Uncooperative: Killing Floor 2 Adds PvP Versus Survival

Killing Floor 2 [official site] is solid co-op fun, even in its unfinished Early Access state, but its mutant horrors are a little simple-minded. I’m glad to see developers Tripwire add a little more challenge and a bit of rivalry by pitting humans against (mutated) humans. Yesterday’s ‘Revenge of the Zeds’ update added the 6v6 Versus Survival mode, where one team steps into the clammy flesh of mutants to murder the survivors.

Versus Survival follows the usual Killing Floor routine – waves of mutants spawn in waves, survivors scamper around shooting mutants while gathering cash and items, survivors try to survive – but with some of the mutants being (theoretically) a bit less dim. Mutant players start as lowly fodder, but can eventually become any of the game’s odder variants, from cleaver-swinging blubbermen up through chainsaw maniacs to even the dastardly Patriarch final boss. Mutant players get extra powers in each different form too, from leaps to pukemines.

The update also added two new weapons, the lever-action rifle and crossbow. The Sharpshooter class may not be in KF2 yet but hey, we can play with some of their guns until they arrive toting another bag of hardware.

Other additions include a map set in a Russian prison, dynamic difficulty scaling to the number of players in a match, crafting for those cosmetic items, and plenty more detailed in the patch notes.

Killing Floor 2’s on sale on Steam now too, down to £13.39 until Monday.

Here’s a sneaky tease of What I’ll Be Playing This Weekend: I will be playing this.


  1. Ethaor says:

    I think it’s a welcome addition.

    Sadly for those who’d like to stay in the coop realm and who seek, as it was advertised, a Kf1 only bigger and better, Kf2 simply failed to capture the essence of Kf1 and I can’t for the love of me have any kind of fun in Kf2 that I had playing Kf1.

    Looking at the numbers it seems the game sold over 800 000 copies yet barely hold at 2000 concurrent players at best (apart from promo/free week-end/update days).

    • zeep says:

      If you will, what would you say makes KF1 more fun? I was thinking about getting KF2 in a sale sometime, but i haven’t played KF1.

    • maximus says:

      couldn’t agree more. im still more tempted to res my old kf1 server than bother playing kf2 again. a graphical upgrade would have done just fine for me the the people i played with.

    • KevinLew says:

      Steamspy is not a good way to measure actual buyers on any game that has had a free weekend… And there’s many games that have had free weekends, including Killing Floor 2. The way Steamspy works is that it scans Steam public accounts and looks for a game to be listed in your profile. If you play a game on a free weekend and didn’t buy it afterwards, it will still show up on your account as time played on it.