Rule Bretonnia: Total War – Warhammer

Sega confirmed today that the chivalric knights of Bretonnia will be represented in Total War: Warhammer [official site] at launch. Although the faction won’t be playable in the campaign, you’ll be able to use Bretonnian armies in one-off battles, against either the AI or a human friend/foe. Those armies will include fearsome cavalry, including flying cavalry in the form of pegasus knights, as well as powerful artillery support in the form of trebuchets. Below, you’ll find a full length video of a Bretonnian city besieged by an undead army.

If you do want to watch the battle, it’s worth noting that there is a backstory here. It’s one member of The Creative Assembly’s community team playing as the undead versus a Youtuber playing as the Bretonnians. The last time we saw this particular Creative Assembler, Darren, he was playing as the Empire against an AI Chaos army. That did not go well for him. This is a chance for redemption, then. Redemption through the teeth and claws of winged nightmares.

This is the first time I’ve watched a full battle around a city, although I did catch the tail-end of the Rezzed talk about siege AI (I would have caught the whole thing but I was busy preparing for a panel of my own). We can watch it together now though. Here it is.

Here’s the word on the Bretonnians:

“Characterised by a range of powerful armoured units, including the iconic barded warhorses and flying Pegasus Knights; Bretonnian battle tactics frequently revolve around shattering and unstoppable charges. Also of note is the devastating Trebuchet artillery, and the numerous massed ranks of archers, capable of filling the air with swarms of arrows. While Bretonnian armies might lack the huge monsters that other races can often employ, they can bring to bear powerful magic users in the guise of Enchantresses; capable not only of offensive spells but also powerful buffs to further enhance their knights to superhuman levels.”

What that doesn’t mention is that they are a much more enticingly Romantic prospect than the big ol’ Empire. I’ve always had a soft spot for Bretonnia, even if the single ‘t’ double ‘n’ spelling nearly trips me up every single time. I’m guessing – and it’s no more than a guess – that we’ll see a fleshed out version of the faction somewhere down the line so they can be played in the campaign, as the long-term plans suggested would be the case for at least one new faction.


  1. darkath says:

    Bretonnia has an interesting backstory, because under the fairy-tail Knights of Arthur look and feel lies a grim feudal society rotten to the core.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      That does depend on the version of the lore, though. I was a bit surprised by that concept since my rulebook told a very different story. The rotten version fits Warhammer better, though.

  2. Joe Clark says:

    I thought Pip was the resident Warhammer expert, why isn’t she reporting on this?

    • Joe Clark says:

      I mean, even her name is short for Philippa Warrhammer!

    • SaintAn says:

      She had a mental break down last week shaming herself and the site with a nutty Warhammer post that pissed off the community causing her or someone to censor the living hell out of the criticism in the comment section. Personally I lost the respect I had for the site with that awful unprofessional article and turned AdBlock and NoScript back on for this site. Haven’t really even used the site much since.

      • Llewyn says:

        And yet you’re still here. Please take your bullshit elsewhere.

        “The community” seemed to take Pip’s post in the light-hearted manner in which it was intended. The few whose comments were deleted didn’t seem to have much community spirit.

        • Universal Quitter says:

          What did happen, though?

          Was it the usual thing where criticism was made, so people assumed it was because someone was offended, when no one was ever offended?

          • Beepdabies says:

            Pip wrote a silly article about one of the Total War trailers and some people got upset because it wasn’t serious enough? Or something? This is the article in question if you want to see for your self. link to

          • PancakeWizard says:

            A new trailer for the game was released, and rather than just stick in on RPS with zero input, Pip had a bit of fun and wrote a primer for it as if she didn’t know what Warhammer was, basically VERY OBVIOUSLY SO AS NOT TO BE REALLY OFFENSIVE trolling Warhammer fans.

            Some humourless RPS Warhammer superfans tore her a new one over it for daring to inject humour into their lives. Empire players, I’m sure.

      • Joe Clark says:

        You’re joking though, right? I mean this is a jape? A fiction? A play on the perceived attitudes of others?

        Anyone who thinks that adding a touch of levity – or even a great whack of whimsy – to a news post is “shameful” probably ought to get a little perspective.

  3. cpt_freakout says:

    Bretonnia should be the most colorful army in the game, and yet even the knights look like they were all cut from the exact same cloth.

    I understand the need to immediately identify your own units in a messy battle, but come on, that’s what the little banner things (and the unit cards below) are for. I hope the final version allows more variety, at least for the Bretonnians.

  4. dongsweep says:

    This is looking great. However, it makes me sad knowing the faction will likely require another $8 to unlock and use in the campaign and the game looks like it is lacking any blood so that will likely be a two month wait and a few dollar charge like the last few games.

    • VillainousIntent says:

      Actually I think they are gonna have them as a free download. At least they have mentioned there will be a race who feature in base game that aren’t playable that will be released for free later on, there was a post about their DLC plan

    • Mansfield says:

      CA developer confirmed on the Total Warreddit that Bretonnia will NOT be a paid DLC

  5. Universal Quitter says:

    So a cool faction I wouldn’t be able to actually use in the campaign.

    Every single time I want to give this game a chance, CA shoots the project in the foot.

  6. Tock says:

    Nifty. One of the factions I’m less familiar with, and glad they’re not/fingers crossed they’re not making it a watered down Not Empire. But then…I’m still going to do what I’ve done with most TW games: wait for the bugs to get ironed out and the massively reduced sale price on game+dlc or the “Empereror Edition.”

    Because eff day one faction DLC and a fiver for blood as a dlc.