Go West! JRPG I Am Setsuna Gets July Release Date

Against the welcomed deluge of classic Japanese games that’ve landed on western PCs recently, you’d be forgiven for assuming I Am Setsuna [official site] was another rejigged and repackaged oldie. It’s not, though, and is in fact the work of Square Enix’s Tokyo RPG Factory studio, a team who are inspired by the JRPG classics of yesteryear. I Am Setsuna is a throwback to those tried and tested games, and now has a new nostalgia-spun trailer and a summertime release date to match.

Released in Japan back in February on PS4 and PSVita, I Am Setsuna will head to PC via Steam on July 19th. You’ll have the chance to get yourself some of this:

As beautiful as some of that was, it’s not exactly what I’d call a teaser, though. What’s it all about, then? Over to you, Square Enix:

“I Am Setsuna tells the sorrowful story of Setsuna, a young woman of incredible inner strength, and the sacrifice she must undertake to the save the people of her land.

“Players will be immersed in an emotional and unforgettable story of true bravery as Setsuna leaves her hometown with her bodyguards on a journey to the farthest land.”

Melody shared this video a while back which better portrays all of that in practice (mind turn on the subtitles on in YouTube):


  1. Eight Rooks says:

    Vaguely interested, but early reports of sky-high old-school difficulty and lifting bits of Chrono Trigger wholesale have me thinking I won’t bother. All the sparkly Graphics in the world don’t count for anything with me if it’s just pandering to the hardcore fans for profit.

    • Mokinokaro says:

      The only thing it takes wholesale from Chrono Trigger is the battle system.

      The story/characters are completely different and don’t share anything thematically.

      It IS fairly difficult though.

      • Eight Rooks says:

        Yes, I know. I admit I haven’t played it in ages (and never finished it), but there wasn’t anything about Chrono Trigger’s battle system to suggest it desperately needed bringing back. It’s pandering, IMO. It doesn’t lead me to think well of their work when they have “Look at this! It plays exactly like that game you love that you keep pestering us to remake!” as a major selling point.

        • funkstar says:

          I thought Chrono Trigger’s battle system was pretty widely praised, what with it’s combination of ATB, positioning and team-up attacks that hasn’t really been done again since.

          I played through Chrono Trigger DS a few years ago and the battle system holds up very well – I’m pretty happy that I Am Setsuna is bringing it back, and I’m not a hardcore fan by any means

          • TheLetterM says:

            Doesn’t Grandia II fit those criteria? I think the only difference is that your dudes are constantly running around and repositioning between actions, as opposed to Chrono Trigger’s more static battle formations.

        • Assirra says:

          People have been wondering for ages why the Chrono Trigger battle system is not more widely used and you find it a negative they actually listen to the fans?
          That seems very backward thinking.
          Also, if using a battle system is now “pandering” i hope you never play any other game besides the ones with completely original battlesystem. Hint:it won’t be many.

          • Eight Rooks says:

            Nope, using a battle system is not pandering. Using a battle system from a forgotten “classic” where the only people wondering why it wasn’t more widely used are hardcore fans who haven’t moved on; that’s pandering.

            Seriously, though, I didn’t react as badly to Chrono Trigger as I do to just about all the Final Fantasies, or the Suikodens, or Persona 3… but I distinctly remember what I played of it (I went back to the distant past at least once?) was pretty damned boring, really. I’m partly being contentious for the hell of it, but I honestly believe the vast majority of JRPGs which long-time fans praise are wildly over-rated – based on 95% nostalgia, perhaps, and 5% anything actually worth honoring.

            No-one who thinks Suikoden II is a lesson for the ages in how to make a “proper” JRPG has a clue what they’re talking about, for example, and no, developers should not be making games to keep them happy, as far as I’m concerned. It’s holding back the medium in any number of ways, and it shouldn’t be encouraged. I haven’t played enough Chrono Trigger to have a proper opinion on whether this is really the same thing, but – along with the idea that a couple of save points is… character-building, or something? – it sure looks like it.

          • Kaeoschassis says:

            It’s becoming pretty clear that you just plain don’t LIKE classic style jrpgs. Which, yknow, is fine. It really is. A lot of people don’t. But man, a hell of a lot of people do. You can classify any instance of a large number of people liking something you don’t as hardcore elitism or nostalgia or laziness or whatever you please, but I’m sorry, if enough people like a game, it’s probably just good.

            You’re allowed to disagree, but it does kind of make me wonder why you’re, yknow, here.

  2. Baines says:

    I just want to know why the English title is so different from the Japanese. “Setsuna of Sacrifice and Snow” is both more descriptive and simply sounds more interesting that “I Am Setsuna”. (Though I guess it could be “Sacrifice and Setsuna of Snow”…)

    • Jac says:

      The Japanese name is the better of the two but personally I would have just called it “Setsuna” or “Sacrifice of Snow”.

  3. w0bbl3r says:

    “I am a baby orange”?

    (Yes, I know, I’m just being funny, I’m not a dullard who doesn’t know what a satsuma is.)

  4. SomeDuder says:

    Reminds me of Chrono Trigger – not just the combat system, but also the scene on the cliff. And the intro where the main duder keeps walking on in silence? That’s classic FF6 right thur.

    Oh well, it’s fine. Everything is fine. Just please don’t mess up the translation and I’ll be a customer.

  5. boundless08 says:

    I’m tentatively looking forward to this. I was a big fan of the Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Breath of Fire and such games as a kid but I started losing interest once they started voice acting. I got through FFX but other than that I just find it too cringe and the endless sighing, squealing an whimpering is just too much.

    Music is very nice though. That jazz infused piano really tickles me right in my nostalgia sensitive areas.

  6. lagiacrux says:

    without having heard any english voices, i do hope they include the japanese voiceacting into the western release.

    you know … just to be safe in case of terribleness.