The Division Update 1.2 Will Change Loot Drops

I found The Division‘s crafting system the most impenetrable part of the game when I played – I didn’t yet have our crafting guide – and now it seems the developers want to de-emphasise the system a little.

This comes from the game’s most recent developer livestream, kindly summarised on Reddit, which offered a preview of update 1.2. Apparently it will “get people away from crafting,” and “is to be more generous with loot in terms of quality and quantity.”

The feeling is that looting should be the main source of your best gear, not crafting. That makes sense to me in what is ultimately an action game, and anything that allows me to spend less time in the (sometimes awful) menus is particularly welcome. This means fewer Gear-Mod drops, better and more weapon drops, and proportionally better loot drops for completing more difficult missions.

There are other changes coming with the update of course, most notably to the Dark Zone which will get a new bracket with harder enemies and better loot for higher level players. Ubisoft Massive also stressed that testing would be paramount, since there were issues at release with the last update.

If you’re looking for advice at how to improve or get the most out of the game, check out our Division guides.


  1. KDR_11k says:

    Let’s see if it works this time… 1.1 was supposed to move from crafting to loot too but all it did was shower us with low quality (gearscore 163) yellow items to the point where finding yellows wasn’t an event anymore, just more junk for the crafting bench. Also the worse conversion rates of lower materials to higher ones just meant crafting got grindier, not less useful. Crafting is still my main option when it comes to getting Gearscore 182 items.

    Ubisoft Massive also stressed that testing would be paramount, since there were issues at release with the last update.

    Yeah, would’ve been nice if they took that to heart a little earlier, like when the beta saw people cheating just by memory manipulation on their PCs.

    • that_guy_strife says:

      Heh, yeah. So far a huge amount of what they did had the exact opposite effect of the intent. Plus introducing tons of glitches and bugs.

      Really hope they finally get something right, it’s a fun gane to have a beer with and play mindlessly with a few friends for an hour or two.

  2. crowleyhammer says:

    I wish they would add crafting stations elsewhere so i dont have to do that tedious walk into the main base every damn time, whats the reason for that anyway? whats the point?

    Love the game though my mrs and i play it co op and its just great fun and has had some hilarious dark zone moments.

    • Distec says:

      Wouldn’t be so terrible if they didn’t force you to walk at a leisurely stroll when you’re first entering it.

    • Premium User Badge

      Qazinsky says:

      It’s to hide that they’re loading your personal base. They probably thought it was a waste to load all of that if you just happened to pass by your base without going in.

      • LANCERZzZz says:

        finally someone capable of thinking past their nose

      • sg1969 says:

        most likely. A lot of games hide the loading behind things like cut scenes (The Last of Us), elevator rides (Mass Effect, Dark Souls), and constricted movement (The Division) – just to name a few examples.
        I think you can play the entire Last Of Us without ever seeing a loading screen (except for the initial one), as long as you don’t skip cut scenes. I thought it was really clever when playing it and helps with the immersion.

  3. ZombieFX says:

    I BEG it will have new bugs + exploits!! …
    i cant stop laughing at all those stories of those => ending in bans+crashes!

    Oh yeah, thats what u get for playing!^^

  4. rexmeridiem says:

    This game sucked after beta. I didnt even play it anymore. Pain in the ass. GIt gud and stop hiring people who dont know jackshit about gaming