Attack On Titan Game Swinging Onto PC

Attack on Titan is a manga and anime about plucky teenagers armed with grappling hooks and huge Stanley knives fighting giants with dopey grins and far too many teeth. It’s pretty fun! And often horrifying. It’s also a fine idea to make into a video game, so Dynasty Warriors developers Omega Force did just that. Following its debut on PlayStation 4 in Japan in February, publishers Koei Tecmo today announced a western release for Attack on Titan [official site – but not live yet] including a PC version.

First, a spoiler-light recap of the setup. Attack on Titan is set in a walled kingdom besieged by titans – awkward but surprisingly graceful giants with smooth doll crotches and horrible oblivious expressions. Big hungry babies. They’re seemingly mindless, driven only to eat, but for centuries have been a threat waiting outside the walls. Then they breach the outer wall, and awful things happen. Fighting against them (and mostly losing) are soldiers equipped with big knives and ‘Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear’ – a combination of grappling hooks and maneuvering thruster they use to speed around and reach the weak spot on the back of giants’ necks. It’s very stylish up until someone makes a mistake and ends up in the mouth of a waddling fool.

Omega Force’s game is… that. Or that’s the idea. Zip around, swinging and hacking, trying to hit the weak spot without being caught. And hacking off an arm or two if it makes things easier. The game’s based on the first season of the anime, with a few new side stories of its own and a whole load of silly extra costumes.

(The anime is on Netflix, by the way, and pretty good fun for its grappling, hacking, setting, and mysteries. You might grow tired of characters explaining the lesson they just learned about friendship, duty, and never giving up. I’m still briefly appalled when I remember the titans.)

My interest in grappling hooks and oversized Stanley knives mean I’m being careful not to get my hopes up too much. This review of the PS4 version makes it sound okay at least? I just want to swing around and cut giants.

Attack on Titan is coming to PC via Steam on August 30th. This Japanese Koei livestream shows loads of the game, or here’s a snappy announcement trailer:


  1. HopeHubris says:

    I remember playing an Attack on Titan fan-game a while ago, was quite fun.
    Google says it was probably this: link to but it doesn’t run on my chrome, so who knows

    • The Algerian says:

      Yes, that’s the game.

      Pretty steep learning curve but pretty fun if and when you managed to get the hang of it.

    • Keasar says:

      Recommend checking out Guedin’s Attack on Titan fan game prototype. It is showing a lot of potential and feels great to play so far.

      link to

  2. Synesthesia says:

    This could actually be good! Super fast paced shadow of the colossus with wire based jetpacks is something i’d like to play.

  3. Scumbag says:

    Sort of interested in this, but Koei Tecmo is a scary name in regards to ports.
    Still, I now have that BLOODY OPENING SONG IN MY HEAD!

    • The Algerian says:

      Brace yourselves for 30 fps lock.

      • Assirra says:

        They have been doing a bit better lately.
        For instance the Arslan game was 60fps.

        • anHorse says:

          Shame they just totally fucked up the ports I actually cared about

        • The Algerian says:

          Are you sure it’s not just that one game, though?

    • Harvey says:

      Came here to say it’s the anime OP that gets me MOST pumped to this day. Cannot think of a better one. *goes off to listen*

      *Thinks better of it and provides a before leaving*

      • The Algerian says:

        “One Punch Man” opening.
        “Hajime No Ippo” openings, first and second of season 1, and first of season 2.

        Not saying they’re better, but they’re definetly up there.

        • Harvey says:

          I agree with you 100% on those. Hmm, as long as we’re doing ops I refuse to skip. Top of my head…Trigun. Naruto’s second OP (Haruka Kanata).

        • hemmer says:

          Ippo OPs all day every day. As someone who’s first language is German, the AoT OP is a bit cringeworthy, but no more so than most English anime fansubs I’ve suffered through the years….or….official fansubs I’ve suffered through the years. *cough*

    • DanMan says:

      Yeah.. Koei Tecmo, ey? My excitement instantly turned into distrust.

  4. Naseer says:

    I don’t get Attack on Titan. I wish I had come up with the idea. But I don’t get it.

    • Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

      I feel like Attack on Titan is the result of the Japanese animation industry competing to creat the most fucking harrowing thing a human can watch.

      Then again I haven’t seen it all yet; maybe it gets super humerous like that second season of Full Metal Panic.

  5. Durgendorf says:

    Thanks. Now I get to spend another day moping because there will never be a Shadow of the Colossus port.

    • Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

      Dude the PS2 version runs amazingly on an emulator. Also the textures on disc were (for some reason) much more hi res than the PS2 could natively render, while PCSX2 can.

      So basically with an emulator and a copy of the PS2 game, you pretty much have the HD remake, on your PC

  6. GWOP says:

    More Japanese action games is always a good thing in my book.

  7. lagiacrux says:

    watched the trailer

    i’d rather rewatch the anime than play the game. looks pretty subpar, and if koei techmo is porting it, it looks even more grim.

    will check the reviews when it comes out and decide then if its worth a try.

  8. mpk says:

    This could be a game about cleaning mouldy grout from between tiles in someone’s shower, but as long as it includes the original anime theme tune it will still make you feel awesome.

    • NotTopCat says:

      This badger speaks the truth. No grout cleaning for me though – I have just discovered that Audioshield has it as one of the stock tunes. £750 justified.

  9. Moonracer says:

    I’ve used a Garry’s mod of the grapling hook, which is fun. I think some people have even pieced a game mode of this.

    I liked the idea of a multiplayer “king of the hill” type match game, but if the AI Titans of this game are interesting it could work.

  10. int says:

    Flight with farts, like Kinnikuman!

  11. Monggerel says:

    If you reverse Titan then instead you get Attack on a Tit which is weird because why would anyone want to attack a small passerine bird.

    • Ejia says:

      If you add an I it becomes Attack on Titian, for when you have a grudge against Italian Renaissance painters.

  12. a very affectionate parrot says:

    I haven’t watched the Anime but always thought the premise was perfect for a game, plus I have a soft spot for most of Koei’s warrior games so I’m glad this is coming to PC.

  13. Hawke says:

    Looks like Toukiden: Kiwami, when you play as a dagger-user. I hope, the port will be better, though.

  14. Turkey says:

    I don’t have the patience for watching anime, but I’ve been thinking of trying out the manga for a while now. I’ve still got Lone Wolf, Vinland Saga and 20th Century Boys to finish up first, tho.

  15. Premium User Badge

    DelrueOfDetroit says:

    When people say this is a good anime is it good like Cowboy Bebop is good or “good”* like Dragon Ball Z is “good”?

    *see also: shit

    • Grim_22 says:

      I really, really enjoyed it. I think I binged the whole thing. I haven’t watched Dragon Ball, though. You can’t really compare it to Bebob or Champloo, they’re not at all the same genre – they’re all good in different ways.

      Well, nothing can compare to Champloo so that’s not really fair.

    • Kitsunin says:

      Somewhere in-between. It’s legitimately a good show, with pretty strong characters for the most part, and real tension. It’s still a shonen anime, but more comparable to something like Fullmetal Alchemist — it’s full of action and crazy powers, but the good guys win fights because of character development and plot, not because they have xyz new power they pulled out of their butt a la DBZ or Bleach (shows I actually like, but you have to admit that’s how they are).

      • Kitsunin says:

        Actually I lied, I don’t like DBZ or Bleach at all. But I totally get why a lot of people do, they’re good for what they are.

    • king0zymandias says:

      I totally get you. And as someone who thinks Cowboy Bebop is the only worthwhile anime ever, unless you count the Studio Ghibli stuff, no this is not anywhere close to that. The direction and pacing is all over the place, many scenes are not even animated, the writing is the usual anime angsty-teen garbage, filled with pointless monologues and is overly expository, none of the characters have any depth they are just a bunch of anime archetypes having cool fights.

      The one good thing about it though, is that the some of the action scenes they do end up animating is some of the best animation ever, in anything.

  16. Chillicothe says:

    I’ve only watched the early parts, but I’ve been told it wanders off and squanders the dark quality pacing so I’ve never touched the rest.

  17. Jackablade says:

    The doll crotch thing always stuck me as kind of a lame design choice. The lack of 50 foot long penises flopping about seems like a lack of commitment to the concept of a show about fighting colossal naked men.

    • Premium User Badge

      Velorien says:

      It makes sense in context. The fact that the titans look like giant humans but really really aren’t is one of the big mysteries driving the story.

  18. Premium User Badge

    Aerothorn says:

    Can someone explain the name of this anime to me?

    I always assumed that some force attacked Titan, Jupiter’s moon, which was inhabited in this setting, but people have told me it is actually about titans attacking. I am unable to parse the title in a way that describes that, though?

    • Premium User Badge

      Phasma Felis says:

      It’s quite simple really! You see, Japanese anime/manga/game writers love using English much more than they love actually understanding English.

      • Premium User Badge

        Velorien says:

        This. The original title is “Shingeki no Kyojin”, “Advancing/Assaulting Giants”. You could plausibly translate it as “Attack of the Titans”. If you then manage to confuse “of” and “on”, and forget that English (unlike Japanese) has separate words for plural nouns, you get the official English version.

        Incidentally, English classes are compulsory in all Japanese schools.

  19. Okami says:

    Here’s a sentence I’d never thought I’d ever write:

    I find the lack of genitals disturbing.

    • Znea says:

      That seems like a sentence you might write on a customer satisfaction survey after an operation.

  20. Premium User Badge

    Phasma Felis says:

    It looks like they aren’t translating the voiceovers at all, only adding subtitles.

    If so, let’s hope that other Japanese devs follow suit. I’ve never seen a Japanese-to-English dub that’s worth a damn, and it’s really distracting.

  21. tonicer says:

    Yaaay another console port whoop dee fucking doo.

    I want more awesome PC only ego shooters … like a Doom 4 or something … aaawww crap now i made myself sad again.

    link to