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Dark Souls III Boss Guide - Lore, Loot & Strategies

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To many, Dark Souls III [official site] can be summarised as a boss stamping on a human face forever. We’re here to help. This is a guide to killing all of the bosses in Dark Souls 3 but it’s not simply a how-to-murder manual. It also takes a look at some of the sumptuous design and the patchwork lore surrounding many of the bosses, explaining who they are, what they leave behind when they perish, and why it’s necessary to steal all of their souls. As such it’s absolutely riddled with spoilers, as well as strategies and a sprinkling of silliness.

Iudex Gundyr

Nothing bad will happen if I pull the Coiled Sword out of the chest of this ominous looking fellow right?

Why not find out.

Oh no, he has suddenly risen to life and is hitting me with a large glaive, battering the terrible shield I started the game with!

This is your first lesson in Dark Souls 3 – dodging is your best and most reliable tool. Shields are still good, but many enemies have guard-breaking attacks and you quickly run out of stamina trying to block everything.

OK, he’s actually kind of slow and this is pretty easy, almost got him to half health I think maybe I’m awes… A giant slug just emerged from his head and instantly killed me.

This is your second lesson in Dark Souls 3 – nearly all of the bosses change or learn new tricks once you get them to half health, Iudex Gundyr’s trick is that a giant mass of abyssal matter emerges from his body and starts pummeling you. Also your third lesson – you will probably die quite a lot.

How do I kill it?

Fire works an absolute treat, so if you picked up some firebombs on your travels try chucking them at him in his second form and following up with a few melee attacks. For ranged or magic users this fight is incredibly simple, stay at a distance, wait until he commits to a combo, then dodge away and hit him with everything you’ve got. Pyromancy completely destroys his second form.

Killed him – that wasn’t so bad. What is a Iudex anyway?

It’s Latin for judge; Gundyr’s role is to challenge the newly unkindled (that’s you) and deem whether they are worthy of entering Firelink Shrine. I guess you are!

What do I get for killing him?

4000 souls and the coiled sword, which you’ll need to ignite the bonfire in the shrine ahead.

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