Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Dust Line Due May 11th

Most of the time I’m complaining that game trailers are too long and convey little information, but these 18 seconds of Rainbow Six Siege cram a lot in about the next bit of free DLC. Operation Dust Line will introduce a new map and two new Navy SEAL operators to the destructive asymmetric first-person shooter.

Here’s the trailer, in case you had 18 seconds spare to watch it or 36 seconds spare to watch it twice:

The two new Operators (those are classes, Siege-nubs) are a Defender called Valkyrie, who has a SPAS-12 shotgun and throwable sticky cameras, and an Attacker, Blackbeard, who has a shield with a mounted handgun and a Desert Eagle. The new map, meanwhile, seems to be set in the Middle East somewhere. Somewhere near de_dust, maybe, I don’t know.

The end of the trailer notes there’ll be an official livestream showing more of the update on May 7th, just ahead of the game’s PC Pro League Grand Final. I’ve no idea what the state of Siege is when it comes to an esport, but the inherent imbalance of it, where one team defends while the other attacks, makes it great for spectating.

The update itself is due to be released on May 11th for season pass holders, with everyone else being unable to unlock the new operators seven days afterwards.


  1. The_Player says:

    Their e-sports is a joke. There’s a bit of overwhelming evidence against one of players (hacking), and ESL still invited him over to LAN.

  2. Ksempac says:

    I knew this was coming but yeaaaaah for more Rainbow Six: Siege. I’ve been playing it for 3 weeks now (closing in on the 70h mark), ever since the Free weekend.

    It’s the one game that made me broke my commitment to “no Uplay on my computer” (which had been going since the beginning of UPlay) and boy, am i glad I did.

    Rainbow Six: Siege is by far the best FPS i’ve played in years. Such a smart, satisfying game. A slow pace, but with a super short TTK makes for a very intense game with lots of positional plays and mind games. It makes for very satisfying kills, because dying in this game is usually the mark that you make a mistake or the opponent outsmarted you, rather than just lost a spraying duel.

  3. Pulstar says:

    I wish community mapping was allowed for this game. I have almost 300 hours on it, the maps are second nature by now.

  4. Banks says:

    I love what I’m seeing. The new defender and map are awesome.

    I also hope that this update brings a massive rebalance, as half of the operators are useless, and improves the netcode and cheat detection.

    • rommel102 says:

      Half of the operators are useless? I don’t think so. In skilled hands every one of them can wreck shop. Also, it isn’t about picking a single Operator, but combining the right team of Operators.

      R6:Siege is the most balanced and fun shooter I’ve ever played, bar none, since I first played Wolfenstein 3D a long time ago.

  5. Mi-24 says:

    Am I right in thinking the attacker and defender operators are kind of like the ct and t in counter strike?

    • Ksempac says:

      Hmm, not sure exactly what you mean by “kind of like” but both systems have some similarities but also some differences:
      – Defenders have to defend only one spot (sometimes spread across 2 rooms in case the game mod is bomb, but it’s next to each other rather than spread out like in Counter Strike). So there is none of the “CT must split to defend both sites”.
      – Operators are unique (can’t have 2 players with the same, except for the no-skill recruit), each have their own “skill” (usually a gadget of some sorts), and a limited choice of loadout. So it’s not just a change of clothing like in CS.
      Moreover, each operator is good at one or several things, and need to be played accordingly. Finally, each operator is either a defender or an attacker, so you can’t pick the same operators for both roles.
      – Final point, each round is independent. You alternate between defending and attacking with every round, so there is nothing that carries over from one round to the next (contrary to CS where you keep your weapons if you finished the round alive, and you’ve got to manage your cash from round to round).

      • Mi-24 says:

        Ok, thanks for the reply. I initially dismissed this game as “cs made CODish” but actually looks really good. Price is still a little too high but hopefully it drops this summer.

        • Ksempac says:

          It’s slower paced than CS and, IMHO, require more attention to details.

          In CS, if you get caught off guard, like from a side, you can always flick back and win the aim duel by being better at spray control or lucky on the headshot.

          In R6:Siege, the TTK is super low, so if you don’t check every single corner (and that includes above and below you, because maps have lots of verticality), someone is gonna be hiding in the corner you didn’t check and kill you before you can even figure out they are there.

          This means there is no such thing as an entry fragger in R6:S (you would get obliterated by waiting defenders if you just rushed/jumped into the zone), it’s all about positional plays, pushing the defenders out of cover with grenades or skills, opening up doors, walls and ceilings to raise the number of corners they need to check and catch them in the open.