Texts From Rezzed: It Begins

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Half of RPS is in That London this weekend for EGX Rezzed, Eurogamer’s show where we’re up to all sorts of things. We have a little RPS booth with a selection of games we dig, we’ll be chatting with with some devs, and we’ll hit the pub tonight. If you’re at Rezzed, go check it out! (The pub’s open to all comers, mind.)

For those of us who aren’t there, well, Adam, Pip, and John are sending me little updates to share with you and capture some of the magic.

Let’s try this as a gallery doodad. Use the arrows or your arrow keys to move between entries. First, Pip encounters an unconventional controller.

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  1. thedosbox says:

    Hmm, gallery seems glitchy to me. The arrows change position or aren’t consisently appearing and the page needs to be refreshed to start over (firefox, RPS whitelisted on my ad-blocker).

    Anyhow, John posted a pic of that rather nice Horace banner:

    link to twitter.com