it’s a really useful feature to at least have. In some cases, I find that I’m just more comfortable in front of my PC. My PS4 is in the same room, but I don’t play it because sitting in bed playing games isn’t comfortable for me.

    This will mean I actually play the PS4 games I own, so that’s nice.

  6. lylebot says:

    I will use it to play games at work.

    Yeah, it probably won’t be used much, but I think it’s probably a low-overhead project for them. Since the PS4 operating system is based on FreeBSD, it’s basically just a VNC client, right? Just like Screen Sharing on a Mac. Of course, they’ve added some nice stuff to it so that you don’t have to input an IP address and you can get a lower-resolution image if you want to improve network latency and so forth.

  7. Moonracer says:

    I’ll have to try this. If it offers any official PC support for using the PS4 controller outside of streaming I’d be psyched, but I’m guessing no. I prefer it over the Steam or Xbox controller.

  8. Chem says:

    Finally I can live my dream of turning on the PS4 (downstairs) streaming it to my computer (upstairs) then streaming that through the Steam Link to the TV (downstairs next to the PS4)

  9. laotze says:

    Seems to work decently well after some minor setup hassle. My PS4 is on wifi since it’s too far from an ethernet port, but the connection so far is decent enough to play non-twitch games comfortably. Bloodborne is a no-go with the slight input delay.

  10. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    Bloodborne. Bloodborne bloodborne, bloodborne. Bloodborne.

  11. NicholasTimothyJones says:

    But can we remote desktop a PC that is using remote play with a PS4?

  12. Doomlord says:

    Seems entirely pointless. Why would any PC gamer want to play 720p games with only 30fps on their high-end PCs? I suppose if you’re dying to play Bloodborne (as suggested in the article) it’s a tiny bit useful but this just seems like getting that gift you never asked for or cared that much about. “Oh, tube socks!”

    • keefybabe says:

      If you’ve got a PS4 then… you play on the PS4.. surely..

      This is like owning sausages but instead eating a drawing of some sausages that might, sometimes, taste a bit like sausages.

    • Asurmen says:

      I really don’t understand how people don’t grasp the simple concept that maybe, just maybe, they don’t always have access to the TV the console is hooked up to but they would like to play a game from that console.

      I know this might shock you, but people have families.

  13. Be_reasonable says:

    I have a question, do you have to use the PS4 controller? Can you map the mouse and keyboard?

    • GallonOfAlan says:

      No, PS4 controller only. Allowing mouse and keyboard removes the level playing field, especially in online multiplayer.

  14. malkav11 says:

    I’d rather stream a PS4 to my PC than an Xbone. Can’t say as I see any reason to drop hundreds of dollars on either, though.

    • Asurmen says:

      You wouldn’t. It’s not a killer feature. It’s just something useful for those who would like to have it.

  15. tonicer says:

    Why not the other way around? That would make sense ,this is just silly.

    I mean come on 30fps on a 144Hz monitor … that’s like asking for eyecancer.

  16. Lintire says:

    If it has the latency/input lag of every other streaming service that I’ve ever used, I’m not interested.

  17. Farnbeak says:

    I just LOVE that picture :D

  18. finc says:

    Now we know what Pip likes to do when she’s not attending esports events.