The Foxer

What do you think of the annexe’s new beanbags? Now chair-shunners have the option of seating themselves on either miniature barrage balloons or deceased cacodemons.

Last week’s theme: The Festival of Britain (defoxed by AFKAMC)

a Shot Tower (Stugle)
b Lion & Unicorn Pavilion (Stugle)
c Big Dipper (mrpier)
d HMS Campania (Beowulf)
e Abram Games (designer of the Exhibition emblem) (unacom, phlebas)
f Waterloo (phlebas)
g Nimrod (unsolved)
h Skylon (chuckieegg)
i SS Great Britain (phlebas)
j Dome of Discovery (Iglethal)
k Supermarine S.6B (AFKAMC, phlebas)

* * * * *

Moments after returning from The Flare Path Jigsaw Club yesterday evening, Roman invented a new form of foxer. ‘Masterpiece’ foxers feature fragments of famous and not-so-famous works of art. Identify the origin of one or more of the sixteen pieces pictured below to win a copy of ‘Incomplete’, the autobiography of Establishment-baiting ‘punk puzzler’ Unity Sallet.


  1. All is Well says:

    I is the hand of Ophelia in the eponymous painting by Sir John Everett Millais, if I’m not mistaken.

  2. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    N is Carvaggio’s “Saint Jerome Writing” I think

  3. AFKAMC says:

    Is j. something by Hieronymus Bosch?

  4. All is Well says:

    I think F is Renoirs “Dance at Bougival”.

    • All is Well says:

      And B is obviously “Portrait of Dr. Gachet” by van Gogh.

      • Stugle says:

        Curses! My one shot at figuring something out today pre-empted! :)

    • All is Well says:

      P is Frida Kahlo’s “Las dos Fridas”! I knew I recognized it, it’s just that it’s been rotated.

  5. Stugle says:

    P is someone awkwardly clamping an umbilical cord, I think. Helpful, isn’t it?

  6. Stugle says:

    H seems to be from Vermeer’s “The Astronomer”, turned 90 degrees.

  7. Hydrogene says:

    i is Soft Construction with Boiled Beans (Premonition of Civil War)by Dali.

  8. mrpier says:

    E is Child with Dove by Picasso.

  9. unacom says:

    n) is “aidez l´espagne” by joan mirò.

  10. Shiloh says:

    O) looks like a Gauguin

    • unacom says:

      the plasticity of the colours is not quite right. I´d guess about the same time and period -but not quite Gaugin…

      • Hydrogene says:

        O looks more like Modigliani to me, but I can’t find anything matching this…

  11. unacom says:

    a) Mary Cassat playing Cards by Edgar Degas.

  12. Stugle says:

    D is “Marie Antoinette a la Rose” by Vigee Lebrun.

    • unacom says:

      merci. That one was haunting me terribly.

      • Stugle says:

        De rien. I can claim no knowledge or skills. I merely Googled “Hand holding white roses painting”, looked at the image results and found it on the twelfth row. I might not know art, but I can obsessively scroll through images with the best of them. :)

  13. AFKAMC says:

    I’d be having a lot more success right now if some of the works of Roy Cross were featured.

  14. unacom says:

    k,l and o will kill me once I hear `em.

  15. unacom says:

    the barrel on g) is too short to be in the hands of Dirty Harry…

  16. Hydrogene says:

    Dear foxers, we are in serious need of military talent in the main room to carry on the CM mission gauntlet thrown by Capt Stone. I’ve started the round, but have absolutely NO idea how it’s played!

  17. unacom says:

    k) looks to be italian renaissance. So my guess would be Jesus giving a medpack to Lazarus or some kind of medical theme.

    • All is Well says:

      You’re spot on. It’s God’s other hand in the “Creation of Adam”!

    • Stugle says:

      To my surprise, Googling “Jesus giving a medpack to lazarus” returns all sorts of results. Not the one I’m looking for, but results there are.

      Having said that, the way the hand twists seems a bit sensual to me – not something I usually associate with the Son of God. Then again, what do I know about either art or theology?

  18. unacom says:

    This is an excellent foxer.

    • Shiloh says:

      Indeed (I’ve never seen a bad one, obviously) but what would have made it even better for me would be if the curator had taken snips of military paintings for his exhibition – pretty sure I’d have aced that one.

      • Stugle says:

        I’ll admit that I enjoy stretching out my comfort zone of well-known military vehicles and geographical locations, but I must also admit that my enjoyment is grounded in the fact that I had a bunch of lucky guesses today. :)

      • unacom says:

        only c, l and o left…

      • All is Well says:

        That sounds like fun. You should make and send it in to Mr. Stone!

  19. Shiloh says:

    P) is Frida Kahlo’s “The Two Fridas”

    • Shiloh says:

      Only an hour late with that one! Ignore me, everyone – art isn’t particularly my strong suit.

  20. mrpier says:

    We’re just missing C, L, and O I think?

  21. Rorschach617 says:

    My narrow interest in art is shown up here.

    Makes my admiration for the de-foxers who regularly find trains, bridges and people, but now show a knowledge of art, all the greater.

  22. All is Well says:

    After literally turning my laptop upside down, I realized L is “Soldier at a Game of Chess” by Metzinger.

  23. All is Well says:

    Well, C seems to be a painting by Laura Knight. I can’t seem to find a proper name anywhere* but it depicts an boxing match at a (Canadian, I believe) army training camp.

    Picture here:
    link to

    *candidates include “The Army. Boxing Match” and “Physical Training Camp 1917”.

    • Stugle says:

      Well done! I don’t think I would’ve recognized the Foxer fragment, even if my increasingly desperate search queries had brought up the right painting (if I see one more shot of that Japanese artist who paints with boxing gloves, or another shot of Muhammad Ali standing in triumph over his fallen adversary, I shall be most cross).

    • unacom says: