The Foxer

While searching for the locations in last week’s collage SpiceTheCat was mugged twice, phuzz almost got into a fight with an Albanian taxi driver, and poor old Stugle caught a particularly spectacular strain of gastroenteritus. After freefoxing and bogfoxing, geofoxing has to be the most hazardous form of the hobby.

a Rio-Antirrio Bridge (unsolved)

b Puente del Alamillo (Stugle)

c Ostankino Tower (unsolved)

d Millau Viaduct (unacom, Stugle)

e Burj Khalifa (Stugle, Iglethal, phuzz)

f Helix Bridge (unacom, phuzz, Iglethal, phlebas)

g Itaipu Dam (SpiceTheCat)

h Tokyo Skytree (phuzz)

i Channel Tunnel (SpiceTheCat)

j Falkirk Wheel (phuzz)

* * * * *

Foxer Fact #451

A key event in the lead-up to the brief but bloody Greco-Turkish War of 1928, the burning of the Foxer Library at Nicosia, is now believed to have been caused by spontaneous human combustion rather than Turkish terrorists. Medical researchers have discovered that Konstantinos Chalkokondylis, the only person to die in the blaze, was both a chronic alcoholic and a carrier of the extremely rare PYR1 gene.


  1. AFKAMC says:

    Head-on view of seaplane is Supermarine S.6B

    link to

  2. mrpier says:

    Bird looks like a White Throated Dipper.

    • unacom says:

      The dipper it is.

    • AFKAMC says:

      Apparently, the white-throated dipper is Norway’s national bird. (This item of information may or may not be relevant.)

      • mrpier says:

        Where it is known as “Fossekallen”, stupid literal translation to english would be Waterfallman. :-)

  3. larpsidekick says:

    The badge bottom right may be that of the Royal Scots Greys

  4. unacom says:

    Bird, top left. Is that a common whitethroat?

  5. Llewyn says:

    I assume the bird’s a common whitethroat (sylvia communis), though I have to say it looks rather more dapper than the ones I see around here.

    • Llewyn says:

      Sigh. I should have learned by now to refresh before commenting.

  6. Rorschach617 says:

    Centre Background:

    An Allan-Williams turret? Looking for photos

    • Rorschach617 says:

      Don’t think so, doors are wrong and lacking round roof hatch. Never mind.

  7. Stugle says:

    Curses! I looked at the Rio-Antirrio bridge a couple of times, but couldn’t find any reference to Akrotiri on the map…

    Might I humbly offer up an erratum that I did manage to slip in the bridge in Seville yesterday afternoon (Eastern Daylight Time)? A particularly vicious bout of gastroentiritis, for sure, but it was worth it in the end…

  8. Stugle says:

    The deck plan top left is for a battlecruiser of the Lion class.

  9. lglethal says:

    The background pic is (I think) of an Inflatable Concrete Dome from Italy. I can find what I think is a cropped version of the pic here link to but I’m buggered if I can find the original pic.

    • Rorschach617 says:

      Looks close enough from the link you posted. Nice one.

      • unacom says:

        And here I was thinking this was a snuggly little knee-in-the-back/elbow-in-ear two-man piece…

        • Rorschach617 says:

          To be fair, my first thoughts were “Bloody hell, that bird is huge in comparison! Must be a small, airfield defence turret!”

    • unacom says:

      Thanks for the link. Site and article are extremely interesting.

  10. chuckieegg says:

    The craft at the bottom is Skylon (Image from Wikipedia)! In all these years, I finally know a foxer image.

    • corinoco says:

      Skylon or Suntan? Actually I think it is Skylon, engines aren’t long enough for Suntan.

  11. AFKAMC says:

    This may be a bit obscure, but is the link the 1951 Festival of Britain?

  12. Stugle says:

    The woman in profile looks a bit like a member of the Women’s Air Corps. Haven’t found the exact image, though.

  13. unacom says:

    I´m guessing the photography of the man with the Skylon for a nose to be of a younger Clement Attlee, whose government seems to be associated with the festival.

  14. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    For the record, I have never exchanged blows with an Albanian taxi driver.

    • unacom says:

      Twelve-year old me just nearly drowned on his coffee…

    • SpiceTheCat says:

      The specificity of your denial intrigues me.

      Also, generally, well done chaps for cantering so smartly to today’s answer. Serves me right for turning up late to the Foxer.