Garry’s Mod Devs Release Vive Sandbox Game Chunks


Garry’s Mod gang Facepunch Studios have released their virtual reality sandbox game Chunks [official site] onto Steam Early Access. It looks like Minecraft, obvs, and building with cubes is certainly part of its foundation, but Chunks is built to be mega-moddable so who knows what it could become? Heck, even from a blockbuilding perspective, things like using the HTC Vive controllers to wave rollercoaster tracks into existence within the world looks pretty dang swish. Have a gander:

Not bad that, eh? Who knows what it’ll turn into! Even ‘core’ features of Chunks like sandbox building and rollercoasters are modules on the game’s Steam Workshop. Add-ons are written in C#, and source code is included for the core modules for folks to poke at and learn from – from the sandbox to a virtual drumset. Tutorials are over here. The foundations might point additions towards block ’em uping but heck, thing about how players built all sorts of new games around the goofy physics sandbox of Garry’s Mod.

It’s not a new Garry’s Mod, mind. Facepunch say, “Although Chunks can be thought of as Garry’s Mod vs Minecraft in VR – it isn’t an attempt to make a sequel to Garry’s Mod.”

While Chunks does let players share their add-ons and worlds and creations and whatnot through the Steam Workshop, it is important to note it’s a singleplayer game.

Chunks is on Steam Early Access. Facepunch expect to launch it properly within 2-4 months, after optimising and polishing it and seeing what sort of tools and support people need. It’ll usually be £14.99/$19.99/€19.99, but does have a 25% launch discount right now.

Tilt Brush is the most exciting thing I’ve seen/touched with the Vive, but waving rollercoasters into the air is pretty cool too. Not £746.60 cool, but… pretty cool. That Minecraft HoloLens concept looks even dafter now.

[Disclosure: Facepunch’s Craig Pearson used to write for RPS a fair bit, the traitor.]


  1. MrFinnishDude says:

    Looks cool. I just wonder if Microsoft will sue.
    I don’t know much about copyright laws but I know companies will sue to protect their trademark. Remember the whole Scrolls vs Bethesda and Elder Scrolls debacle?
    Maybe I’m overthinking it because there exists a million (word)craft games out there.

    • Eagle0600 says:

      It’s not using any trademarks belonging to Mojang, i.e. words, phrases, or images under which Mojang trades. It’s not infringing copyright either, because it uses all its own assets and code (I assume). Patents are really the only thing they could try to use, but I’m betting they don’t have a patent and it wouldn’t hold up in court even if they did.

      Disclaimer: Not lawyer, seek actual legal advice, etc.

    • Xzi says:

      Note that the hub world is just plain white blocks, and most of what’s shown in Chunks videos is the Minecraft-like skin applied along with the rollercoaster module. This is a game with infinite possibilities not only for skins, but also for gameplay mods. Saw one mod with a functional drum kit, for instance, which is well out of the realm of what Minecraft can do.

  2. Spacewalk says:

    I don’t care how much this looks like Minecraft it looks like ace fun.

  3. racccoon says:

    Truly Poison!!
    This shows just what a arrogant bastard Garry’s & the Mod gang at Facepunch Studios are. They don’t give a shit that they are ripping off a already established game, they just want to use it for more funds for their coffers.
    Garry arrogant newman sucks arse!

    • ChefSquid says:

      Yeah! How dare they want to make money! Those damn capitalist bastards! Forcing us to buy their game, surely infected with viruses that uninstall Minecraft from your computer and siphon the 20$ that you paid to Mojang!

    • oyog says:

      Seriously! How dare they rip off the already established and well loved Infiniminer! This is an outrage!

    • Tobberoth says:

      Since Minecraft was a blatant copy of Infiniminer, I would say any company which copies Minecraft is in the clear.

  4. Mitthrawn says:

    Yeah, this looks interesting, but it looks exactly like minecraft. Like not even resembling minecraft, more like an exact facsimile of tilesets. How is this not being taken down and sued into oblivion?

  5. Spacewalk says:

    I’m surprised that the headline wasn’t “Blowing Chunks” since it features lots of dynamite in addition to rollercoasters.

  6. TechnicalBen says:

    This. Grass texture? Hard to make unique. But the mud, trees and cobblestone being exactly the same?

    A quick search of Google images and they should have gone “shall we choose one of these 99 unique styles instead of ripping of MC?”

    As they did not, I can only assume a mental decision of “Oh, it’s like Minecraft, let us accidentally let that slip though”. Lol.

    • TechnicalBen says:

      *Lack of edit button*
      Just seen, the TNT looks to be the same texture. Like… WOW. They could not even be bothered to put the words “TNT” in a different colour to the MC texture packs.

      • nasKo says:

        Own the game. The TNT actually says “LOL”. It didn’t in older versions but it wasn’t being sold that way. Regarding the rest, yeah, not sure why it’s so strikingly similar.

  7. Bigchicity says:

    Great another game for Facepunch to not finish

  8. RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

    Important difference with Minecraft: Texture filtering and Anti-Aliasing. Otherwise it’d be a nightmare in VR.