They’re Coming Outta The Goddamn Balls!

Before my parents abandoned hope of me not growing up a degenerate and allowed me to watch murdermovies, I was fascinated by the local swimming pool’s Aliens arcade cabinet and Terminator 2 pinball table – Cool Things I couldn’t have. Ooh, the hours I spent watching bigger kids play or waggling the joystick as I pretended to play the demo! This… isn’t quite going where I wanted to. Let’s skip ahead to the bit where I explain that an Aliens table is coming to Pinball FX2 this month as DLC. Also coming are an Alien vs. Predator table (boo!) and an Alien: Isolation one too (ooh!).

Yonking scenes and sounds from the movie, the Aliens table will have Ripley doing those Ripley things, sometimes even blasting alien tokens which advance on the flippers. That’s a nice idea. The Alien: Isolation table is based off The Creative Assembly’s game, with New Ripley being stalked by a big nasty. The third table of the set is AvP, about “a young Yautja warrior” hunting the beasties, and I guess this means I now know the official, wedged-in, canon-expanding name for a predator is ‘Yautja’? I don’t feel better for knowing that.

The tables are due on April 26th, which the announcement informs me is ‘Alien Day’? Okay. My calendar tells me that’s Tuesday, and that I do trust. Tables tend to cost £1.99 each. Here, have a peek at Alien:

I know Adam prefers into faithful recreations of physical tables for his virtual pinball, but what do you make of the imaginary ones Zen Studios make? I’ve heard some say Zen’s table design can be lacking, but they do snag all these shiny licenses.


  1. Rogerio Martins says:

    I’m not Alien to the concept of puns, but that was goddamn awesome.

  2. Reapy says:

    What an unfortunate title ;)

    I like that zen pinball is able to survive making pinball games, something I thought had almost died out, yet is a game type I really enjoyed. I’m at best a casual pinball fan though so most of the tables were kind of fun to try out in demo mode.

    I’ll probably be buying some of the tables again when I get an oculus, VR + pinball I think will be a winner, one of the things I dislike is the thought of how nice a pinball game would look if I was able to turn my monitor 90 degrees (don’t have one that I can), and the VR view would solve this I think.

  3. Fersken says:

    There was a change to the EULA on this game a little while back. It apparently said something about exchanging data with third parties. Quite a few people where upset that they had to accept this to continue to play the game they already purchased.

    This has resulted in negative reviews lately. I have not verified this myself (since I haven’t really played it yet), but I thought I should bring it up.

  4. klops says:

    I like Zen Pinball. It’s just the horrible UI that puts me off. That XBOX/Windows Live/whatever interface you need to spend your time with before you can play the tables. It shouldn’t be that big a deal but I absolutely hate it.

  5. Sp4rkR4t says:

    Best. Title. Ever.

  6. ZombieFX says:

    So, that is what the alien frenchise has become?

    • Zach Fett says:

      What? We just got an amazing Alien game (Isolation), and we’ve had plenty of Alien-themed real life pinball machines in the past. This isn’t even remotely like Konami.

  7. snesbeck says:

    Zen’s table designs are wonderful. Realistic designs with much more depth than any real life pinball machine could ever have due to not being held back by mechanical limitations. Real life pinball machines are incredibly complicated, mechanically. Try the Epic Quest table in FX2. A RPG where you go on a quest, fighting different monsters, finding loot, upgrading weapons and all those other RPG things you do, wrapped up in a pinball table.

  8. AutonomyLost says:

    Great headline, Alice.

  9. Fitzmogwai says:

    Computer pinball is what pivoting widescreen monitors were made for.

  10. Herzog says:

    Think I will get this and the Portal table also which I forgot about! The tables of Pinball FX vary greatly in quality, but the good one’s are really fun to play with.

  11. fabulousfurrygingerfreakbrothers says:

    I’ve got over 700 hours logged to FX2, which is a sobering thought (it’s what I do while listening to the radio). Maybe I should do something else with my life. I’ll just get these tables first…

  12. Unsheep says:

    Wait…this Alien game is not scary ! where is the tense psychological-horror the first movie was all about ?!

    The Alien in this game is not intimidating at all, it doesn’t even move for God’s sake, its just stands there !

    As we all know and accept, every single Alien game must be a proper horror game; they can’t be action games, let alone a simple pinball game.

    The nerve of these developers, we need a petition.
    Boo on you developers for not making a scary game, you have betrayed this franchise to the core.


  13. secuda says:

    Nice. something else then those X-men/superheroes related tables for once.

  14. Simon_Scott says:

    I’ve a hankering now for the Bally Space Invaders table, which is likely *never* coming to Pinball Arcade. Beguiling table that managed to tread on two intellectual properties in one go.