World Of Warcraft: Legion Hunting Demons From August

If you’re one of the lapsed World of Warcraft players who pops back to check out each new expansion, here, draw a wavering circle around August 30th on your calendar as that’s when World of Warcraft: Legion [official site] will launch, Blizzard have announced. If you’re a steady player, still hanging in there, hey, draw a confident circle. If you’re neither of these and don’t really care, man, I don’t know, go read a book or take a walk or something. It’s a beautiful day. What are you doing with your life?

Legion, to briefly recap, opens up the new continent of The Broken Isles, adds mighty class-specific Artifact Weapons, and busts out a new class in the form of the Demon Hunter. You know, like Illidan, the fallen hero with the blindfold who keeps going along with hairbrained schemes because he’s really enthusiastic and just wants to help but he hasn’t thought it through at all. Bless ‘im. Anyway! Legion will let folks play as one of his mates, gaining unique movement abilities with a charge, double-jump, and glide.

Here, Cobbo has played a bit of Legion and a Demon Hunter, and reported back:

“I like the Demon Hunter class, though I suspect when Legion comes around, I’ll be sticking with my mage. I love World of Warcraft’s mages, and we’ve been together on various servers and a couple of side changes for too many years to jump at the first hussy who can summon Fel powers. They’re a good example though of why World of Warcraft remains so interesting – that while the core of the game may be following the rules laid down back at launch, the details and spins on it can still surprise and amuse with every new expansion pack. It’s showing its age, and increasingly content to cater for existing fans than hope for a return to its once-glory. If it keeps doing it like this though, it’s got many good years of life and angry forum comments left in it.”

Hey, look, here’s Blizzard showing off a race between players to best some Legion bosses:


  1. angrym0b says:

    Pfft. It’s all about Vanilla WoW for me, none of this new fangled tosh.

    • The Ultimate Clone of The Ultimate Warrior says:

      I think one of the main reasons that Nostalrius was shut down was that it proved that a lot of people want a game Blizzard have no interest in making anymore. When egocentric pricks like Chris Metzen or Mike Morhaim say “Oh you don’t want that” in that passive aggressive and dismissive way of theirs, it’s not that we don’t want it. They don’t want it. Blizzard don’t want to admit that a fair chunk of their subscribers don’t like the new gimmicks and “innovations” that the expansions have bought. Blizzard probably see it as a personal insult to them that people don’t like the garrison system, don’t like the dumbing down of WoW. Having a legacy server would be an admitance that all the stuff they’ve done over the past few years were wrong. That people liked the game as it was, not as it is now. The sad thing is that they can’t see that having a legacy server similar to the deal worked out with Everquest and Project 1999 would actually bring money back to them whilst the people who prefer the new WoW can still play the game. No money would be lost at least. Nothing would really change. But hey at least we can sit in a garrison whilst WoW plays itself.

      • Asurmen says:

        Vanilla sucks except for nostalgia.

      • Wednesday says:

        The “dumbing down of WoW”?

        This is a game that lets you take the channel tunnel from a Medieval city to a Gnome workshop with steam ostriches.

        • WyldFyr says:

          Oops, replied to the wrong post.
          Please see below.

        • The Ultimate Clone of The Ultimate Warrior says:

          The setting was always dumb in the best of ways but the gameplay was where everything shined. I’m not against making things more accessible but just look at the game now. It genuinely seems to play itself now. It’s a glorified cow clicker with no real goals beyond “get the shiny beakies ladz!” Some people always prioritised that but there were other things to do.

          I had a guild that did some really great roleplaying. There were social events, PvP, Honour Points, All sorts of stuff that you could do. It was a magical time and whilst I’m painfully aware it’s not happening again. Having the opportunity to relive at least some of the magic not only being snatched away, but being told that I didn’t want it even though I damn well did and was having fun, rankled me.

  2. WyldFyr says:

    Ok, I get what U-Clone said, and i’m even onboard despite his wild exaggerations.. but I’m barely registering with my “wit-o-meter” any sarcasm in your response. Can someone elaborate, please?

  3. Reckles says:

    First off, Cobbo might be swayed a little more into the Demon Hunter if he remembers that Illidan is an Arcane Mage.

    Fantastic intro though.