Road Trip ‘Em Up Jalopy Screeches Into Early Access


Road trip game Jalopy [official site] has launched onto Steam Early Access, ready to pootle around a portion of Europe. We’ve been cooing and making kissy faces at it since since it was called Hac, winking and waggling our eyebrows as developer Minskworks showed off minute first-person interactions like packing supplies, cleaning the car, shopping, and refuelling. So naturally I entirely missed that Jalopy’s Early Access launch was on Friday.

Jalopy is a… roguelikelike scenic drive ’em up? Driving your uncle across Europe’s Eastern bloc in the ’90s, you’ll travel down procedurally-generated roads, try to keep your dinky car running with repairs and fuel, boshing in upgrades to juice it up, and maybe make a little cash on the side selling things. And fiddle with crates and crowbars and boots and buttons and pumps and wallets in first-person fun. And run out of petrol and need to walk in the rain.

That’s the plan, anyway. Jalopy’s very much an Early Access game, with only two of the countries and regions planned for the full release. Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, and Turkey are all still to come. Party of the Early Access process will be, heck, to simply find out more about what players want. My list is: more things to fiddle with; more colours. Dang, I do not know at which point Jalopy became so brown. It used to be so much more colourful!

Jalopy is on Steam Early Access right now for £7.99/10,39€/$10.39, including a 20% launch week discount. It’s made by Minskworks, the one-man studio of former Codemasters chap Greg Pryjmachuck.


  1. Epsilion says:

    link to The trailer you posted is a copy of this one, I got it from a comment in yours.

  2. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    We’ll be getting an impressions of this soon, yes?

  3. Raoul Duke says:

    I want to be interested in this, but I just can’t see how the gameplay will be remotely fun.

    • GWOP says:

      What’s not to love about running and maintaining a Soviet Laika?

      I’m not being facetious.

  4. treat says:

    Give the Aurora Wager a try, it’s free.
    link to
    If you enjoy that, you’ll probably enjoy a game like Jalopy.

  5. bakaohki says:

    This Laika is in fact a Trabant 601, mass produced for the socialist block – I used to drive one for years when I had been a younger man. Served me and my girlfriend well – not sure if I want to relive those days though.

  6. goalcam says:

    Jalopy is really good but currently really buggy.

  7. teedle says:

    Very very early access right now. I’m not unhappy with it, but wow. I don’t think the game even has an icon . . .

  8. caff says:

    Hac was so awesome this was an insta-purchase from me. Even though it’s insta-three-days-late.