Don’t Starvealike The Wild Eight Drops A Demo

You are the only survivor of a plane crash. The only things you have with which to stay alive are the 98 different-but-similar survival games installed on your laptop. Which one will you play until hypothermia takes you?

The Wild Eight is the latest addition to those swollen tree-feeling, rabbit-hunting ranks, but while the setup is familiar – plane crash, cold, angry wildlife – there are a couple of enticing twists to the formula.

First is that it’s primarily co-op, hence the Tarantino-esque title. Second is that it’s throwing in another Lost theme – something supernatural or science-fictional is going on in addition to all that scavenging and crafting. Third is that, in co-op, one of the crash survivors is secretly psychopathic, with a taste for human flesh to boot. It’s like Cluedo with cannibals, I guess.

The devs won’t be familiar names, but apparently have some experience in the casual games sector and, perhaps more importantly, actually live in an freezing, bear-patrolled wilderness (the Sakha Republic in Siberia) so presumably aren’t just pulling this stuff out of their ice-cold bottoms.

The Wild Eight’s on Kickstarter, but unlike devs who think they can get away with that on name-recognition alone, they’ve gone the whole hog and put out an alpha demo in order to entice people. It lacks the multiplayer mode as yet, but I had a quick tinker with singleplayer and it’s shaping up to be fairly solid.

Looks nice, in that minimal textures/big polygons way that’s so common right now, controls seem pretty tight and I felt my body temperature drop a few degrees just from playing it, which seems important. I suffered a few mysterious insta-deaths, but I’m happy to put that down to either alpha status or not quite getting everything yet. Familiar fare, yes, but I think it’s well-judged.

It’s after $50k on Kickstarter and is over the half the way there with a fortnight to go. Give the demo a spin to see if you want to get involved, I guess. Release date is planned to be this December.


  1. ran93r says:

    Loving the art style and as the guy says, inspired in part by Don’t Starve, certainly has that vibe about it. Going to give the demo a whirl later.

  2. bit.bat says:

    I like the art style but it is becoming surprisingly pervasive. For as popular as it is currently though, I can’t think of a game I have played in recent memory with it, its all early access, pre-release stuff.

    The last ones were in a time where lack of textures was a necessity rather than a style in games like Interstate 76 and A-10 Cuba.

  3. Durgendorf says:

    My interest in this would have been completely piqued if they’d combined this with The Thing license, given the secret traitor angle.

  4. manio22 says:

    The last twist in the formula had me from ‘meh’ to ‘WOW’.

  5. w0bbl3r says:

    Don’t starve meets long dark. Maybe if they had a single original idea in this thing I might bother to even finish watching the trailer.
    Getting really tedious hearing about all these “survival” games now, since they are all copies of one another. Would be nice to see one come along with something new (that is GOOD new), but I don’t think it’s gonna happen anytime soon.