Ruiner: Watch 15 Minutes Of Cyberpunk Slash-O-Shoots

Of course I was excited by the announcement of Ruiner [official site] last week. A top-down shooter with cool murders and cool dodging in a grim cyberpunk future? Mate, I’ve got blue hair and was wearing a leather jacket while I wrote that post (it was cold, okay). But can Ruiner accomplish what I cannot: have both style and substance? Have a gander at fifteen minutes of straight gameplay footage and see what you make of it:

Hmm, yeah? I dig the dashing and dodging and slow-motion dodge-planning, and the shooting and slashing seem pleasant enough by sight. Dunno. Hard to tell without touching it myself. What’s up with the health and energy regen, though? Combat flow seems stilted at times by Murderman needing to run away to stand on health and energy recharge points. Kills recharge a little energy, but after Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance I’m appalled by the idea that a cyborg with a cybersword wouldn’t recharge health and energy by slicing people up (snacking on spines is optional).

It is an awful shame that the demo level is a cybercar park when Ruiner seems to have several far more interesting environments. And most of those cutscenes seem pointless?

But hey, I’m only going on what I see in this video. What do you see, reader dear?

Ruiner is coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux later this year, made by Reikon Games and published by Devolver Digital.


  1. Rogerio Martins says:

    His mask is amazing.

  2. Hobbes says:

    The mask IS special isn’t it?

    Do away with the floortiles, increase the recharge of health and energy substantially, and that would work a lot better for game flow. The whole “stand on fixed tiles” is bad for the game, agreed.

    The rest however, looks -really- promising.

    • Hobbes says:

      And I just realised where “KILL YOU” in that flashing red and black text is from – Cyber city oedo 808, oh that’s very geeky

  3. kud13 says:

    I’m not sure what this was. Looks a lot like Harbinger (the mediocre Sci-fi Diablo clone)

    Granted, I watched on my phone and didn’t squint to read the story. If the AI also uses the health and energy stations, this can be an interesting concept. If it’s just the player, there’ll be a harder time explaining it away.

    Still, more cyberpunk is good. Smth to keep an eye out on, I suppose.

  4. mrvandemar says:

    It’s like the old DOS game Crusader meets hotline miami. Looks fun, also would not mind a new Crusader, but thats probably just me.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      I’ve seen a few people compare this to Crusader and while I don’t completely disagree I don’t really think that’s the case. It has a few similarities visually but gameplay wise it seems to borrow more from modern twin-stick shooters. Compare that to Brigador which the devs have said draws heavy inspiration from Crusader, and while you are not controlling a man with a Boba Fett fetish the tanky controls and the pre-rendered 3D look to it really do feel like Crusader.

  5. shagen454 says:

    I wish Shadowrun games had this engine and combat. I’m getting a little bit of a Ghost in the Shell/Akira vibe. Ragdoll physics are neat, great “ambient” sound direction and animations – spots for dialogue before combat was a nice touch. Just hope there’s more than combat, I like little breaks here and there.

    • asmodemus says:

      You’re not wrong…

      That shoulder mounted lazer looks EXACTLY like the one that Kanada uses on Tesuo near the end of Akira.

      The sound is great and I rather liked the snippets of dialogue. I agree that the health points are a bit “gamey.” Would be nice to have some other way to regen resources.

      Game looks gorgeous but a little samey. Would be nice to see a little more variey in enemies and environment. Guess it comes down to studio resources. Will be checking in on this one though. Looks potentially great.

  6. Lintire says:

    To be completely honest, I’m unimpressed.

    Too slow and lowkey for an action game, too simple for a tactical one.

    I stopped believing that aesthetic can carry games after playing Enslaved and Remember Me.

  7. Raoul Duke says:

    I like the look of this, but as the commenter above says, I’m not sold on the actual gameplay.

    This game, like many, appears to rely more on little gimmicks than solid base mechanics. The character spends more time magically flitting around avoiding things than actually fighting. The game would be vastly more interesting if it had solid actual combat as distinct from being an evasiveness simulator. E.g. letting the character actually block, parry, do different types of strikes, etc.

    And then to make matters worse, the enemy boss appears to rely on the same type of gimmick.

    Still, looks intriguing.

  8. baozi says:

    Huh, suddenly I’m a bit less interested. I loved the earlier trailer, but the actual gameplay somehow seems to lack some of that intoxicating vigor of Hotline Miami that I thought this game would have. Instead it seems somewhat more…conventional, in the pacing, at the very least. IMHO they should get rid of the things slowing the game down (cutscenes that are too frequent and too long, too much walking, slow motion, planning). The music was also more exciting in the trailer. But I’m probably just snarky because I wanted a flashier cyberpunk Hotline Miami with more fire and explosions.

    Then again, I guess one would need to play it