Praise The Sun! Dark Souls III Out Today

Today’s the day for Dark Souls III [official site]! This is a good day. Maybe you’ve read Wot Adam Thinks (spoiler-free!), maybe you’ve devoured every available scrap of Dark Souls III information, maybe you’ve tried to avoid as much as possible, or maybe you’re thinking now might be a fun time to check out that ‘Dark Souls’ everyone is always going on about (I suppose you could also not care about it, not be able to afford it, or actively dislike it, which are also fine). I know technically it comes out on the 12th, but that’s in Japan – half the world can play today.

As Bandai Namco explained a fortnight ago, here are the unlock times on Steam:

Monday April 11th at 3:00 PM PDT (UTC -7)
Monday April 11th at 5:00 PM CDT (UTC -5)
Monday April 11th at 6:00 PM EDT (UTC -4)
Monday April 11th at 7:00 PM BRT (UTC -3)
Monday April 11th at 11:00 PM BST (UTC +1)
Tuesday April 12th at 12:00 AM CEST (UTC +2)
Tuesday April 12th at 7:00 AM JST (UTC +9)

So for us currently enjoying the blue skies and warm winds of British Summer Time, that’s 11pm. Pre-loading is already underway on Steam for folks who pre-ordered, which… I know what we say about pre-ordering, but I trust Wot Adam Thinks (again, not spoiler-y) and am up for that, and could save myself a few pounds for a pint.

Ooh aah and look, here’s the intro cinematic again:

How’s your fake illness coming along? You know, the one you’ve carefully cultivated over the past week or two so work won’t be surprised if you turn up late/sleepy/never. Me, I caught flu on a plane back from GDC (hey, it happens all the time – “the GDC flu” they call it, man) and while I mostly recovered oh dear, you know me, I just can’t relax, I got behind on sleep, I ran myself ragged, and the flu came back with a vengeance. Cough cough, sniffle sniffle.


  1. Procrastination Giant says:


  2. Fnord73 says:

    Halfway through Dark Souls 1 for the first time, my only question is: Does this one have a plot? (Duck and cover)

    • Rolento says:

      If you read item descriptions and stuff, yes there is kind of a plot. Its very well hidden though.

    • Jinoru says:

      ok, Do you want to know or do you want to be silly? lol

      Here’s an interpretation of the game I discovered and like a lot: link to

      • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

        Hah, I liked that interpretation. Shame they based most of it on the one Miyazaki didn’t make, but still, the point is Dark Souls is interpretable in a way most games aren’t. It’s definitely about life and death but what it tells you about them is…always just out of reach.

    • killias2 says:

      None of the games have much for traditional story-telling, but most of them have lots of interesting stuff happening sort of behind the scenes and in the nooks and crannies. Dark Souls, in particular, has some fantastic ideas about interactive storytelling.

    • Synesthesia says:

      Dark souls plot is mostly archeological, and I fucking love it. It’s an old world, trying to die. You just get to see what’s left.

      • Cerulean Shaman says:

        link to

        Do yourself a favor and watch it while you wait. It’ll really open your eyes to the Dark Souls worlds.

        The story has always been there in all the games. There just isn’t anyone left to tell it and you’re never hand spooned it.

        • Cerulean Shaman says:

          Woops, that was meant as a reply to the original post.

      • lordcooper says:

        Yeah. The Kingdom has fallen, the Gods are dead, the Princess was in another castle that used to stand there centuries ago. These are the tales of heroes who turned up too late to save the day.

    • Darksynn says:

      Hello here is a summary of the storyline. I hope it helps.
      link to , and look up on youtube also Darksauce videos they help too and funny.

  3. NoImFartacus says:

    Here’s wishing you lengthy and arduous recuperation.

  4. Rolento says:

    Errrrr, Steam is telling me it is not available to play as its not been released – i’m in the UK.

  5. Suits says:

    Got my days off in place well ahead. Luckily they didn’t shift dates for PC again!

  6. Halk says:

    The PC Version at least. Console versions started being sold days ago because some shops don’t care about release dates. As usual.

  7. blueskin says:

    So very excited, took 2 days off work and am currently cutting myself out of my arm cast for a broken wrist that was due to come off on Wednesday… The wife is re-evaluating I think..

  8. The Sombrero Kid says:

    ironically Valve’s strict adherence to launch embargoes to appease traditional retailers (that those retailers themselves don’t honour) means the pc is the place that should have the earliest release but has the latest.

    • Jinoru says:

      I have it 3PM 11 April my time. Seems earlier to me than my console compatriots.

  9. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    Today!? Huh, I could swear it was end of the month. Well, no time play this week but next week could be… I really want to wait for the GOTY edition but not sure I can ignore it that long. Aieek

  10. Replikant says:

    Wake me when it goes on a sale.

  11. ZippyLemon says:

    I’m so happy I find out only now – with 3 hours 23 minutes left on the clock – that it comes out at 11 and not at midnight! :D

    Prepare to stay up all night!

  12. batraz says:

    I only played a couple hours in Dark Souls 2, and stopped because it felt cold and lonely, but I still feel like I’m missing something with these games.. Could it be that I picked the wrong one to start with ?

    • Chirez says:

      No, I’m pretty sure cold and lonely is what the series is mostly about. On the other hand, if you avoid playing Hollow, you could engage in some jolly cooperation. Until your friend puts a maggot on his head and starts believing he is the sun.

    • The Algerian says:

      Might feel that way because as opposed to Dark Souls 1, Dark Souls 2 ironically has no soul.

      • Cerulean Shaman says:

        I don’t understand where all the Dark Souls 2 hate comes from, I think all of the games (and Demon Souls) were good in their own way.

        Dark Souls 1 was definitely harder.

        Honestly though, fuck all of you. I need From Software to get back on the Armored Core bandwagon, lol.

        • The Algerian says:

          I just don’t think it was any good, not as a Souls game, not in its own way.

          I liked DS1 for a lot of reasons, the first one being that it was challenging but fair, which DS2 isn’t. It was clearly handled by a “B team” (that’s right I said it) that didn’t know what the hell they were doing or why the first game was such a great game.

          It seems like their whole thought process was “DS fans like it because it’s hard, let’s make it harder, doesn’t matter if it’s hard because of good or because of bad game design”.

          • jayfear says:

            Well you certainly ticked off the usual uninformed complaints.

          • Unsheep says:

            The first Souls game people play will be the most difficult one. After having played Demon’s Souls for a couple years Dark Souls seemed like an easier game to me, barring the Ornstein & Smough fight.

            In fact, at the time, I felt as if Dark Souls was merely an expansion or cheap copy of Demon’s Souls, rather than a proper game in its own right.

            And Demon’s Souls itself felt easier than my first encounter with the King’s Field games, the origin of these games.

            I think all Dark Souls games have something unique about them, including Dark Souls 2. I can appreciate these differences, and that makes Dark Souls 2 a good game to me.

        • Unsheep says:

          Well its easy to jump on a bandwagon, which is where much of this hate comes from. Not speaking in relation this poster mind you, as some people *do* have actual arguments as to why they dislike Dark Souls 2.

          The cynicism and close-mindedness of mainstream media and self-professed Dark Souls “experts” is what spurred this hatred on. To the extent that it has now become a social rule to dislike Dark Souls 2, even among people who have never actually played it.

          • cautet says:

            I can see why someone would defend a game they enjoyed, but having loved and loathed DS1 in almost equal measures, then replayed it again and again and again, I didn’t even finish DS2.

            I don’t think everyone is jumping on the bandwagon – it’s such a clearly inferior game. I played the game of the year edition and the first tough enemy I came across was hitting me well outside of where it’s animation said it should. DS1 had lots of quirks and weirdness that killed you and wasn’t always fair (I played with mouse and keyboard so lost a lot of lives due to that) but DS2 was a. far worse in most respects b. less rewarding and enjoyable in the main.

            The boss fights in DS1 were usually very difficult until you got the trick of them. And they were occasionally annoying. The real problem was some of them were even more annoying than in DS1 but the satisfaction just wasn’t there for me.

            A game has to be exceptional to invest as much time and effect as is needed in a DS game, and DS2 just wasn’t exceptional.

  13. Chirez says:

    So today is an excellent day to play Dark Souls, or even Dark Souls 2 if you prefer. All the arseholes who make either game a sporadic demonstration of man’s inhumanity to man will be busy.

  14. Monggerel says:

    “The delightful and ever-novel pleasure of a useless occupation.”
    -Mardy the Celebrity Homosapien

  15. Koozer says:

    Bah, too soon Bandai, I’ve barely dented Bloodborne.

    • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

      Well dent it some more then! It’s ace. And possibly (whisper it) the best one.

      • AutonomyLost says:

        It is fantastic. Unfortunately, I never finished the game myself, and never felt the need to after first seeing footage of Dark Souls III, as it’s nearly a carbon-copy of Bloodborne in the aesthetic and faster mechanics employed. I do think I prefer the world of Bloodborne, the grotesqueries, and the pro/an/tagonist’s personage, but DSIII looks to be the closest sibling we’re likely to get short of a BB port… which AIN’T gonna happen anytime soon.

        I’m patiently waiting for the last hour and two minutes to wind down before this baby unlocks for me.

  16. fish99 says:

    Thanks to Royal Mail I won’t in fact be playing Dark Souls 3 until tomorrow. This has given me chance to finish The Division though, just finished the main story and a few side missions to go.

  17. albertino says:

    I think I may have eaten a dodgy Chinese tonight.

  18. MultiVaC says:

    So I guess I might as well venture a question I’ve kind of thought about lately when people start talking about the series: Are there any mods/options that makes the games more forgiving as far time spent having to do long, difficult sequences all over again when you die? I know, I know, it’s all part of the game’s theme tension, being unforgiving, mastering skill, it’s all part of the game’s theme, all of that, I don’t really care that much. The days where I’m willing to invest that much time and frustration into any game is long gone. The gameplay, world-building, storytelling, and such sound awesome and I don’t mind difficulty or having to figure things out, but I have very little room in my life for “fuck shit god damn it” controller smash moments of lost progress or trial and error at this point.

    • scannerbarkly says:

      Truthfully I have never heard of a mod for the game to make it easier, but also I have never looked for one. I don’t think it would inspire that kind of effort from people who wanted to mod it. I guess Cheat Engine might do the trick with the right table…perhaps something where you can make yourself hit harder. I use Cheat Engine to get free cams into games that are not supposed to have them for screenshots though, I don’t really know what other tables are out there for it.

      Another option you might consider would be maybe watching a lets play? EpicNameBro has some great ones and has worked directly with From on the official guides for the games, his stuff tends to be a mine of information about the game, lore, mechanics and culture.

    • Unsheep says:

      Much of the difficulty in these games is exaggerated. Counting ‘deaths per hour’ I can guarantee I’ve died more times in a Call of Duty or Battlefield campaign, on harder difficulty, than in a Dark Souls game. Heck I’ve probably died more times in GTA 5 (in absolute numbers) !

      Different ways to make these games easier for you:
      1. “over-level” you character by grinding XP (souls)
      2. put most of your leveling points in HP
      3. get a “Final Fantasy” sword as soon as possible, like the Zweihänder, which allows you to one-shot most enemies
      4. go ranged with a sorcery build
      5. summon NPCs or other players to help you with bosses
      6. follow an instructive walkthrough as you play
      7. you can quickly sprint back to the boss rooms (usually)

      To me the only tedious thing was the constant running backwards-and-forwards, but this was more or less limited to the very first Dark Souls game. Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne, Dark Souls 2 and Dark Souls 3 all have efficient teleportation systems.

  19. Hobbes says:

    *TigerRage mode on*

    Bandai Namco used DirectInput, which is now causing half of the PC population to find their controller of choice to not work, another percentage to find that their controllers only work if they are THE SOLE GAME CONTROLLER PLUGGED IN and another percentage to require third party tools like inputmapper to fix Bandai Namco shitting the bed ONCE AGAIN.



    *TigerRage mode off*

    You may return to your normal programming.

    • Juppstein says:

      True that. I was (negatively) amazed they still have the controller issues in place after all those years. Talk about a “we dont give a …” mentality.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      Or just use the regular…

      …Ok, ok, you’re right. You shouldn’t be forced to use the 360 controller, and i admire those who are still figthing the battle against such silly limitations.


      For those who give higher priority to their mental sanity and stress levels, spend 30 euro and get that one.

      • Hobbes says:

        Not my point, my point is that using DirectInput now is akin to using DirectX 6 or worse, requiring IE6 to power your games.


        *still raging by the way* :D

  20. racccoon says:

    There too much to play & so little time to play it, this is just another shelving on the many many list. This is good thing! As maybe by the time I get to play it..It’ll be a lot cheaper.:)

  21. Geebs says:

    Well, it’s not going to suddenly win over any new converts from the I-hate-Souls brigade, but as a huge Souls fan, it’s great. It looks amazing and (bearing in mind that I’m playing as deprived and only just got past the first boss) the gameplay’s there.

    That rush you get when you realise that you’re actually going to get that sodding boss this time? Nothing like it.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      I regret having watched some streams before, they totally ruined that WTF moment with the very first boss.

    • Premium User Badge

      kfix says:

      Oh god. I thought “I’m a Souls veteran, I got gud, I can choose deprived for my first playthrough because I am a hero”. Twenty deaths to that bastard first boss later, I pour a really big drink, swallow my pride, restart as a thief, kill him first time.

      Then spend half an hour trying to kill the katana bastard only to discover it’s the fucking skellingtons all over again.

      Got a nice sword though. I love this game.

  22. Monggerel says:

    Admittedly it’s been 2 weeks since April 1st, but I haven’t seen this linked on RPS and I think it’s better than the other official trailer (yes, this thing is from Bamco):