Consortium: The Tower Hits Funding Goal On Fig

Consortium is a very RPS-y sort of a game – real-time adventure-o-roleplaying, story branches, a big plane, conspiracy, complex social relationships, fourth wall-poking, a bit of wonkiness, and all that jazz. Here, read this for a short take or this for a longer one. Developers Interdimensional Games fell far short when they tried to crowdfund sequel Consortium: The Tower [official site] – pitched as ‘Deus Ex meets Die Hard’ – on Kickstarter earlier this year, but they’ve since launched a new campaign on Fig and hit their goal. Huzzah!

The Tower, right, sees an agent in the year 2042 dropped into a vast skyscraper in London, where things have gone a bit Pete Tong and he has to sort out a hostage situation. Whichever way you want or can, really, or that’s the plan. You can sneak, you can shoot, you have supertech powers, and you can befriend, trick, and otherwise manipulate people. Oh, and different factions have different goals and an interest in you. It’s a big fizzing bottle of interesting systems which could explode and shower players with all different sorts of delicious experiences. It sounds mighty ambitious, but this is all building on a game they’ve already made.

I’m sure it’ll be a bit wonky – it’s such a big idea! – but I am well up for this. Observe:

Interdimensional Games were aiming for $300,000 (£211,000-ish) on Fig, and with 28 days to go have already gone past that in pledges. Crowdfunding interest is still relatively slim – only about $75,000 – but the Fig campaign is buoyed by loads of cash from financial investors. (Fig’s the crowdfunding site which supports actual financial investment as well as crowdfunding, remember.)

If you want in (they’re already talking about stretch goals like crafting and expanding the simulation), chucking $20 at the Fig campaign would get you a copy of the finished game. Interdimensional plan to launch it in 2018, before the end of March, for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


  1. Rizlar says:

    Really hope this gets made. The original was kind of brilliant and it seems they will have learned a lot from it, The Tower looks way prettier for a start!

    • Rizlar says:

      Huh, and it’s already funded, excellent!

      Further ponderings: seems like this sort of game would be ideal for VR headsets. The whole pretence is that you are experiencing an alternate reality through someone else’s eyes via the interdimensional IDGI satellite and the rest of the game follows, with small, richly interactive environments, complete player control at all times and an emphasis on human scale.

  2. Banks says:

    The game is very promising and It’s good news they achieved the funding goal. However, I seriously doubt they have the resources to make those promises real.

    Anyway, It will surely be an interesting game whenever It comes out.

    • epmode says:

      You’d be surprised. The developers really stretched a $70,000 budget for the first game. I’m sure they can do the same here.

      • Rizlar says:

        If you (OP) are at all interested go and play the first game. It’s a bit rough around the edges but the core of the game is solid and fairly unique. I can imagine them doing a lot building on the foundation of the first game.

      • AngoraFish says:

        Actually, all the first game raised was enough for “three additional months finishing and polishing the game”. That wasn’t even their first Kickstarter, as the first asked for $200,000 and failed… $70K wasn’t even close to the full cost of the game.

        Similarly, their most recent Kickstarter asked for $450,000 and failed as well, so they then moved to Fig and asked for less.

        Further, as the first game was a buggy mess for months after release, and has been heavily discounted since. It’s therefore highly unlikely that they made any significant profits from the last go to keep churing over into this one.

        • epmode says:

          That was $450,000 CAD. The Fig campaign is USD. Also, Fig doesn’t take a 10% cut like Kickstarter. Taking all of this into account, the Fig campaign works out to the same amount as the Kickstarter.

    • dontnormally says:

      Agreeing with the others – the first game worked pretty well (after some updates and stuff! in case you see the negative pre-update reviews) on a tiny budget. The same thing in a bigger area should be within their grasp.

      • klops says:

        Hopefully it’s not the same thing but just bigger. The combat and that fourth-wall poking needed some more work.

  3. klops says:


  4. jellydonut says:

    As a latecomer to the first game, and a Kickstarter and subsequently Fig backer of the second game, this makes me inordinately happy.

    It’s gonna be sweet! The first game was great, but too short. This will be more filling, I think.

  5. Premium User Badge

    gritz says:

    Argh, I was really hoping they’d ditch that heinous green and yellow dialogue UI with a font that looks straight out of 1996.

    It’s hard to convince people to try something this neat out when easy stuff like that makes it into the final cut. It’s like someone who wears brown socks with black shoes to a job interview.

    • epmode says:

      The UI is ripped directly from the first game. The devs say it’s placeholder in one of the videos or updates, I forget which.

  6. Heliocentric says:

    Glad it hit it’s target, Fig can go die in a fire though.

  7. Mandrake42 says:

    Awesome, I was disappointed when this failed on Kickstarter, good to see it got funding somewhere. The original ended on a massive cliffhanger.

  8. magogjack says:

    Great to hear ! I want this to be the future of RPG gaming.

  9. Jac says:

    Why do developers think crafting is something that needs to be in their games when it really doesn’t? If it’s a core part of the game then fine, but making it a stretch goal in a game like this is bizarre.

    If they were trying to entice me then consider me distinctly unenticed.

    • Aitrus says:

      Yeah, a bit bizarre. Crafting is the new multiplayer!

    • lglethal says:

      That was my first thought as well. What possible use would crafting have as a hostage negotiator.

      “If you let the hostages go, I will build you a nice ring of +1 escape and maybe a cloak of hiding from the police bullets…”

  10. Jerykk says:

    Apparently most of the funding has come from investors (on Fig) rather than regular backers. Not sure why they think they’ll actually get any profit from this but if it gets the game made, that’s fine by me.

  11. Premium User Badge

    alison says:

    I am perplexed by the middling response to the first game because for me it was basically the ideal game. It’s first-person. It’s a detective story. It’s science fiction. It’s got tons of lore. You get to be Sam from Quantum Leap. And you get to be a goodie or a baddie. You even get to be a baddie who makes a mistake and then becomes a goodie again. Or vice versa, presumably. Reading the forums after completing it i realized everyone picked up on different hints and solved the mystery their own way. This game was good, tremendously good. Why didn’t it revolutionize RPGs and adventures? Why aren’t they all first-person, free-roam, real-time, multi-path, dialog-driven mysteries now? More please.

    • cpt_freakout says:

      Maybe first impressions are sometimes given too much importance, and people (including me, of course) hardly revisit games they don’t like, even after a bunch of patches. The first game was very buggy when it came out, and the devs took some time to fully patch it up. I arrived late to the party and played the last version, and I was blown away by how much thought went into it (and how thought-provoking it was). However, I understand the initial wave of reviews and opinions was negative for the most part, which I guess really put a dent on how much ‘relevance’ the game had to other devs and designers. I hope this one makes a ‘proper’ impact, though!

  12. twaitsfan says:

    Maybe this time they’ll actually live up to their promises too! Like a mac version that never came out for the first one!