Truck Simulators Deliver Steam Workshop & New DLC

In news that’s sure to please happy haulers either side of the Atlantic, both American Truck Simulator [official site] and its slightly older European cousin Euro Truck Simulator 2 now have Steam Workshop support. Both already supported mods, but now they’re simpler to install. Also, courtesy of the former’s 1.2 update and the latter’s 1.23 one, a range of options have also been added to both games’ wheel customisation suites, while new Wheel Tuning DLC packs hope to hand you the hottest rims on the open road.

ATS’s Workshop is here, while ETS2’s is over here. If you’re interested in making your own mods, SCS recommend you head over to their new modding wiki for tips on how to do so. Then again, if you’d simply rather sample whatever others add to the workshop that’s fine too – here’s a handy overview video which details how to subscribe to mods in both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2:

In Alec’s Wot I Think of American Truck Simulator, he noted that although approaching the game from a perspective of silliness and stupidity is possible – blocking four lanes at a time, unhooking your trailer at break neck speed, etc. – it’s nonetheless very much a simulation of business, which is a fact conveyed in SCS’s meticulous approach to realism. Speaking to the new customisation options, they said:

“We were never quite happy with the existing system, it was too limiting. Customizing wheels should be more varied, more flexible, more fun! We have split our wheels into multiple components: Tire and Disk separation was introduced recently, in addition to it we have now added customization sub-components of the disk: Hubs, Hub Covers and Nuts.”

And of course they detailed that at work in another nifty video:

As for the Wheel Tuning DLC, it adds more combinations of wheels over and above what the updates bring to the table. Both cost £1.99 and while each one is unique to each respective game, buying one nets you the other automatically. Which is nice. Full details of both updates can be found via American Truck Simulator’s Steam page.


  1. P.Funk says:


  2. Cuddletauren says:

    I’ve never seen a publication so blind to ignore a game developer’s responsibility to deliver content that was promised to them at the time of purchase. Is it too much to ask for a “SCS introduces paid cosmetic DLC before delivering the crucial “free” (as in covered by the base price of the game) content that we are all waiting on–fans lash out.” How much does SCS pay RPS for the exposure is what many of us are wondering these days, ever since ATS was released to what appears to be blatant advertising hidden under the guise of a “PC Game Review” site.

    • Llewyn says:

      “Many of us”, eh? Which “us” are you, exactly?

      • Cuddletauren says:

        Those who have been silenced by Timmy The Duck Thief, of course. You should really pay attention to the community. Negative posts of ETS and ATS are deleted on site as soon as he comes on to “clean up”. Check Steam forums and note a lack of criticism towards the game. I have personally seen many, upon many threads complaining left and right about SCS’s business practices, but then look an hour later–gone. Their authors likely banned from the entire Steam community and their posts gone forever. That’s who we are. We paid for content that we should be so thankful for, because SCS is releasing it FREE!! Well I paid $20 for something.. I’d like to think the free DLC is actually not free DLC and paid content that SCS just can’t deliver in a timely manner.

        Thinks like wheel customization are nothing more than paid official mods as far as I’m concerned. Perhaps I’m the greedy one, for expecting $20 worth of roads to explore (I don’t care about the lack of trucks or licensing issues.) I can’t speak for all of “us”, but many feel exactly the same as I do when I say, “we don’t care about more trucks or wheels, we want our Arizona. In two years of development (which apparently consisted of SCS doing nothing but negotiating licensing when PACCAR), we have two states. Hardly living up to the game’s title. We are the people who expected more from a title that was released as a full-blown game, not a beta or early access title. They’ve confused the poor poor souls who sing praises and argue “SCS is a small company–they need us to pay for crap DLC so they can afford to continue development!!” How long is SCS going to pretend to be a college student getting by on ramen noodles? Many, many people are forgetting the $20 their parents spent on the game. To call the content that has been promsied to us and paid for already DLC is causing heated arguments (once again, until Timmy The Thief deletes them) between those that see any free DLC (The W900, Nevada, Arizona) as a generous gift from SCS that we shouldn’t even deserve. It’s a shame that there are such well-written arguments protesting SCS’s new-found greed only to be deleted and replaced by threads hailing SCS for their generosity for releasing so much DLC. I’m not a RPS “supporter” like yourself, so I assume you’re looking to defend this “story”. With that said, I do enjoy RPS in general, but I have noticed these ATS articles could have been written by SCS themselves. You’ll start seeing more of “us” as SCS continues to betray their customers trust and faith.

        • Llewyn says:

          So when you whine about this “publication” you’re actually talking about the Steam forums. Glad we’ve got that straight. Or are you claiming that you’re a regular commenter here but thanks to Timmy all your previous comments here have been deleted?

          • Cuddletauren says:

            It appears you have nothing straight, other than the fact that I said something negative and you don’t like it. It’s poor etiquette to respond to posts without reading them, and then putting words in the OP’s mouth. I’d kinda appreciate it if you’d show some common decency here. But it’s like I said, I knew you’d attack me for fully answering your previous question, so the only thing we have straight is you’re either a die-hard SCS supporter, or a die-hard RPS supporter. By the way, putting “publication” in quotes would be just plain douchebaggery, as it is a publication. For instance, if RPS was to publish a story of lies to damage one’s reputation, that would be considered libel, as opposed to slander. Don’t try so hard to be right all the time, as being wrong only means you get the opportunity to learn. Embrace knowledge.

          • vahnn says:

            Cuddlebuddle, you need to relax, man. You’ll live longer.

            Perhaps rps staff were never original backers of ats and ets, and paired with the gestapo’s secret forum raids, they simply don’t know about scs’s alleged truckery. I mean truckery.

            I’m not sure what was originally promised, but seems like you wanted more states and got a couple more states. Who cares if they called it free dlc or The States Wot Were Promised?

          • vahnn says:

            I really meant trickery.

        • Dr Biffo says:

          “Check Steam forums and note…” With all due respect my dear fellow, at this point I stop reading. Why? Because anyone who actually frequents the Steam forums for more than five minutes will note that (on the whole) it’s nothing more than Gamespot or IGN forum level intelligence. Actually, I would go further and say it’s increasingly getting close to Youtube comment standards. Trolls… morons… every other person is like a whining ADHD fat 12 year old American in his parent’s basement. The Steam forums are a joke, really. Don’t you agree?

          • vahnn says:

            As someone who frequents the Stream forums, I 100% agree. It’s excruciating.

        • NihlusGreen says:

          It was more than clear, via Steam page, SCS blog and reviews, what ATS would include upon release and what future plans are regarding investment and return.

          I’m sorry your parents don’t feel their monies well spent, but they chose to pay.

    • Unsheep says:

      With all due respect, the game was launched at only $20, which is very cheap considering the amount of content you get. Any fan of the series can easily spend 30+ hours with the current content.

      Regarding the DLCs: it’s the standard business model of simulation games. They get much of their earnings from the DLC content.

      They have this model for a reason, the main one being that they add new content as earnings trickle in and justify it. Modelling all the US states at once would have taken many years and cost SCS a fortune, which would have been very difficult to recover within a reasonable time-frame.

      • Cuddletauren says:

        Awww poor SCS, the well-established developer who makes plenty of almost make me feel like a villainous crook for expecting what I paid for, but yet to receive. ALMOST, until I classify you as they type of fool who convinces themselves SCS is dirt poor and isn’t making any profits. That’s the most popular opinion on Steam forums (after Timmy The Duck Thief cleans it up.)

        Hey can I have your wallet? I’m not poor and I won’t deliver any content, but you seem to be into charity, so whaddya think???

        • gunny1993 says:

          Well my wallet cost more than this game so no.

          • Cuddletauren says:

            Ha, this game costs more than this game. I can only imagine how much the entire US may cost the consumer if by some miracle SCS is around long enough to deliver something less of three joke states. Will they put in Route 66? That will take years at the current rate. People have argued “licensing licensing licensing!!!! TAKES TIME!! MONEY!!!” I’m no expert, so I won’t claim to have an idea of how much it costs to acquire licensing for each mile of road, but I’m guessing typically $0 (although I’m sure there are exceptions–so skip those roads)

        • Slazia says:

          Remember people, RPS has a very handy ‘block’ button.

        • stonecoldimpala says:

          So you are angry to SCS because of not releasing/delivering those promised states in the first place and you believe you can’t get what you hoped with your $20 ?

          You said you are not an expert so here is the thing:Designing a map is not a hard thing, if you are just designing a map for FPS or RTS games, because you have hard limits which can’t be exceeded because of the game engine and the sake of the gameplay.In ETS 2 as you can see map is really huge, even part by part designing a map at this scale is not an easy thing at all.And do not forget all those objects, functions, details, textures, places.They have to be tested first before they implemented to the game.So testing will require manpower, development also requires manpower, feedback&bug fixes will require manpower too.So it’s not like: “Hey we got the money so we can fix all the problems and can bring all the content because we got the money !” That’s not how it’s working, it will never be.We still do not know how many people in the studio actually working for what ? Maybe they have other projects which are contuning at the background who knows.I’m not even talking about licensing, especially they had a hard time with Mercedes so you are just paying that “$20” for development, models, map, game engine, bug fixes etc.

          SCS is not a poor company;but they are not in the league of big boys at all.They are developing a game which has no equivalent in the market, especially multiplayer added a great value to the game so no competitor = no innovation.

          As Kastarules mentioned, you can actually try to play the game with a steering wheel with accessories, it’s way more fun.

  3. KastaRules says:

    The business part is just the tip of the iceberg in these games, if you play them as a real truck driving simulator, with steering wheel and an H-shifter (even better if you have something like this: which simulates a real 18 speed knob), they can give you countless hours of pure fun and pleasure!