Have you played… Sven Co-op?

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Even today, even as mod-culture has shifted into the mainstream (at least as far as Steam concerned – I mean yer DayZs and Rusts), Sven Co-Op feels like a visitor from an alternate reality. The most mod-like mod ever, and I mean that entirely in a good way.

The mod that tries to make everything and anything happen. Throw in everyone, throw in everything, throw out rules and logic, make the first-person shooter into one huge, absurdist party.

I love how at odds the quiet, almost boring name is with the ever-changeable contents of the mod. Oh, it’s just a co-op mod for Half-Life. No, it’s this insane remix of everything Half-Life; jumping into a random map can involve anything from a careful collaboration in one of HL’s tougher levels to what feels like a million pogoing Vortigaunts guarding an infinity of doors to nowhere. It can sober if you want it; I always wanted it to be the opposite.

Still, it’s a game from my past, from a time of guffawing buffoonery at the end of my student days, and for that reason I haven’t been back to check out its recent standalone version. I hope it’s still as silly as I remembered. I hope people are playing it and laughing.


  1. Distec says:

    You should be playing this right now and you have no excuse not to.

    Also, please send the team eightbux.

  2. LTK says:

    I tried to play this co-operatively with a friend, but he just couldn’t connect to any game I hosted, nor could I do the same with his. This really needs a beginner’s guide of some sort.

    • Imaginary Llamas says:

      There’s a guide on the Steam forums titled ‘How to Setup a Listen Server’ which sorted out the issues I was having connecting to a friend’s game.

  3. LionsPhil says:

    I got back into this with the Steam release, and was reacquainted with the world’s best jostled-in-a-stampeding-crowd simulator. Ah, player-player collisions and tiny doorways…

  4. Phasma Felis says:

    So what is it, exactly?

  5. Nucas says:

    i tried sven co-op with some friends, waaaay back in the day. we just wanted to play through the campaign together.

    unfortunately it ratcheted up enemy health to rather absurd levels, and the first time i picked up gold-plated dual uzis in Unforeseen Consequences we stopped and wrote it off. think we settled for Unreal 1 co-op instead.