Dark Souls III Patch 1.03.1 Buffs Greatswords

A Dark Souls III [official site] patch launched today, and it probably doesn’t do what you were hoping for. I don’t what exactly your hopes and dreams for DS3 are, but I suspect they’re a little loftier than a few balance tweaks and bug fixes. But if your Souls just updated and you’re wondering what’s going on, hey, it’s this collection of things.

Some of these patch note items might be spoilers? I don’t know. They do state a few enemy and place names. So… close your eyes and start swiping wildly at your monitor to knock it over if you’re terrified of even that.

  • Performance adjustment for “Greatsword”
  • Battle performance adjustment for “Dancer’s Enchanted Sword”, “Winged Knight Twinaxes”
  • Performance adjustment for “Soul’s Greatsword”, and “Farron Flashsword”
  • Fix for issue where multiple items become impossible to use at “Road of Sacrifices”, “Farron Keep”, “Cathedral of the Deep” after clearing the game.
  • General balance adjustments and bug fixes

Yes, that is basically all they have to say. Vague, I know. And when they say “performance adjustment” they mean “balance tweak,” by the way. Someone on Reddit says this is how the greatsword rebalancing worked out for each individual weapon (don’t mind the version number, 1.04 is the console designation because… reasons?). But Bandai Namco don’t say how other things are rebalanced. Or which bugs are fixed. The bonfire crash bug mmmight be one of them.

Some players are reporting that this patch has murdered their framerate, started the game stuttering, or even set it a-crashing, but at this point it’s hard to pick out how much that’s an actual problem and how much is the sort of thing you’ll inevitably hear people say when anything changes in a big-enough game.


  1. Assirra says:

    After this patch i crash a lot more for some reason. I basically declare it impossible to play at this point. Crashing every 5 minutes at least and getting thrown back into a stage with everything (even the enemies behind me) respawning is no fun.

    • Imek says:

      Still crashes every few minutes for me, just like before the patch, and this is before even reaching a bonfire. Pretty standard specs, 780GTX/i5 3570k. I’m so desperate to play this game.

      • Imek says:

        Actually, I think I managed to work around my crashing. I did a big clean-up, unplugging a load of unused USB devices (headset and webcam), and closed a bunch of background programs (skype, f.lux, etc). That seems to have stopped the frequent crashes.

        At some point I’d be interested in narrowing down what exactly it was, but for now I’m just happy to play. Anyone else still having these problems, I suggest you give this a go.

      • ohBareN says:

        Reduce lighting in gfx options to low. Fixed it for me. 0 crashes since doing that.

        • Imek says:

          Just to let you know, 1.03.1 seems to fix that lighting crash, so it’s worth trying putting that up again.

          My crash might have been because I was using a junction to a Dropbox folder to sync my saves. No crast for an hour or so, fingers crossed..

  2. Troubletcat says:

    For me, the patch seems to have fixed my bonfire-crashing. Had to play with low lighting before or else crash. A few hours play with the new patch and everything seems fine.

    • gunny1993 says:

      Oh good, the rage when that first happened to me (Not even at an early bonfire for some reason) consumed my skype call and created a portal to demonic dimensions.

  3. suibhne says:

    Well, Dark Souls 3 may not have been the DS game that finally fixed the atrocious camera issues…but at long last, I’m sure this is the patch that does it!


    No additional crashing here. Fingers crossed.

    • Catterbatter says:

      May I ask what you mean? I had a very bad time with the first game due to the camera control, but I thought that was due to my lack of experience with console games. I searched on it at the time and didn’t find anyone else complaining.

      • baozi says:

        I remember fighting the capra demon boss and cursing the camera, but otherwise I can’t think of an particular instance where the camera system really bothered me

        • Addie says:

          Generally the camera’s a bit dodgy when you’ve locked on to a boss that you’re hiding in between the feet of. The centipede that gives you the lava ring in DS1 and the giant lord in DS2 were particular offenders; Wolmir is the worst I’ve seen (so far) in the new one. All work fine with the free camera, though.

          • suibhne says:

            Yeah, this. Go on any Souls forum and you’ll find even the grognards gritting their teeth about the camera. It’s one of the key reasons that Vordt, the second boss fight in DS3, is the first big wall struck head-on by so many new players. (Really, Vordt should be remarkably easy – the problem isn’t that his behavior is hard to react to, but that you can’t see his behavior when the camera is stuck up his bum and you’re hidden somewhere underneath his armpit.)

            This is an issue anytime there are walls about – even in normal combat. The difference is, you can mostly avoid it in normal combat because you have more breathing room. It’s at its worst in boss fights, when things are most hectic.

          • fish99 says:

            Yeah I’m currently fighting a boss where you can’t see s**t for most of the fight and the game constantly loses lock-on for no reason. Fun.

          • Tobberoth says:

            The way I see it, this is the game trying to tell you that it’s time to stop relying on the lock-on. It’s great for most regular enemies, but tons of bosses are far easier to deal with without lock on. Playing through DS1 in a no-lock on/no shields run really opened my eyes.

            Something I heard on the bloodborne subreddit which I think is a fairly decent heuristic: Any enemy which is more than twice your size, don’t lock on. I’d say it’s not particularly true in bloodborne specifically, but it makes sense for a lot of enemies in dark souls.

          • fish99 says:

            I see it more as a flaw of the game mechanics.

            Lock-on exists because your right hand needs to press attack and roll all the time, so your thumb isn’t free to position the camera. As soon as you stop using lock-on, you end up with an awkward juggling act as you’re constantly trying to find time to move the camera, and most of the time you’re attacking blind and getting hit because you can’t see the boss to see which attack it’s doing or when it’s attacking.

            Yes there are definitely some fights that are easier without locking on, but that’s usually because the lock-on point is badly positioned (like Kalameet) so you actually can’t hit the boss most of the time as a melee class.

            Also if you lock-on, the game should stay locked on, period. There’s a fight in DS3 where you lose lock-on nearly every time the boss attacks (if you’re a melee class).

      • Unsheep says:

        The first Dark Souls game did have rather bad camera angles if we are being fair and objective. People have raged over less when it comes to other games, yet Dark Souls got a free pass on most of the issues that saw other games condemned.

  4. Heliocentric says:

    I’m surprised that RPS hasn’t picked up on Dark Souls (1)having its multiplayer turned off to coincide with DS3’s launch, and has been off for 6 days now.

    link to steamdb.info

    • Stellar Duck says:

      Huh, so that would explain why it’s so quiet in there.

      That seems like a shite thing to do.

      • DelrueOfDetroit says:

        So much for the “co-op is easy mode” argument, eh?

        • Stellar Duck says:

          Good point!

          I’ll mention that to those smug people.

          And I don’t even want an easy mode but they piss me right off.

    • TheOx129 says:

      Has Namco confirmed they’re killing DS1’s multiplayer? From what I’ve seen on the sticky post on Reddit, it doesn’t appear to be the case, but neither has Namco offered much in the way of response beyond “Thanks for letting us know, we informed the relevant team.”

      • Heliocentric says:

        No confirmation, but the silence has been deafening.

        11 days ago they added a kill switch to the config file, 9 days ago they turned it off, 7 days ago they turned it back on, and 6 days ago they turned it off and its been off since.

        It looks suspiciously like testing it worked before doing it, I’m sad because I was playing a coop run with my wife and we are sat in blight town with no jolly cooperation.

      • scannerbarkly says:

        They better turn it back on pretty quick because the “no animations” bug means that pvp and coop in DS3 are completely fucked for a large portion of the playerbase.

  5. Cerulean Shaman says:

    Never had a single crash, never had a single problem. Game’s all right, typical Dark Souls which is exactly what I wanted, but hearing people call it a nightmarish mess and the death of the series because of “wide-spread” issues makes me eyeroll.

    I know a lot of people playing the game (I live in army barracks), at least a third of them on PC, and no one’s come to me (ex-Dell employee, computer builder, and overall geek) with issues, nor had they mentioned it.

    Probably just a lot of squawking, but who knows. Firepit bug was real and fairly rampant.

    • Assirra says:

      Please don’t ever start with the whole “i don’t have it so it doesn’t exist” nonsense if you want to be taken serious.
      You don’t consider crashing at every single bonfire a “nightmarish mess”?

      This game has issues on some systems, some bugs even pointed out weeks before release by reviewers. GiantBomb even tried to troubleshoot themselves what could be the problem.

      If none happened to you or your personal group, that is fine and you should be happy, not look down upon others or flaunt silly titles like computer builder (which has nothing to do with the issues at hand)

      • DarkFenix says:

        He’s not dismissing the issues, he’s dismissing the silly hyperbolic melodrama that pops up the instant a single person gets a single crash.

        There are crash bugs, they affect very few people, they do not make the game a ‘nightmarish mess’ or any such silly label.

        Please read people’s posts and try to remain civil if you want to be taken seriously.

        • Asurmen says:

          He’s precisely dismissing the issues, and Assirra seems to have been perfectly civil.

    • Unsheep says:

      The only problem I’ve encountered has to do with Steam and not the game itself.

  6. Romeric says:

    Thought I should say I’ve played around 10 hours so far and not experienced a single crash, yet. I’ve not downloaded this patch yet though. The game stutters every now and then (mainly when picking up items), but that’s about as bad as it gets.

    I don’t want to put down the obviously remarkably handsome commenters above me with my boasting or anything, just thought the happy camp should be represented. GTX970 and a mid-range i5 here.

    • Procrastination Giant says:

      Another member of the happy camp here: 65+ hours in and not a single crash so far on a previous gen i7 and a 970. Stuttering on item pickup/saving are the only performance issues i’ve had so far. Patch hasn’t introduced any additional frame hitching for me either – Still running at what feels like rock solid 60fps with maxed settings.

    • Tobberoth says:

      Same here, i5 4690k, 970 GTX, rock solid 60 FPS, not a single crash in 18 hours or so of play. I do not even get frame drops when picking up items, though there’s sometimes a slight stutter just when sitting down at bonfires.

      Tons of empathy for everyone having issues though. I love the game and I’m about as fanboy for From Software as can get, but it really is unacceptable. I don’t expect them to make perfect PC ports, but there’s WAY too many people having crashing issues. Slightly bad performance is workable, crashes are not.

  7. Monggerel says:

    There’s an old episode of Samurai Jack where Jack has to fight a trio of blind archers who were cursed to protect a wishing well in exchange for the well making them the greatest marksmen that ever lived. Jack has a lengthy flashback to his training and ultimately defeats them by blindfolding himself and fighting them on their own terms.

    So anyway, my framerate dropped to about 10 on Abyss Watchers and now I feel like a more accomplished person.

    • Maxheadroom says:

      You’ve totally made me want to go and re watch Samurai Jack

  8. fub666 says:

    After updating 1.03.1. Doesn’t work Sony Dualshock 4 at PC. Very sadly.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      I’ve been using a DS4 with InputMapper and I’ve been getting really bad controller lag popping up, even with the slider set all the way to “low latency” in the settings.

    • klo3 says:

      DS4 did not initially work for me with a previous version but checking DS4Windows > Settings > Hide DS4 Controller fixed the issue so maybe that could fix your issue? Just checked and it’s still working as expected on 1.03.1.

  9. vahnn says:

    Can confirm that this patch began some framerate hitchng for me. Previously i had smooth 60 fps at all times, except some sub-second dips to 50-55 when going to new areas, and usually only if going from an enclosed area to a wide open one

    Now i get pretty regular hiccups in my framerate, and the hitches during area transitions are more drastically noticeable. It’s still completely playable but holy hell is annoying.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Ditto. I’ve had the above mentioned controller lag issue and frame-rate drops pretty consistently the last couple days. It seems to get worse the longer you play as well, which always has me paranoid that my system is over-heating.

  10. Assirra says:

    Of course it does, for those people. Never take an internet statement for someone more than their personal opinion.

    These people can simply not play a game they anticipated for how long. How in the world does not clarifies as nightmarish mess is beyond me. Do you want their PC to explode in their PC to be allowed to use the label?

    Fact: From soft fucked up, this problem is too much widespread to put it on users. It also seems this patch for general balance fucked it up some more making it even worse.

  11. thebigJ_A says:

    I can confirm the bonfire crash is fixed for me, at least do far

    I couldn’t get past the very first bonfire (I refuse to set lighting to low), so I’m actually just now beginning the game for real. My first ever run through Xcom 2 (failed, Ofc) tided me over. I just loaded the game up right at that first bonfire and no crashes at all.

    Finally. I can play. Going in almost blind thru diligent spoiler avoidance. Wish me luck!

  12. fish99 says:

    For me the game stutters less when auto-saving now, but more when moving through the world as it loads. It still stutters on looting items too.

    They could improve the auto-save stutter a lot just by not auto-saving during boss fights, and auto-save every 5 minutes rather than 20 seconds.

  13. scannerbarkly says:

    Never crashed over the course of 90 hours but since the most recent patch the “No Animations” bug has occurred during every attempt to PvP or help somebody out.

    Pain in the ass.