The Walking Dead: Michonne Gets Final Slice Next Week

Having never read the comic book series, I mostly know The Walking Dead’s Michonne as the samurai sword-wielding walker-whacker that’s played by Danai Gurira in the television series. Courtesy of Telltale’s point-and-click spin-off, though, I now also know her as the equally bad ass serial choice maker-er who’s about to embark on her third and final miniseries episode. Named “What We Deserve”, the last outing of The Walking Dead: Michonne [official site] will launch on April 26.

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Good choice. Similar to the last episode’s announcement, Telltale have put together another choices recap trailer – which unfolds as per the most selected player choices last time round – ahead of next week’s finale. They’ve also offered a brief overview of what to expect. Again, SPOILERS:

“In this third and final episode, feeling the weight of choices both recent and long ago, Michonne tries to protect an innocent family… but Norma and the vengeful Monroe crew are closing in. As reality shatters and the ghosts of the daughters she abandoned demand to be heard, your choices will determine who lives, who dies, and what redemption really means in a world gone to hell.”

I’m currently about half-way through Michonne’s second episode and while I love the titular character herself, I’ve found the game’s storytelling to be a bit lacking so far – at least compared to Telltale’s other Walking Dead entries. Michonne’s flashbacks and temporary delusions offer a welcomed sense of fragility against the end-of-the world premise¬†and her leanings towards brutality, however the overarching narrative has often felt rushed, therefore diluting its impact.

Perhaps episode three can pull it all back in line with a stonking conclusion, but in the meantime here’s the latest “Your Choices” cinematic to get us all up to speed.


The Walking Dead: Michonne miniseries can be bought in its entirety from Telltale, Steam, and GOG for £10.99/$14.99.


  1. Buggery says:

    I can’t help but wonder how long Telltale can keep stretching out their properties and singular game type like this. The first Walking Dead was fantastic–an interesting departure from their stable of so-so adventure games with a focus almost exclusively on narrative. As Season 2 and The Wolf Among Us came out, it was hard not to feel like they had decided to pin all their hopes on their new trick and refused to deviate–particularly when they started to focus on “safe” properties, like Game of Thrones and Borderlands.

    I suppose if the Lego licensed games can reliably fart sales out year on year then Telltale can keep keeping on by releasing the same game under different licenses. Would be more interesting if they tried stretching themselves though. Trying new tricks with the narrative like Life is Strange would be fun, or even adapting their storytelling style to new gameplay types (like the Witcher 2 and 3) would be interesting. Hell, even just avoiding doing licensed games entirely (to see if their writers can stand on their own) would be a refreshing change.

    Frankly, it just feels as if they’re getting lazy. By the time Season 2 of the Walking Dead was done I was bored senseless.

    • jbb060 says:

      I mostly agree, though Tales from the Borderlands felt to be something of a departure from their usual bleak template.

      Interestingly, it seems a lot of their early staff have left to do their own things, in particular Firewatch, which took the Telltale story structure and put it in a lovely open world. Though Telltale seems to have stagnated somewhat, they’ve certainly opened a market and spawned some interesting games.