Mafia III Yoinks October 7th Release Date

The open-world crime empire antics of Mafia III [official site] will kick off on October 7th, publishers 2K announced today. The time, the third-person crime ’em up is in the hands of a different studio, Hangar 13, and doesn’t focus on the Cosa Nostra as much as a chap trying to take them down, as it visits a New Orleans-y city in 1968 through a new protagonist building his own empire. Here, a new trailer tells a little of the story:

Well crimes, yeah?

That’s Lincoln Clay, who returned from the Vietnam War and started dabbling in organised crime, but really kicked off after the mafia murdered his chums. While Mafia games so far have been about schlubs who climb the ranks of the mafia but can’t escape them, Clay’s going out to build his own empire, taking over and running places.

Our Adam saw a demo at Gamescom last year and wasn’t sure how it’d shape up:

“I’d like ether one of the games Mafia III might be – the violent overblown revenge fantasy or the grim tale of brotherhood, bullets and bayous – but, right now, there’s a possibility it’ll land somewhere in the middle and end up being an open world cover shooter without a cause.”

Hmm! You can watch a chunk yourself to see what you make of it, though bear in mind that’s months old too. Anyway! October 7th. Plop a miniature horse’s head in your calendar.


  1. Spuzzell says:

    Mafia II was a wonderful evocative depiction of 1950s America with a bonus enjoyable shooter included. It’s one of my very favourite gaming experiences.

    Since the era Mafia III is set in is also one I find fascinating, I’m genuinely looking forward to this.

    • Slazia says:

      Agreed! I have great memories from Mafia II. I loved the atmosphere of the game. I still clearly remember the drive where the characters in the car are singing along to the radio. I was drinking whisky at the time, so perhaps that affected my experience, but it worked so well.

      The story for the new one looks really well done, too. So many games have laughable stories, terrible dialogue, and dull characters. The trailer looks like a TV show I’d want to watch.

      • Slazia says:

        Just took a look on Steam. As I’m in Japan, it seems I will only have access to a Japanese localized version (same as the new GTA). I won’t be buying it for that reason.

        Every other game comes out with full English support. Why am I stuck with Japanese subtitles and menus????

        • Slazia says:

          Okay, ignore that. It seems it has full English support (at last).

    • ButtonDownMind says:

      I enjoyed it very much as well. It got a lot of flack at the time of release for being an open-world game without much to do in it, but in an era of increasingly bloated open-world Assassin’s Creed ’em ups, Mafia II’s restrained approach was pleasant, atmospheric, and generally a lot better than many critics gave it credit for.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      The fact that they used a Motown song to over a New Orleans setting suggests to me that they don’t understand the era they are trying to create.

      • lokimotive says:

        I don’t think it’s that egregious. It’s a Dusty Springfield song, so it’s not technically Motown, though it is, obviously, evocative of that sound. It was released in 1968, so it’s era appropriate. Putting something from Dr. John on there might seem a little too on the nose. Of course, if ‘Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya-Ya’ isn’t on there, I’d be severely disappointed.

  2. Ross Angus says:

    For me, both Mafia games have had the theme that while you might do odd jobs for the boss, you’ll never be anything other than a mook. Perhaps this is so that there’s always an element of action, rather than strategy, but when John complained that the first game was a string of menial tasks, I liked that aspect of it.

    While I’m looking forward to Mafia III, it looks like it might have more empowerment than the previous games.

  3. Chiron says:

    Hope it ships with a free ride mode like Mafia 1, and slightly less shooting than Mafia 2

  4. Durgendorf says:

    Ooh, very Dead Presidents. This should be fun.

  5. JakeOfRavenclaw says:

    I still resent the $50 I spent on Mafia II. It’s been interesting to see people reminiscing on it as more Mafia III details come out, as it really seems to be a love-it-or-hate-it kind of game. Those are often the most interesting ones, I think. I definitely fell into the “hated it” camp, but it really seems to have connected with a lot of people, so hopefully the new one will similarly be able to find its niche.

  6. liquidsoap89 says:

    I still think Mafia 2 has some of the best shoot outs in any game I’ve ever played. The game has a really good physics system and it made the shoot outs both look fantastic, and feel really solid as well. I also never minded that it was an open world with a linear story. I always looked at it the other way; knowing it was a linear story, but the world I was in was not held back by the same restrictions.

  7. Pizzzahut says:

    Loved Mafia 1&2 (though 2 not as much). Looking forward to this one too.

  8. buzzmong says:

    Mafia 1 was a brilliant, if buggy and flawed game. It was much greater than the sum of it’s parts, and had a great story.
    Mafia 2 wasn’t quite as good, I think mostly because it the story wasn’t as interesting, but it was also a bit too much of a shooter compared to the first.

    Cautiously optimistic as to where the third installment might take us.

  9. Haborym says:

    Mafia 2 had really nice gunplay, and driving around was pretty fun too

  10. Cvnk says:

    Can’t wait to finally get behind the wheel of a GTO.