Bouncing Back: Pang Adventures

Nostalgia can strike from the most unexpected angle. Pang is a game about popping balloons using harpoon guns – I remember it fondly because it was one of the few cooperative games I owned as a kid. It might not have been clear to me why we were travelling around the world’s landmarks bursting balloons but I was pleased that I could convince anyone in my family to come along on the journey. I loved the music too.

And now there’s a ‘new’ Pang game. Pang Adventures [Steam page]. I’m unnerved by the presence of flamethrower and shuriken power-ups, and monstrous alien boss creatures, but the core of the game seems to be intact.

Some people had Jazz Jackrabbit, others had Mario. And then there were the Sonic people and, bless them, the ones left with Zool or Oscar. I had Pang. I still love it and watching that trailer, even with the too-smooth, too-clean graphics, I feel very happy indeed. The way that the platform-barriers break, and the fact that I knew exactly which ones to get rid of first on almost every level. The falling fruits, the death animation…

Oh, that’s changed. You couldn’t revive your chum in the old days. One hit and he’d bounce around the screen like a deflating balloon. The ultimate irony.

This new version has local and online co-op, “more than 100 levels”, boss fights, new types of balloon, three game modes and a bunch of new power-ups. I’m going to play it. I’m going to play it online with my sister, who completed the original with me around twenty five years ago. It will be emotional.


  1. Wowbagger says:

    Was discussing the lack of modern Pang games yesterday! I remember playing super pang at the swimming baths on the arcade machines. there’s also a game on steam that has the spirit of Pang but with bugs to splat: link to There’s a demo, so go nuts kids.

    • Mr Ogs says:

      Was that in Bracknell? If so I have the same memory. :D

    • Caiman says:

      Yeah, The Bug Blaster is really excellent. It’s not Pang, but certainly heavily inspired by it. I haven’t quite managed to beat the final level yet, but I will… I will…

  2. Kemuel says:

    Nostalgia! There was an awesome browser version of Pang back in the early 00s which we played nonstop in the school library.

  3. tejohr says:

    There is a pang game on steam called Bug Butcher with excelent reviews. Have a local coop for nostalgia to be shared with friends.

  4. Risingson says:

    I don’t know about your countries, but Super Pang was HUGE in Spain. It was the most popular arcade machine among Tetris and (way below) Snow Bros.

    I still see the arcade machines with it playing in a few bars.

  5. Kefren says:

    I won Pang for the Amiga after Amiga Format published some of my letters and they ran out of prizes. link to
    I played it co-op with my friend too. Such a jolly game, catchy and quickly becoming challenging and hectic. I play it again occasionally, via emulator. On my own, nowadays.

  6. bishmanrock says:

    Oscar and Zool II were amazing, I’ll have you know.

    I didn’t play Pang until I was a teenager. We managed to find a flash version that wasn’t blocked on the school computers and regularly shared keyboards for multiplayer. I miss those days. I’ll probably grab this for some nice nostalgia.

    • PostieDoc says:

      Agreed, too many console snobs knock Zool but the games were excellent, pacey platformers and great fun.
      I still have Pang for my Amiga so am curious to see how this turns out.

  7. Malcolm says:

    I’d completely forgotten about Pang. I remember it from the latter days of Amstrad Action because it was one of the few games enhanced for the rather pointless CPC+ computers (and GX4000 console).

  8. kshriner says:

    A little surprised it’s not on IOS, seems like it’d be a great fit for mobile/bus rides.

  9. RuySan says:

    The amiga conversion was perfect. Ocean France surely did miracles. I’m still waiting for the Snow Bros conversion.

  10. Neurotic says:

    Just yesterday, or the day before, I was paid by a client to my PayPal account, so I headed over to my Steam wishlist. Whilst on Steam, I saw this and immediately bought it. For me, two of my very fondest Amiga memories are Rainbow Islands and Pang. On top of all that, last week I had tried and failed to get it going in MAME! Talk about fortuitous timing. :D

    • Kefren says:

      Rainbow Islands was lovely but stressful and difficult for me! I had to play in small dosses. I preferred the relaxation of Bubble Bobble in a longer session.