Endless Legend Launches New Expansion, Holds Sale

I would like to state, for the record, that our decision to declare Endless Legend [official site] our favourite game of 2014 was not at all influenced by our mascot/benevolent jailkeeper Horace the Endless Bear and his fondness for endlessness. It’s a cracking 4X turn-based strategy game, okay. You already know if you listened to us and played it, in which case you may be interested to know the latest Endless Legend expansion, named Shifters, launched today. If not, hey, the game’s on sale to celebrate the launch.

The Shifters expansion adds a new faction, the Allayi, who are in tune with the world. As the seasons change, so do their abilities. One’s powerful counter-attacks in summer become straight-up attacks in winter, another goes from buffing your morale to demoralising enemies on those icy nights, and so on. People get really snappy in winter. Their seasonal focus also has creators Amplitude Studios overhauling winter, including letting folks cross frozen water on foot. Here, go look at the Shifters Steam page, where it’s £7.49 – including a 25% launch discount.

Check the patch notes for details on the patch accompanying Shifters.

Bigger, wider discounts are across the endless Endless games on Steam until the 14th.

Endless Legend is £7.81 thanks to a 66% discount, and DLC is on sale too. Endless Space is £5.49, and its extras are discounted too (some thoughts on Space from Adam). And Dungeon of the Endless is £3.05 (here’s Wot Adam Thinks). Or a whole big bundle of Endlessness is £21.70.

I am out of Endless things.


  1. Moxria says:

    What an amazing game. The expansion seems fun so far, but I dislike running around collecting pearls, it got distracting after a while!

  2. jonfitt says:

    Endless Legend is indeed great. For me it’s the best of the nu-wave fantasy 4X games, and is only lacking in the final endgame where your faction’s plot doesn’t really hit a good conclusion. You just do one of the classic tech/conquest/etc. etc. victories and get a “you won”. The rest of it is great though, and I’ll be getting the DLC.

    Endless Space was also good, but not great. It lacks the character of Legend’s world and factions and the mid-game devolved a but as all the planets blur together and you’re just building the same buildings on all planets climbing the tech tree, because why not. I’m probably not the best player, but I tend to turtle and tech-up while maintaining strong defense, and it dragged a bit, there isn’t the same sort of Era changeup like you get in a new Civ.

    Dungeon of the Endless was a real surprising treat. It’s technically a tower defense game despite the ARPG trappings. Once you get the hang of how to play it gets really interesting, and I love how it ties into Space and Legend.

    • teije says:

      I heartily concur with this opinion on Endless Legend/Space. Endless Space 2 should be out later this year, and I’m looking to seeing how they add more “flavour” to it.

      Dungeon I couldn’t get into just because I’m too slow moving for it.

      • jonfitt says:

        I played it through on trivial difficulty and while it was still fun, it wasn’t too punishing. I don’t think it required much micro. One day I will return and play at higher levels.

        Essentially (at that difficulty level, who knows about higher ones), you put everybody in position at your leisure and then hit the door that will trigger the next wave. Nothing happens until the wave is triggered by opening a door. You can move people who are getting overwhelmed during the wave and hit heal buttons to keep them alive, but there’s not many times when you’ll have to be super on your toes (caveat difficulty level).

        The hard part was understanding the basic mechanics of doors, waves, power, and how you earn resources. It’s not super clear because it looks like an ARPG, but it’s not.

        • Darloth says:

          When it’s not on Trivial… it’s still mostly like that, except you might not have -time- to react and pull someone away who’s having trouble, and oh what a bunch just spawned in that dark room over there you didn’t have power for, now you’ll have to pull everyone back, but argh that slow guy got slowed further and now you’ve spent most of your food keeping him alive and there’s turrets exploding everywhere.

    • trashmyego says:

      I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every game they’ve released. Actually, I’ve come to absolutely love and adore each one. Dungeon of the Endless maybe the most at this point, it being the most contained and focused and least time consuming.

      My excitement for Endless Space 2 seems to grow every time I’m reminded of its existence. I’ll buy every damn thing they release, but the thought of seeing how they handle a sequel is thrilling. Especially after seeing what they’ve done and continue to do with Endless Legend. I’m so happy that they seem to be succeeding while taking the risks in design that they’ve regularly made. Beautifully progressive.

      • jonfitt says:

        My thoughts exactly!

        I came on to the Amplitude train late, but it’s refreshing to see a developer getting it consistently right. From their willingness to try different things, their community involvement, to their underlying continuity of fiction.

        They definitely have earned a pass from me for the time being. I’ll buy whatever they put out as I’ve yet to be disappointed. Long may it continue.

      • Ericusson says:

        I find all their games have all one thing in common : an unfinished they left something out feeling.

        I get the same emptiness playing both space and legend.
        Should try dungeon maybe as I think it s there accumulating pixels in my steam collection.

    • nickclarkson says:

      “and is only lacking in the final endgame”

      Well….it *is* called Endless Legend :)

  3. Andy_Panthro says:

    I’m interested in Endless Legend, but is it worth getting the Emperor edition or the expansions? Tempted to just get the basic game.

    (not that I should be buying any more games at the moment…)

    • trashmyego says:

      You’ll get your money’s worth with the basic edition, and you can always upgrade to the Emperor if you enjoy it. There have been a number of free updates (along with content added with each expansion/mini-expansion) so you’re not completely missing out on some of the changes to the game. Each expansion adds additional races and some game alterations similar to Civilization expansions, they just make the base game bigger.

      The emperor edition is worth it if you have Dungeon of the Endless and you enjoy that game, it gives you a nice little add-on DLC. A big part of it also is the community points which weight your votes on the continued development of the game heavier. In most cases, it’s some love for the developer while also incentivising your involvement in their community driven content development.

  4. Juja says:

    I wonder why i read “Holds Sale” as them cancelling a sale.

  5. AceJohnny says:

    Godamnit, I had plans this weekend. Other plans!

  6. Shmian says:

    I’ve spent a good 7 hours on Endless Legend according to Steam, and I found it dull as rocks. Exceptionally neat factions and interesting story bits hamstrung by a tooltip-heavy interface a stupid quest system that seems, as far as I can tell, to discourage early expansion – getting a quest objective that you’ve already achieved just sort of made it impossible to complete them. Brittle triggers do not make compelling quests.

    And once I got over the novelty of everyone running into place on the map, the combat was deadly boring.

    Can anyone sell me on this? Should I grab an expansion or three? I felt largely the same way about Endless Legend – a wonderful setting brought down by inscrutable gameplay.

    Dungeon of the Endless, on the other hand, is a gem – although something about monsters spawning in already explored rooms rubs me the wrong way.

    • Hobbes says:

      You can fix the spawning thing in DotE by powering them. Monsters will only ever spawn in UNPOWERED rooms. So you can control where they spawn by selectively powering sections of the dungeon, this funneling is vital to the later floors.

      I’d recommend getting the expansions for EL, they really do add a lot of content to the game, it might be enough to make it worth your while to revisit again, and some of the factions utterly shake things up (I’m looking at you, shady faction who spy on everyone who I can’t remember the name!).

      • Shmian says:

        Oh! I could have sworn they came out of powered rooms too – that changes EVERYTHING.

        • DelrueOfDetroit says:

          Try playing with the pod where once a room is powered it stays powered. It forces you to really consider how you go about using power to herd enemies.

      • Grizzly says:

        (I’m looking at you, shady faction who spy on everyone who I can’t remember the name!)

        Considering’s the faction name, I am very much doubting whether you have actually forgotten their name or are just making a really clever meta joke :p

    • carewolf says:

      I found it rather bland too. I have invested a lot more time hoping it got better, but it doesn’t. The start is the good part. Try Fallen Enchantress instead. It is similar but has more charm, story and better game mechanics.

    • Ericusson says:

      Played a few games of Endless Legend and found it the same as you.

      People are quite divided in love/indifference about it in a way that is quite peculiar. Same opinions happened on a previous news about the game.

    • ninjapirate says:

      I gave it two tries, for a measly two hours in total. I just couldn’t warm up to it, even though it should be right up my alley.

  7. Alfy says:

    Has the ai improved? I purchased the game and tried it about a year ago, and the ai factions just did nothing of interest…

    • Ericusson says:

      I’d be interested to know also.
      AI was profoundly passive and irrational via a bid of my own player behavior.

      I don’t think anything changed about it though.
      But then again Civ V AI can not be considered particularly bright either.

  8. Procrastination Giant says:

    They’ve improved the AI in the sense that it now has a better grasp of how to play the game mechanically – It now actually plays the individual factions differently, its army compositions are better(-ish) and it makes better use of the strategic boni it gets on higher difficulties and so on. But it really doesn’t change how the game feels and all those changes to the AI really accomplished was to enforce a stricter meta on higher difficulties.

    I found it incredibly dull on release and after recently giving it another shot and desperately trying to like it (according to steam i have 55h playtime, so about 3 full campaigns) i came to the conclusion that things sadly haven’t changed for the better and likely never will, since a lot of the more multiplayer-centric design decisions hold the single player portion back in a rather fundamental way.

    Long story short: Unless you’re going to play multiplayer i wouldn’t bother, since playing against the AI still is as dull as dishwater.

    • Procrastination Giant says:

      ’twas supposed to be in reply to Alfy

    • qribba says:

      Yeah I have the same feeling. I like a lot of things about the game but the AI just never seems to engage with me so it becomes a bit dull.

  9. BathroomCitizen says:

    I don’t know why, but I find Endless Legend quite cold and sterile. It’s one of the few times I agree with John – it’s kinda like filling out the taxes.

    But I’m having an hard time enjoying any turn-based strategy game after discovering Dominions, so what do I know. I just love the mythological fluff.