Doom’s Open Beta Extended, Now Ending Tonight

Hey, you, did you get around to playing the multiplayer open beta for Doom [official site] this week? If so, what did you make of it? (Our Adam was unwowed.) If not, hey, you still have the chance to, as the beta has been extended a bit. It was supposed to end last night, but will now end tonight. That’s another few hours to frag faces.

The beta was slated to end at 11:59pm EST on Sunday – that was 4:59am today here in Blighty. A Doomy tweet says it’ll now end at 11:59pm EST today, which is 4:59am on Tuesday for us, obvs. It contains a few maps and modes from the multiplayer side of id’s latest Hellraiser.

Download it through Steam if you fancy a go.

I had intended to try the Doom beta, given that id Software shooters are what cemented my love of games, but ended up instead walking along miles of beach and sunning myself on rocks until it started to snow (spring in Scotland!). It’s a simple mistake. Anyone could make it. After reading Adam’s thoughts, it just sounded… unremarkable, and I didn’t want to face that. Sez Adam:

“DOOM is in a strange situation. If it wasn’t called DOOM, it wouldn’t be receiving anywhere near the scrutiny and attention that it is. The cleverness of Warpath mode aside, the open beta doesn’t suggest it’ll have a great deal to offer in the way of either novelty or nostalgia. There are far worse multiplayer shooters to devote a few hours to but the demon gimmick, the weapons and the map design haven’t thrilled me.”

But maybe you had a different experience? Maybe you can stop me wandering another beach tonight? Do tell!


  1. Viral Frog says:

    It felt like they took some of the good parts of Doom, Quake, and Unreal Tournament and mashed them together. Then they took the worst parts of CoD (leveling system, loadouts) and slapped them on. Then they took out the fun, because that pesky fun is a nuisance.

    • Kohlrabi says:

      Sounds like a Bethesda game, alright.

      • Darth Gangrel says:

        Let’s hope that they support modding then, like all Bethesda games. Then you can say goodbye to loadouts and many other bad design decisions and play the game the way you want to. Without mods, I’ll probably never play this.

        • Zach Fett says:

          They’ve already said they won’t be releasing the mod tools.

          • Premium User Badge

            Phasma Felis says:

            What kind of fucking defective human being releases a sequel to the game that invented the modding scene, and doesn’t facilitate modding?

          • Allenomura says:

            heh. That’s a good one! Haha. You nearly got me with those comedy stylings, there. I’ll just check…

            link to

            D: I link that article in particular, because it features Bethasda’s Pete Hines explaining how unlike modder’s tools Snapmap actually is – likens the result to playing Minecraft! Just imagine that Id’s developers had been tasked to create Doom with the equivalent of such “tools”. Do they want a vibrant, well-supported community enhancing the longevity of, and indirectly extending the reach of this game, or not?

  2. iainl says:

    I didn’t get to play it, but between the numbers showing up because someone’s been shot, the bright colours and the general ambience, it looks an awful lot like a rather poor adaptation of Destiny.

    Presumably it plays nothing like that, though, since Destiny’s best element is the really floaty jump, and that doesn’t strike me as very Doom.

  3. blainestereo says:

    I didn’t enjoy the beta at all. It doesn’t feel like a doom game at all, heck, it doesn’t even feel like a quake game, but even beyond that – it just felt underwhelming. And not fun, yeah. For example, this one time I managed to sneak up on the enemy revenant and blast its bony ass with a shotgun, point blank, Then became a revenant myself and wrecked some serious shit. Should have felt satisfying, felt annoyed at how fussily it all played out instead.

  4. Gunsmith says:

    you cant build a proper FPS catering to the limitations of a joypad.

  5. Slazia says:

    I enjoyed the Rainbow Six: Siege free weekend instead. I doubt I’m the target market for this version of Doom (think teenage console gamers).

  6. Premium User Badge

    Nauallis says:

    Ideally this beta actually was a beta and taught them something, rather than being just an excuse to say “we made doom again, go us, hurrah” and all the other self-aggrandizement that Id seems more publicly prone to do than most.

  7. Troubletcat says:

    It was rubbish. They won’t fix it because fixing it would require making it impossible to play competently with a gamepad.

    Let’s all go play the new Unreal Tournament instead. It’s much better and could use the players.

    • Kowie says:

      If only one could download and play the new UT on steam alot more players would play it :(.

      • DwarfJuggler says:

        Yes and no, while more players would be good. You’d run into the problem of people not being able to figure out what an alpha state of the game is and judge it erroneously on an unfinished product.

        Whereas those who are actively playing are either active with the developing community, curious on lookers, or contributors to the developing process.

        I think steam or the like should be held off until the game is at a state where there is an established theme with significant amount of assets to work with for the hobby map makers to play with, and the professionals to pump out stellar levels with relative ease.

  8. Ogun says:

    The beach was the right move. Doom is a fun enough team shooter with all the essential modern features (basic class system, slower pace, dress-up Barbie/player customisation and dance emotes) and from what little I played, it’s a decent enough port to the PC platform. If you like that sort of thing then you should probably buy it, but all it has in common with DOOM is the title.

    It’s like being served one of those tray meals on a plane with MUSHROOM OMELETTE printed across the lid. It looks like a rotten, bloodless organ caked in fat and smells like a fart in a locker room. There’s an audible ‘plop’ as you start to slice it in two with your plastic knife, then a little resistance as some sort of fluid swills around the bottom of the container and a few greasy grey and black shards of something slither out of the main mass. You take a bite and it has a texture like wet bread dipped in sand.

    It tastes a bit like eggs and mushrooms and it’s probably edible, and you’re lucky enough to be on a plane, maybe going somewhere nice. You’re wearing warm dry clothes and being served food, it’s an easy life. But without the reassurance of the cabin crew and those words printed on the lid of the container, would you really know what you were eating?

  9. The Sombrero Kid says:

    No one wanted this. Console gamers see a cheap halo clone. PC gamers see a hollowed carcass of a game they hold dear.

  10. Premium User Badge

    DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Holy shit, we finally made it through an entire Doom article without the phrase “it doesn’t feel like Doom.”

    • Smoky_the_Bear says:

      That’s because she didn’t play it……..nice that some people have the luxury of just completely ignoring their job whilst still getting paid for it I guess.