Offworld Trading Co Comes On-World Later This Month

Offworld Trading Company [official site] is the combat-free, trading-centric sci-fi RTS from Soren Johnson, best known as the lead on the beloved Civ 4. It’s been kicking around in Early Access for a while now, and both Adam and I rather liked it. If you’ve been holding off because you fear the unfinished, you may be glad to know that the Mars-set building’n’business game gets itself a full release on April 28th.

Developed by Johnson’s Mohawk Games and published by Stardock, Offworld concerns a set of rival Eath mega-corps setting up shop on Mars and embarking on a race for resources and cash. You don’t have units per se, but instead of focus on buildings, deals, trade routes and buy-outs. If it sounds dry on paper, rest assured that in practice it’s got the competitiveness and simmering sense of crisis that characterises a shooty-bang RTS. Your aim is still to crush your opponents, it just so happens that this is done via aggressive acquisitions rather than death-rays.

I’m too much of a yellow-belly to give multiplayer a go, but apparently that’s where the real action’s at – mutually-assured horsetrading-based destruction.

The full version, which apparently enjoys “refine and polish” over the early access builds, is out on Steam and Stardock’s store on April 28th.


  1. Luciferous says:

    I just hope a fair bit has changed in the last several months. To this day it is the only game I’ve used Steam’s refund system on, got it in a sale knowing it was Early Access and likely nowhere near being finished – but there was zero fun to be had in it, it has some brilliant idea, but they all felt poorly implemented.

    • Cerzi says:

      It’s a game you have to really sink your teeth into before its intricacies and depth start to show. The tutorials are solid but they don’t really convey the complexity in the game’s competitive economy – you kind of have to just jump into multiplayer to see how brutally good players can knock you about with their space bucks.

      • SuddenSight says:

        I strongly recommend watching some tourneys on the youtubes. Seeing players pursue specific strategies (and many of the tourney videos also have helpful commentary explaining those strats) gave me a very different perspective on the game.

        That, pus this is a rather math-y game.

        • SomeDuder says:

          I watched a few – it’s… not quite what I expected. Feels more like a boardgame than a strategic RTS.

  2. JcDent says:

    Reminds me of the old Moon Tycoon, only that one had some danger element from … pirates, I guess?

    In games like these, you eventually start wishing for a more directly military option, just like in Transport Tycoon, when exploding trucks with rail become not enough.

  3. bedel says:

    it shines in multiplayer

    • snv says:

      I expect it would as it feels a lot like a boardgame.

      For singleplayer though, i kinda feel like a have seen everything it has to offer months ago.