Get Dunked On! Rocket League Launches Hoops Mode

You may now dunk on your friends, and your friends may dunk on you, and you may all dunk on each other – and with each other – to your hearts’ content. The promised basketball-y Hoops mode arrived for Rocket League [official site] in a free update today. Instead of a goal, Hoops has a… a hovergoal? One of those big onion rings they play basketball with. You know the ones. Also, a load of cosmetic carbits inspired by The Witcher, Goat Simulator, and other games are now in Rocket League too.

Hoops mode has one map, the Dunk House. It’s the same basic Rocket League idea – drive cars around to bump the ball into a goal – but with a hovergoal, which has some sort of cyberskirt dangling beneath it which you can also use as a ramp. Aerial moves are pretty important, what with all the dunking and all. Here, have a look:

The patch notes for version 1.17 detail other newness, like naming and renaming replays, auto-saving replays mid-game, and a new ‘Cosmic’ arena in the experimental Rocket Labs playlist.

The update also dunks a load of cosmetic customisation on players, including stuff inspired by Euro Truck Simulator, Goat Simulator, Portal, The Witcher, Worms W.M.D., the charity AbleGamers, and a load more country flags. Good news: you can now rep Vatican City! Oh, Psyonix are now selling a load of NBA team flags as DLC for £1.59.

VROOMSHAKALAKA! A joke so good I had to repeat it.


  1. caff says:

    Ah, my next shipment of addiction arrives.

  2. dontnormally says:

    This game is great and popular but this is the third article about hoops mode. Just seems a tad tid bit kinda somewhat too much.

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      We at Rock, Paper, Shotgun apologise sincerely if any personal distress or anguish has been caused.

      • Fleurry says:

        It was reasonable feedback presented in a levelheaded manner. No need to be a dick about it.

        • Alice O'Connor says:

          I don’t know, telling people how to do their job – in their own workplace – always seems at least mildly rude.

          • OscarWilde1854 says:

            If its your workplace, shouldn’t you act professionally? In other words, not reacting to criticism with sarcasm. He has a right to an opinion.. and wasn’t telling you how to do your job.

          • Graedient says:

            If your work is public reportage then you should expect criticism “in your work place”. Your workplace being public. Your response to the original posters criticism was playground like.

        • pailhoarse says:

          That was quite a British response, yes, but not dickish. In my opinion.

          • Nanny9000 says:

            I must agree with a pailhorse that while being a (British) playfully sarcastic remark – it was not really that dickish! I’d suggest she was simply reflecting his snark.

            “tad tid bit kinda somewhat too much”. That snark.

            Mountain > molehill.

  3. lowranker says:

    Crappy font for Russian language. Other things are incredibly nice.

  4. The Algerian says:

    I’ve tried it, and it’s not very good to be honest.

    Thankfully, Soccer and Hockey are still pretty fun.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      I agree. It is way to easy to score a goal right off of the jump ball. Unless you have mad aerial skills already, there isn’t much point playing this.

      Also, Alice the “cyberskirt” being used as a ramp only works for the ball not the cars. I was under the impression that cars would be able to go up the sides of the opposing teams net but that isn’t the case. Not sure if you were under the same misconception.

      • DavishBliff says:

        I get the impression this is geared towards more expert players. Hopefully it’ll be good jumping and flying practice, then.

        I could never get into the hockey mode, meanwhile. I think I played three or four matches and then went right back to standard.

        • pailhoarse says:

          I’ve put 300+ hours into this game (me, the most non-sport-game playing person who ever lived), and I’m with you on this. The variations aren’t as much fun as the soccer matches.

          But because of how the puck moves, I think Hockey mode is great for getting comfortable with running a ground ball down the field and navigating the wall space; and Hoops forces players to focus on aerials and vertical movement of both car(s) and ball. They’re like workshops focusing on separate Rocket League skills.

          • DelrueOfDetroit says:

            As someone who only plays the hockey mode I agree that yes, it is basically a ground game training mode. With that said though, once you get good at it and understand how it differs from the the soccer mode you appreciate it as its own game. It’s much faster, more aggressive and goals are set-up differently.

            From what I played of the basketball mode it just seems like soccer but skewed in a way that makes it harder for novices to play. This might partly come down to being Veteran rank so instead of starting with other noobies you’re jumping right into high level play.

          • SomeDuder says:

            A harder playmode is hardly a bad thing – the shit I’ve seen some of these players do is insane, and they probably welcome a mode where they actually need these skills to win, not just for showing off.

            Meanwhile, in scrubville, Snow Day is still the best mode :( Nice, easy, predictable puck doing what I want it to do…