HTC Insists Vive Deliveries On Track Despite Complaints

Lately there’s been no small amount of worry that folk who pre-ordered Valve & HTC’s future-goggles weren’t likely to get them at the predicted time – which, for the first-wave of adopters, should be any day now. With reports of payments being automatically cancelled, deliveries being delayed and express shipping add-ons defaulting back to economy, folk were getting shaky – especially as the more definite delays to Oculus Rift shipments had set something of a precedent. The future might be here, but getting it into a cardboard box and onto a lorry is another matter entirely, it seems.

HTC have now broken cover about the problems, attempting to clear things up and reassure people that they’re not looking at major delays.

“Your Vive system will be shipped in the month noted in your order confirmation email”, is probably the major line, although that may still mean that those who were hoping to get their headset bundles only a few days after the April 5th ‘launch’ will spend another month forlornly watching their postboxes. Especially as some of those who paid for express shipping got downgraded to economy shipping due to an unexplained glitch – HTC say the extra shipping cost will be refunded in these instances, however.

There was also some grumpiness that some people who ordered a little later appeared to be receiving their Vives before those who threw cash it at it the minute the doors opened. HTC admit to this, but say it won’t happen again: “We have a first in, first out policy for Vive order fulfillment. There were a small number of orders at the beginning of April that were processed out of sequential order. However, we have corrected the situation and all future shipments will be sent in the order in which they were received.”

Also distressing those who were all set to depart this awful reality forever in favour of a new, pretend one is that it appeared payments not being made via Paypal were being cancelled – thus seemingly costing credit card buyers their place in the queue. HTC now say that “There is no difference in order fulfillment based on the payment method used”, and that they’re actively working with folk affected by earlier cancellations to get their orders back on track. However, by advising that anyone else who experiences to “Please contact our customer care team with your order number and we will look into this for you”, I guess they’re leaving the door open to it happening again.

They also confess that, until now, there have been mixed messages about what’s going on, which has lead to panic in some quarters. “We acknowledge there were some inconsistencies in our communication. We have taken the steps to align all messaging moving forward.” They’re pretty bullish that all is in hand, and that “Pre-orders began shipping on April 5th, as originally communicated”, but I’m not sure whether that rules out the bulk of pre-orders all shifting back a few weeks.

We shall see. The Vive subreddit is filled with weeping and wailing about shipping issues. Anyone been affected by apparent delays? Indeed, anyone got their Vive yet?


  1. hollowroom says:

    I’ve been tracking my Vive since it left Prague (that appears to be the European distribution centre for HTC). It’s now on a DHL van that left Frankfurt this morning. Expected delivery in the afternoon…

    • hollowroom says:

      Also just to point out: I paid via paypal.

    • ButteringSundays says:

      Are you saying you’re in Frankfurt and it’s nearly arrived, or that you’re not and it’s clearly not arriving soon? We’re not mind readers.


  2. Simon_Scott says:

    This is what happens when you decide to begin processing orders on a Friday.

    My order was cancelled – order now back in place, but I don’t believe that I’m in the same position in the queue. The initial order was supposedly cancelled due to a payment failure, but I’m now still waiting for the money to go out of my account. They’re probably waiting til Friday… or processing them by hand.

  3. dwm says:

    Yup, I’ve been affected by most of the above! I’ve been keeping a running thread of my experience running here: link to

    Story so far goes like this:
    * Fraud alert from bank shortly after midnight last Friday, caused credit-card to be locked out. Fixed that first thing in the morning, but transaction needed retrying.

    * Contacted HTC first thing that morning. Turned out I was contacting Digital River operating on HTC’s behalf, and they bounced me to HTC proper and closed my ticket.

    * Phoned HTC’s support line, and had a lovely person take down notes as I described my problem, which they filed into a system and promised a callback within 24hrs.

    * Got a call-back later that afternoon — as promised! — saying that I don’t need to worry, and they’ll try the transaction again. (But weren’t sure when; it might only happen the following week.)

    * Got a few emails over the weekend. One from HTC, acknowledging in writing they’d been a problem, asking if I could double-check my account details, and then let HTC know so they could put it through. Seems like this was to notify people who weren’t as quick off the mark talking to them as I had been!

    * Got another email a few hours later, apparently from Digital River on behalf of HTC, indicating that my pre-order had been cancelled. :(

    * Anyway, that was over the weekend. Monday morning — the start of this week — I typed a précis of situation to date into HTC’s 1000-character web form, and asked them to try running the transaction again.

    * Again, got a call-back that afternoon, and had an agent run me through making a new order on Digital River’s site to replace the one that had been cancelled. This involved them leading me through running remote-admin software on my computer (via, which from a security perspective is a serious no-no. Fortunately, I’d been half-expecting this, having seen indications of this activity before the call — so had a victim machine ready.

    And that’s where I am. Payment haven’t had payment taken just yet, and my (new) order status currently reads as “Submitted”. I’m hoping to have my new shiny toy by the end of the month?

    Currently pretty sanguine about the whole thing; there does appear to have been an almighty fustercluck perpetrated by Digital River on HTC’s behalf, and HTC do seem to be trying to put things right as quickly as possible.

    • hollowroom says:

      Ouch. A colleague (who is in the same position as you) claims that it was caused by Digital River not taking the CVV number of the card at pre order. This caused a number of banks to reject the payment request outright. I’m not sure how accurate that is though.

      • dwm says:

        That would certainly be consistent with observed behaviour.

      • Wahngrok says:

        I remember entering the CVV during the pre-order process so they should at least have had them. The person of my bank I talked to said that Digital River is listed as connected to fraudulent transactions in their security system (whatever that means).

    • Severn2j says:

      My own experience is was much like this, although I refused to allow them remote access to my PC, so it looks like I wont be receiving one now and will just wait for the rush to die down before buying the most successful headset in a few months time.

      • dwm says:

        Entirely justified. The lady talking to me at the time, while friendly, didn’t explain the consequences of what she was asking me to do, even when asked — and at one point said, “Don’t worry, I can’t see your credit card number” as I was typing it in, which was a lie.

        As a process that was presumably thrown together in a screaming hurry over a weekend, it could have been worse, but still leaves a lot to be desired.

        It’s a proper shame you’ve been penalized for following good security practices. :(

    • Wahngrok says:

      I (located in Germany) am in the similar situation. The timeline is the same up to the point where I got the cancellation mail on Saturday.

      * Not trusting my bank to repeat the process successfully I reordered on the same day using PayPal when I saw the shipping date had jumped back to April on the pre-order page (apparently due to open spots due to the mass cancellation by DRI).

      * I got my call-back on Tuesday and after explaining the situation the person from support looked at my order and confirmed shipping in April.

      * Two days later the blog post happens with contradicting statements “Your Vive system will be shipped in the month noted in your order confirmation email.” (which is April on my April 2nd order) and “However, we have corrected the situation and all future shipments will be sent in the order in which they were received.” (back to the end of the queue for me?).

      * German chat-support is clueless (“Expect April but we cannot confirm.”, “You’ll get an email ahead of shipping”) and just hope that I get it at least before May.

    • ButteringSundays says:

      I value my time enough to count that as significantly increasing the cost of the product.

  4. bovine3dom says:

    I preordered the Vive 6 minutes after they opened with a debit card. My experience has been relatively painless. On Wednesday, I got my shipping notification. Somehow HTC managed to send it via economy shipping, so it will arrive on Monday.

    They claim they’ll refund the difference in shipping costs, though, so it’s all fine by me. More money for videogames.

    • seroto9 says:

      I’ve had the same relatively pain-free experience. It’s given me time to get more Reality exposure.

  5. int says:

    It could be worse. Some people actually bought the Facebook VR spying device.

    • Xzi says:

      Lol, yup. The only thing I found surprising was that anyone found the spyware to be surprising.

      No problems with the Vive pre-order here. Paid with Paypal routed to my bank account, contacted HTC support about my expected shipping time and it’s second half of April. At least for people who didn’t have payment problems things seem to be going relatively smooth.

  6. Scythe says:

    I ordered my vive at one minute past the hour, paid with my credit card, and rang my bank to check that there wouldn’t be any problems. I recieved my vive on 2016-04-06. In Australia.

    It is rad as hell.

  7. AlmtyBob says:

    Mine was due to be delivered yesterday but for some reason came on Monday instead. No complaints here. (US West Coast)

  8. Runty McTall says:

    Ordered 3 minutes after sales went live (by debit card), shipped from Prague Wednesday afternoon and currently at Gatwick. That’s ~30 miles from the delivery address (in central London) so may just squeak it in today.

  9. billyboblee says:

    I order 3 minutes after the preorder live date from the UK with a Debit Card. I haven’t heard any information from HTC, not had any shipping information.

  10. Skiddings says:

    I ordered about an hour after it opened, since the site wasn’t working properly before that. I’m going to be waiting until 2018 at this rate.

  11. Burnspeed says:

    I’m in that same boat. I ordered at :07, had a pending authorisation on my credit card since friday. That’s now dropped off because they took too long to take the money, and I’ve heard nothing since. No shipment nothing.

    • Burnspeed says:

      Also so far it seems they are trickling them out, on reddit we’ve had a whole 2 units shipped in the UK today.

  12. BlackMageSK says:

    Ordered 2 minutes in, got hit by the CC kerfuffle and had an order recreated being told that I didn’t lose my place in the queue. Complete radio silence since then, no shipping info.

  13. onionman says:

    No! How are all these people going to fail at following basic printed setup instructions? Maybe they can fail at Hyper Light Drifter in the meantime.

    • All is Well says:

      Do you really want to live a life in which you hold petty grudges against people over consumer electronics? Doesn’t that suggest that you might be just a little bit too emotionally invested?

      • onionman says:

        Haha who’s holding a grudge? John made an ass out of himself, in epic fashion, twice in the span of less than a week. I’m not angry at him, I don’t “begrudge” him anything, mostly I just think it’s funny.

        • All is Well says:

          I’m sorry then, I must have misunderstood you. I read your comment as angry and vitriolic, not as joking.

  14. Martha Stuart says:

    Same boat here. Credit transaction declined due to fraud. I worked with HTC to get a new order placed and somehow connected to my old order. Supposedly this kept my place in the queue.

    Currently I have had a pending transaction on my CC since Monday from digital rivers. But it’s been pending for a week. No shipping confirmation, no communication from HTC.

  15. mwoody says:

    As someone who does use Logmein to provide remote IT support regularly, I can’t stress enough that the correct response to anyone asking you to start a remote session who is not a verified member of your work IT team is “NO.” I’ve never heard of it being used to help you place an order as has been described multiple times here and elsewhere. Keep in mind that the only reason you have to get Digital River connected to your machine is that they’ve been marked as fraudulent by so many people that your bank blacklisted them; now you’re giving them free reign to see your credit card and install software on your computer?

    • bovine3dom says:

      It’s probably the worst part of this whole sorry saga.

      I don’t understand why they couldn’t just dictate the URL they needed to paste into your browser over the phone.

      Part of me is a little disappointed that I didn’t have to do the LogMeIn thing; I would have enjoyed watching the poor support rep wrestle with Vimperator.

      • Jediben says:

        Well a fool and his money are soon parted; early adopters of v1.0 hardware fulfill the criteria very well. NEVER ALLOW REMOTE ACCESS TO YOUR HOME PC!