Don’t Starve Together Survives Early Access, Out Now

After a journey spanning close to a year and a half, Klei’s buddy-boasting survival ’em up Don’t Starve Together [official site] has dragged itself from the icy grips of Early Access, and has now crawled into the barren plains of full release. As Klei’s longest-dwelling Early Access-er, the co-op standalone ships with the Reign of Giants expansion in tow, as well as a handful of new features – not least the debut of a long-awaited character.

Enter Maxwell, the master of puppets and all-round dapper chap that you might recongnise as the dude who advises players to start gathering food at the beginning of Don’t Starve, before disappearing in a puff of smoke. Finally playable, his ‘Guest of Honor’ and ‘Survivor’ heads and clothing items have been added to Don’t Starve Together’s full release, so too has new craftable firepit cosmetics. A number of tweaks and bug fixes are now in place also, full details of which can be found on Klei’s forums.

Moving forward, Klei now plan to turn their heads towards the multiplayer-oriented Through the Ages expansion. They say:

“Many moons ago, we discussed launching Through the Ages, and it got waylaid by getting to content parity. We felt strongly that getting to parity at our quality standard was the most important priority, and it took much longer than expected. We’re finally here, and we are now actively working on new content. The team is breathing a sigh of relief that we get to build brand new content again.

“As a refresher, the focus of TTA is the evolution of your world over a longer period of time, and more variation between worlds. This will take time to develop…I’d say this is going to take about 6 months to develop, but uh, I’ve been off before.”

Don’t Starve Together is out now for Windows, Mac, and Linux on Steam at the discounted price of £7.36/10,04€/$10.04. Oh, and before you go, have a swatch at its obligatory launch trailer:


  1. ts061282 says:

    Really like the memory hole front page… makes old posts seem new again!

  2. Jalan says:

    My nephew is visiting this weekend, so odds are likely that he’ll be getting me to play this with him for a bit.

    He usually keeps it interesting, in such a way that he seems to know what to do and will help point me toward what I should be doing but in all my previous attempts at playing with him thus far it just seems to get away from him around day 16 or so and he either gets killed by a treeguard he forgets about or takes on too many spider dens in succession and we both pay the price for it.

  3. Fnord73 says:

    I think Dont Starve, the original, must be the most boring game Ive ever played given the hype it got. Grind, grind, grind, death.Is this better?

    • Crocobutt says:

      You’re not wrong about it, it’s more or less the same shtick. Tried playing it with a friend last night only to get screwed over by 3 dogs early in the game. Couldn’t beat them, haven’t any real weapons, no gold nugget, no health. It’s essentially endless gather of resources by the looks of it.
      Refunded the game.

  4. Afeelo says:

    I like the idea of adding Maxwell, but his name doesn’t start with W, like the rest of the characters. if you could change stuff around, or maybe even write his name up-side-down, it would be better.

    • AnonymousGamer75 says:

      Actually, Maxwell’s real and original name was William Carter, but he changed his name before becoming a magician and whatever.. (It’s lore stuff)

  5. australopithecus says:

    Can we please not have the “Moving Forward” virus infect RPS too? The phrase comes from business speak where executives used it to try and inject life and motion into their leaden, cliche-ridden sentences, but it’s redundant in almost every context.

    For example: “Moving forward, Klei now plan to turn their heads towards…” compared to “Klei now plan to turn their heads towards…”