Managing And Upgrading Gear In Black Desert Online

In case I haven’t said this enough, Black Desert Online ain’t your average MMO. And one of the places that is more apparent is when gearing your character. It can be a confusing process thanks to BDO’s not-so-great localization and how different it is from typical MMORPGs. I’m going to spell it all out for you in this guide, showing you how to upgrade equipment while demystifying some of the more obtuse concepts—like what the hell a ‘fail stack’ is.

As well as explaining how all of this works, this article should demonstrate, to those who aren’t convinced, that BDO is worth a look even if you’re burnt out on traditional entries in the genre.

How Equipment Differs From Most MMOs

In most MMOs, players are used to being handed a steady stream of marginally better gear as they work towards max level, but Black Desert treats its equipment system quite differently.

For starters, gear doesn’t have level restrictions, meaning a level one character can be decked out in the most powerful endgame gear. Don’t worry though, they won’t have the skills to make good use of it so you won’t get your ass kicked by a brand new player in sweet gear. There’s also quite a small selection of equipment to choose from, and you’ll typically only swap pieces a few times on your journey to level 50.

Finding gear can also be a bit challenging. With only a few options to choose from, tracking down where each piece resides can be a headache. By and large, the easiest way is to earn as much silver as you can and purchase everything from the player marketplace. There are a few valuable pieces that can be purchased from certain NPC merchants, and others that you’ll find grinding certain monsters or bosses. But by putting crafting skills to good use, you can make more than enough money to cover your equipment costs.

How to Upgrade Your Gear

Because gear isn’t level restricted, even the pieces considered valuable for endgame will start out relatively weak. In order to make them stronger, you need to upgrade them through three methods: transfusion, enhancing, and quality upgrading. Let’s explore each.


A pretty familiar concept to any RPG player. Using crystals with specific stat bonuses (like +1 attack speed), you slot them into sockets on a given piece of equipment and gain that stat bonus. In order to do this, talk to your black spirit companion and select the ‘transfusion’ option from his dialogue.

Starting out, focus on increasing your accuracy, which will help you to hit high level monsters easier and make leveling a breeze. Later, transfusion will play a crucial step in rounding out your character’s stats. You can read the recommended crystals to use for each class over on Black Desert Foundry in their class guides section.


Enhancing is the most important way to upgrade your gear. Around level 27, your black spirit companion will give you a series of quests that walk you through the steps, but you’re more than able to get started early if you have all the materials. To enhance your equipment, talk to your black spirit companion and select the ‘enhance’ option.

Using black stones, which can be found on level 25+ monsters or purchased on the marketplace, you can increase the base stats on a piece of gear up to 15 times, adding +1 to the name of the item for each success. Enhancing any item up to a certain point is pretty easy, but beyond that can become very resource intensive. Let’s break it down.

For armor, enhancing it up to +5 has a 100% chance of succeeding. Beyond that, your chances decrease significantly. Weapons can be safely enchanted up to +7 before risking failure.

Accessories are a bit different in that you don’t enhance them using black stones but another version of that same accessory. They always have a high chance of failure, but they’re also not as crucial to upgrade and can only go up to +5. Once you’ve successfully combined two, you’ll create a +1 version of that accessory. To increase your odds of getting a +2, use another +1 instead of the +0 version of an item. Just keep in mind that if you fail the enhancement, both accessories will be destroyed.

Failing an enhancement for weapons and armor doesn’t have the same consequence, thankfully. The black stone you used will be destroyed, and the equipment you tried to enhance will lose maximum durability. Fail enough times and that item’s maximum durability will fall so low that you’ll be unable to use it. The only way to restore that item’s durability is to acquire another version of that same item and take both to a blacksmith to be repaired. When you’ve dropped a few million silver on getting one piece of equipment, having to buy another one can really add up.

Fortunately, there’s a silver lining to this in that, for each successive failure while enhancing, you earn what’s called a ‘fail stack’. Fail stacks are a hidden bonus that increases your chances of a successful enhance, and for every failure that chance gets higher.

Now let’s say we’re trying to enhance a weapon from +14 to +15. That comes with a massively reduced chance to succeed, around 20%. You could throw away a ton of black stones and lower the item’s durability trying to luck out, or you can use a much smarter method by exploiting fail stacks.

Remember how I said accessories have a really high chance to fail when enhancing? That’s a good thing because some early-game accessories are also dirt cheap. By purchasing several dozen of the same kind, we can combine them together and hope that they fail. Each time that they do the next enhancement has a better chance to succeed. To maximize our odds, create several +1 accessories and then try and combine them with their weaker +0 versions. The odds are so low that you should easily acquire a dozen fail stacks. Once you have as many as you think you can manage without accidentally succeeding, you can use that increased chance to succeed on the item you’re actually trying to enhance — often saving some precious silver instead of wasting it on destroyed black stones or sacrificial equipment to repair lost durability.

Getting all of your gear to +15 will take a long time, but it’s also not something you need to fret about unless you aim to be one of the top PVPers in the game. Once you’re around level 30 and start finding black stones while killing monsters, consider purchasing whatever best-in-slot equipment you can for your class. An entry level endgame set will cost you just under a million silver, which isn’t a great deal if you’ve been investing in your crafting skills or grinding monsters and selling loot drops.

Quality Upgrading

The final step in the process should only be completed once you’ve already achieved +15 on a piece of equipment, as doing so will significantly increase the costs of repairing max durability. Upgrading the quality will essentially transform the rarity of your equipment, taking it from a common green to rare blue to the coveted yellow. Doing so will also unlock extra stats, which can make that piece of gear all the more powerful.

To do this, you’re going to need to purchase special workshops located within cities while also acquiring some special materials needed for the upgrade. To find out more about purchasing homes, you can reference our production guide. which goes through the process, though if you’ve upgraded your equipment to +15 and haven’t bought a house at this point, I’d be amazed.

Upgrading from green to blue will always succeed, while blue to yellow has a random chance of success. Don’t worry though, all you’ll lose is some maximum durability and your materials if you fail, not the equipment itself. Unfortunately, fail stacks don’t seem to apply here, so you’ll just need to try your luck.

Final Thoughts and Some Quick Tips

With all of this spelled out, you should be able to start hunting down some nice pieces of gear and working towards a killer endgame set of equipment. Each class has their own preferences for which stats they should prioritize. However, just about every class flourishes using the Grunil armor set along with Yuria weapons and Bares accessories. Rangers are the only ones who work better with the Heve armor set instead, but still use the same Bares accessories and Yuria weapons.

Fortunately, all of those items are readily available on the marketplace for reasonable amounts of money. Even better, Yuria weapons can be purchased directly from an NPC named Ronatz in Calpheon City (use the NPC search button to find him!). You’ll need to befriend him first using the conversation minigame, but he’ll sell Yuria weapons for 90,000 silver, which is quite a steal.

For more advanced gear choices, you can reference your class on Black Desert Foundry, which will also show you where to find the ultra rare gear for building the ultimate warrior.

Now go forth and enhance!


  1. jimmybones says:

    My curiosity’s definitely been piqued following the site’s recent coverage, but I’m not yet pique-ish enough to pay $30 for it. Any chance you could rustle up a handful of guest passes for your readership? Pretty please?

    • AutonomyLost says:

      I’ve got two guest passes for those interested. jimmybones, I’m talking to you. Is there a way to PM via this site? I’m on a phone right now and am too lazy to go back and look. Anyway, get at me if there is and I’ll send you the code!

      • jimmybones says:

        Not sure about direct messaging within this site itself, but I’m jpancake at gmail, or the same on twitter. Thanks so much!

        • AutonomyLost says:

          I just sent you an email, jbones. I put Black Desert Online in the subject headline so in case it gets mixed up in your spam folder for some reason you should be able to search and pull it up.

      • Creative says:

        My curiosity has been piqued also. The game does seem to bring in a lot of different aspects that most other MMO’s don’t. But as Jimmy said, I’m not quite interested enough just yet to fork out the £30 for it. Do you happen to have any other spare keys, or perhaps anyone else on this site have a spare key so I can try this game out?

    • Some_Guy says:

      Also interested, if not enough to buy it unseen if there are more spare guest passes going.

  2. Butler says:

    Nice guide.

    The jury seems to still be out re Rangers and Heve vs. Grunil, though.

    I don’t think there’s any huge difference, from the testing I’ve seen, but would be interested to know if you’ve seen anything conclusive.

    • Smoky_the_Bear says:

      Lots of people are also combining sets for double 2x set bonuses. There is really no objective best in slot gear really, it’s all about what you want to do with your character and how it suits your playstyle.

    • Smoky_the_Bear says:

      One thing to note, heve cannot be upgraded to blue or yellow quality unlike other sets.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      I’m personally not using Grunil until it’s yellow, for now i’m still in the usual and tested Zereth helm/boots, Heve chest/gloves.

      Other top rangers are still making the switch, and as i see it you have 3 options: Grunil/heve, Grunil/Zereth or full Grunil which is going to be my personal choice. With Grunil/heve you gain just a little more HP, too little for being stuck with 2 green pieces imho, if you mix it with Zereth instead it’s more interesting but you’re going to be limited in choice since the set bonuses are now limited to certain combination of slots, and people without Liverto should avoid the Zereth gloves because there are not enough gems to cap attack speed and critical.

      Ultimately, switching to Grunil for us is mostly about making it yellow for the extra resistance and it’s tied to the assumption that you’re going to be rolling with the most expensive gems.

  3. AlexStoic says:

    Hmm, I feel obligated to mention a few things that don’t line up with this guide. Maxing out your gear (from +14 to +15) isn’t a 20% chance, it’s closer to 2%. You can find plenty of threads with people complaining that they got 25 fail stacks just trying to go from +9 to +10.

    Also, the method for building up fail stacks by using “cheap” jewelry will cost you about 150k silver for each fail, and accidentally succeeding just once (it’s not that unlikely) will reset your fail stack. Not to mention it’s hard to find these accessories on the market because everyone’s buying them up for the same reason. It’s almost impossible to get a dozen failstacks using accessories, and very risky for anything over +5. You’re better off just using blackstones, which cost $250-350k silver depending on the marketplace.

    Obsessively grinding away to get that last +1 on your items isn’t very fun or rewarding, and not even necessary unless your end goal is to do 1v1 pvping. PvE gameplay never gets especially challenging and there’s nothing like group raids in the game. You can probably stick to +5 armor and +7 weapons if you’re just in it for some casual fun.

    Grunil armor can be purchased from the blacksmith in the new expansion area (Altinova) for about 90k silver a piece, which is a lot better than the 350k it goes for on the market. You have to play the conversation minigame though.

    Black Desert Foundry has a lot of useful info but it’s also very out of date (based on Korean servers from years ago). I wouldn’t recommend their character builds at this point. Browse with discretion.

    • badmothergamer says:

      Thanks for the notice. The biggest issue I’ve had with BDO is finding reliable information. Using the foundry or google often gives you outdated info, or even if you find a recent post, some of the information is contradicted by other comments.

      My armor is currently +9 and with no desire to PVP I’ll start using my armor blackstones on other pieces. Do you have a preferred method for finding weapon blackstones? I’ve tried grinding mobs for drops but haven’t had much luck and 300k on the market is still a bit rich for me at this point.

      • AlexStoic says:

        You’re welcome. I thought I’d spare someone else the hours I spent researching stuff and making mistakes. There’s no reliable way (that I know of) to get blackstone for weapons instead of armor, but collecting 5 ancient crystal relics (mob drops or from fishing) and making a boss scroll with them will get you multiple blackstones.

        • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

          The hunter seals you get from scroll/world/guildbosses/Kzarka can be exchanged for the blackstones you want, 3 of each for 1 weapon and 2 for armor.

          The advice is to always go for armor, weapon blackstones don’t need to be a lot because you are better off using them only when you stacked properly elsewhere. I suggest something that looks expensive early on but pays off in the long run: stack on your armor, if it succeeds you get better gear, if you fail you can then use the stacks on weapon.

          This advice doesn’t apply on Grunil because it’s too expensive unless your bank is seriously obese, but past +10 on Grunil i’d suggest stacking on cheap Reblath armor to 10 fail stacks, and then try your luck with further upping Grunil.

      • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

        Level up with energy the node you’re farming in and use luck gems on your gear, alternatively do a lot world bosses when you don’t care about losing experience ( freshly dinged, for example ), and do your daily/weekly/dropped boss scrolls only in a full group of 5 people, as everyone gets something out of other’s scrolls too.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      Word is that, at least on weapons, failstacks are capped at 25 and after that you stop getting any benefit in luck, with the chance being 15%.

      A guildie reached 61 stacks on his Liverto and nothing happened, then he just force enchanted on another character out of desperation. His experience sounds like the cap might be real, as he clearly didn’t get much benefit stacking further. Off course, this is just one example and not statistical.

      I personally needed 34 stacks for my Liverto +15, but i needed only 28 for my Kzarka Longbow ( 2nd or 3rd on Jordine ), which is ironical since it’s less than what i needed to get to +13.

      TL;DR : Chance is always kept very low at high levels and improves only slightly, if RNG wants to torture you until you uninstall chances are it’ll happen.

      • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

        On a related not, you’ll develop your smarts in enchanting once you start with rare weapons that require memory fragments to repair.

        Unless you have a lot of them stocked from the artifact boss scroll, you can rest assured it’s not fun at all to spend 180k just to repair ONE durability out of 100.

      • Smoky_the_Bear says:

        link to

        I’ve been using this for fail stack percentages, it seems to be accurate, showing the max fail stacks for each level and the % success.

  4. badmothergamer says:

    Thanks for posting these BDO guides. I picked it up a couple of weeks ago and haven’t played anything since. The game is complex and convoluted as hell but these guides are a nice help and I always learn a few things.

    • Rizlar says:

      Yep, learned a bunch of stuff from this one. Only recently discovered that you can buy lots of gear from vendors, handy!

  5. aliksy says:

    This crafting/enhancing stuff sounds like the incredibly tedious stuff I’ve seen in other korean MMOs. I’m just not interested in exploring menus and gambling.

    • badmothergamer says:

      While there is a great deal of tedium in BDO, particularly with crafting, I really like the armor/weapon upgrade system. It’s nice buying a single kit and knowing I can upgrade and use it forever rather than receiving a new, slightly better kit every level and constantly having to change. It also makes it worth it to dye the gear in a unique color scheme, which of course would be a waste of time if you were just going to switch it out again as soon as you level up.

    • hawken.grey says:

      I agree, it sounds like that, but in the game I find it quite fun. The overall experience is that there is just a ton of small things to do, and many of the systems are interconnected in a nice way. You constantly shift around the types of gameplay that you are doing, day to day, so there’s not a huge amount of repetition (unless you’re grinding). Also, you just should not try to do everything. Unlike an MMO such as WoW, where are you are artificially limited to a couple of tradeskills, in BDO, you can potentially do everything. But, just because you can do it, doesn’t mean that you should :) There are choices you can make which allow you to avoid the grind.

      For example, I learned from playing the Korean version that I just don’t enjoy having a large farm because it frequently needs maintenance (like REALLY frequently), so I was always running back to my farm to tend to it. On the EU servers, I now just have a very small farm which passively grows carrots. This needs very little maintenance, but supplies a slow trickle of carrots to feed my horses. I enjoy taming, breeding and training horses, and horses regain stamina through carrots. To fertilize my garden, I have a worker always collecting wheat from a nearby farm (again, passively), which my character can quickly process into fertilizer. I keep some of the wheat to make into beer, which keeps all my workers happy, and slowly levels up my cooking skill, which I know I’ll want at endgame. The cooking creates a byproduct (certain dishes) which can be traded in for money or contribution points, which feed back into the resource system. So little bits of gameplay, here and there, with lots of variation – enough to avoid the repetition that other MMOs so often stumble into.

      • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

        And some fishing in between, maybe a world boss if you feel lucky for a second Liverto cache to keep in the bank until the Blader class is released.

        By the way, for farms you definitely want to have a dedicated alt.

      • badmothergamer says:

        Couldn’t have said it better myself. I have very little MMO experience but reading about all the non-combat options is what piqued my interest in BDO. I’ve been playing daily for 2 weeks straight and have only spent 2 hours “grinding”. I’ve managed to hit level 40 primarily through black spirit quests and experience gained from building my skills. I love brewing beer for my workers, making good feed for my pets, and just riding my tamed horses around the beautiful landscape to level them up.

  6. ScubaMonster says:

    I’d try the game out but what really turns me off is apparently all the gear looks the same so you’ll always look like someone else of the same class. Bad enough that classes are gender locked, having all the gear look the same makes it even worse.

    • Premium User Badge

      Aerothorn says:

      The classes are gender locked? What? I’ve never even heard of a game (in the 21st century) doing that. Why on earth did they do that?

      • Rizlar says:

        Why not? Was just discussing this on the RPS forum, I really don’t mind gender/species locks so long as there is a good variety.

        Gear is a bit limited but there are quite a few options and will be more in the future.

      • badmothergamer says:

        You have to make separate animations for each gender. If you’ve seen the combat in BDO you’ll know there are a ridiculous amount of animations for each character’s dozens of moves. As I understand it this is the excuse the developers have given at least and it makes sense to me. I have to admit this issue never occurred to me until I saw someone complaining about it.

        They do have the witch/wizard & fighter/sorceress types which are almost identical.

        I was concerned everyone would like alike but honestly haven’t noticed it as much. Plenty of people buy the fancy outfits from the cash shop but you also receive a number of dyes for free so you can color your gear however you want.

        • TillEulenspiegel says:

          You have to make separate animations for each gender.

          No, that’s not how 3D animation works. The same exact animation can in fact be applied to completely different humanoid models with little or no effort.

          • Rizlar says:

            And lots of clipping.

          • badmothergamer says:

            I have no experience with animations so I’m not sure. Like I said, it’s the excuse the developer is using. I will say if it were as easy as you make it out to be they probably would’ve done it by now given how many people have requested it so I’m guessing there is some issue keeping them from doing so.

          • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

            You’re probably too busy looking smart to see the problem with your reasoning, but i guess i’ll still explain: what if the developer intention is to have males and females move and pose differently?

          • Fnord73 says:

            Then they quite quickly make a copypaste of the 3-d model, add some boobs and a ridicolous small armour-piece and change the set-poses (think emotes, just physical) for the same commands. Its NOT that hard, really, unless there is some really strange local software going down, or the boobs of the PC actually has their own action-commands. There is no reason to mess with hitboxes, etc, its just texture. Only reason I can see is that they maxed out all the running specs, so they had to cut space on framerate compatability, so that different numbers of models would overload some system in the code, or something equally obscure.

            Or maybe its a korean mystical ode to the difference between the male and female physique. Or maybe its a Korean MMO, so why would they care?

      • kendoebi says:

        Unfortunately that’s a very common theme amongst eastern MMO’s.

    • Smoky_the_Bear says:

      Not true, although as the guide says, there aren’t many different gear sets, they do look different from each other.

    • hawken.grey says:

      Yeah I had the same reaction when I first started playing, but it’s just a different mentality, as the article says. There is actually a lot of variation, and then you can tweak things with dyes and costume elements, to customize, but it’s definitely not the usual amount in other MMOs. I would love them to add more variations with similar stats.

  7. rexx.sabotage says:

    You can safely ignore all of this unless your intent is to bludgeon other epeens to death with your own. The PVE content really is facerollably easy.

    Here’s a guide that you will actually need.

    • badmothergamer says:

      I’d argue it’s easy if you are following an enemy guide and know what you are facing. I’ve died a few times from a single hit though wandering into an area I apparently shouldn’t have been in.

      I think I was level 10 or so in Velia when I thought “let’s go explore that castle just to the north”. One arrow from an archer and I was done. Looked it up and find that area is for levels 48+ or something. :)

      • rexx.sabotage says:

        I did the same thing and when I saw they hit for half my life bar, that’s when I learned that purple-named things are not to be played with XD

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      You can absolutely do some e-peen wars if you’re into that sort of thing, but realistically speaking it’s simply a matter of what you’re trying to achieve.

      When nodewars and castle sieges will be implemented, you’ll need to be competitive if you want to take part into it.

      Off course you don’t have to participate, it’s just a matter of goals. Let’s just say that certain achievements are hardly going to be reached if you’re not always ahead or at least on par with the competition.

  8. Simbosan says:

    Facerollable PvE content (aka badly balanced)
    No Group Raid content.
    Gear grind worthwhile for PvP only.

    Why are people recommending this?

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:


    • hawken.grey says:

      It’s not facerollable PvE. Once you’re 35+ you really need to watch what you’re doing, but people make a lot of assumptions based on the early levels. There a massive amount of gameplay in the game, just so much variation, that’s where it shines. I’ve played them all really, from EQ, WoW, Conan, Rift, Guild Wars 1/2, EvE… whatever. I play them all, and I really love BDO. It’s a very fresh take on the genre in my opinion. It has flaws though, but it’s a step in a good direction in many ways.

      • Rizlar says:

        Plus from the very start of the game you can travel around and choose what to fight. If you want easy grinding then go for it, personally I have only been fighting enemies 5-10 levels above me cos it’s a lot more fun.

      • Simbosan says:

        Interesting, kind of flies in the face of the article which implies that only pvp requires serious gear.

        Then again i find most mmo pretty faceroll after EQ. Interesting that you used play it!

        Thanks for the info

  9. racccoon says:

    Cheers.. having gone the slow route of doing all the other skills the over forced leveling procedure of the normal mmo game. I’m at this point, around the 30’ish level, these points you made are very well written and have made this process a lot easier to understand the math behind all the use of this. I’m so glad I am able to use it further onward in my adventures, which in this game have so many differences attached to them. Cheers & thanks

  10. Mungrul says:

    So what I take from this is that if I put all of my efforts into manufacturing trash accessories, I’ll soon have enough cash to buy end game gear from the auction house outright.

    What I could really do with is some non-epeen, rational articles to explain how I should go about building my character for mostly PvE with some light PvP.
    A lot of the stuff I’ve been looking at so far has been overly focussed on things that annoy the piss out of me these days, such as building around constant potion chugging and skill cancelling.

    A normal player’s guide to an everyday character build would be awesome.

    For example, my main’s a Ranger, and a couple of the skills I find myself using a lot appear to be universally decried as being shit by the min-max, PvP crowd, such as Spin Kick followed by Dagger of Protection.
    To be honest, I’ve found Dagger of Protection in particular has gotten me out of a LOT of scrapes when I’ve been surrounded by mobs, so I find the community’s dismissal of it runs contrary to my experiences of the skill.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      About your first point, i’m really not sure how you got to that conclusion, and crafted accessories are different from the cheap dropped ones.

      Besides, the idea of always stacking on accessories is just as outdated as the belief that rangers should use full Heve.

      Money comes from proper grinding, and proper grinding means someone will try to kill you sooner or later. Second option is fishing in hotspot.

      If you want to craft for money, the only viable way for now is being able to get a fast supply of crafted Grunil or alternatively the yellow quality necklaces. Both these things will require you to have the knowledge required to process advanced materials yourself if you want to be efficient, and that’s some effort aswell.

      And really, cancelling is not minmaxing. Try this, on a huge pack of mobs hold Q, left or right, and left click ( you need ultimate evasive shot ), you’ll spam blasting gust while teleporting around and you’ll regain all your mana without the need for dagger.

      Another easy combo: release Q ( and only Q ) and press spacebar for the “shotgun”, which is charging wind.

      Either way, mana efficiency is dead now that explosive evasion shot is nerfed, if you want to go without potions you have little options beside Q cancel, F cancel and razor wind.

      • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

        Oh right, a third option for money, invest really hardcore into your own farms and run your dream vegetable empire.

        • Mungrul says:

          I’m level 23 and nowhere near unlocking an ultimate. It’s good you’re more knowledgeable, but I’m still learning.

          Regarding the accessories thing, Steven mentions that they’re expensive on the AH because people are buying them up in order to combine them for upgrades. I can make some with my current resources so figured it might be worth a punt!

          • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

            Since you said people are giving you weird looks for your skill choices, i assumed you were at least high level enough to be able to invest in those things. Basically the ranger starts changing drastically from level 41.

            Anyway, sorry for that and i apologize if i ended up sounding hostile, thing is that crafted accessories are another tier of things entirely, they can’t even be enhanced. I actually have just right now a necklace that some crafter sold me for 5 millions, so it can be a nice job.

          • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

            At your level however you can try to conjure something up with horse gear and that sort of stuff.

          • Mungrul says:

            The horse gear thing’s piqued my interest earlier, but so far, none of the nodes I’ve had access to have provided access to crafting it. I take it horse gear sells for more than it does from vendor, purely by virtue of not having to play the conversation game to buy it?

          • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

            Yeah, if you craft the most interesting stuff.

            Uhm, your problem seems to be that you have to at least explore the map a little further. Say you need lead as a random example, you’ll need to have reached Glish, or if it’s tin then it’s somewhere in the Calpheon territory.

            It’s probably safer to go for farms or the velia fishing spot. I’m trying to give you some alternatives but getting to at least level 40-ish is even better, besides the more you explore and kill the more knowledge and max energy pool you earn, and that’s shared with your family like, for example, an hyphothetical farmer alt.

            Leveling ultimately is always good, but there ARE things that will set you apart from those who just grinded in the good spots: some people are level 56 ( almost 57 ) with less than 80 contribution points, which is sort of sad in a way.

          • Mungrul says:

            I’d continue this in the forum, but my last couple of replies to the BDO thread haven’t shown; I don’t think they’re getting authorised as I’m a new poster there.

            I’ve kinda got obsessed with gaining contribution points and building my node network in Veila, only last night expanding in any meaningful way in to Heidel, mainly to unlock Lynch Ranch for fleece. If I wanted to move my workforce and node network wholesale from Veila to Heidel, is that possible to do? I disabled a couple of unused nodes in Veila last night to reclaim contribution points for expanding in to Heidel, but all of my workers but one are Veila residents.

          • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

            Workers cannot be moved elsewhere, but as of lately they can be sold.

            Don’t make the “mistake” i did though, there are many more interesting places to expand into, as a random example Epheria or the distant Iliya island if you’re into crafting the real boats and fishing poles.

            Speaking of boats, ignore the Velia ones, the fishing boat is the only good one. You can do what you want off course, but since building one it’s a really involved and long process, you might want to follow this advice!

  11. Catsiel says:

    Just for reference, RPS has a guild on BDO EU- Croxus (usually on the Mediah C1 channel) called RockPaperShai.

  12. saraneth says:

    Anyone got a quest pass? Would love to try this out before I buy. email is

    Thanks :)