Star Wars Battlefront Free Trial Blasts Off

I only just found out May the 4th was a special day for Star Wars: the 40th anniversary of that fateful day George Lucas was struck with inspiration for a space-hairdresser made of LEGO. Sat beneath a starfruit tree, Lucas was knocked in the noggin by a falling fruit then leapt to his feet shrieking “Death to stars!” The rest is history.

That’s why Titanfall devs Respawn announced they’re making a Star Wars game, why Alec declared some other Star Wars game was blah, and why DICE’s third-person shooter Star Wars Battlefront [official site] now has a free timed trial.

Skywalk on over to Origin and you can download the full version of Star Wars Battlefront to play for four hours (only ticking down while the game’s running). That’s enough time for a whistlestop tour of its maps and modes, though it doesn’t include the DLC. EA don’t say how long this will be available for, whether it’s permanent or temporary (they can be weird, that lot), so get in while you can if you’re interested?

Heck, maybe four hours is the perfect length – enough time to get swept up in the excitement of Star Wars with Battlefront’s lovingly-recreated zapguns and characters and locations, but not long enough to get a bit bored of the whole thing. As Alec said in his Wot I Think:

“Battlefront is a beautiful tribute to Star Wars. It’s also a simple game, because it reasons that most of its players simply want to be in those places, looking like those characters, flying those spaceships: that’s the fantasy it sells.”

Heck, I might give it a download just to romp around the redwood forests of Endor.


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  1. machstem says:

    I'm still fascinated that there is a picture of DS9 staff when it's been two articles for Star Wars.

    Quark is one conniving little Ferengi.
  1. Greg Wild says:

    I didn’t realize they made a Farscape game!

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      I liked Dr Who better when he didn’t have so many companions.

    • bunionbell says:

      Yeah, getting a little tired of all these X-Man remakes

    • Minglefingler says:

      The whole plot is ridiculous. There’s no way Tim Allen could pass for a drunken has-been. By Grabthar’s hammer, it’s preposterous!

  2. machstem says:

    I’m still fascinated that there is a picture of DS9 staff when it’s been two articles for Star Wars.

    Quark is one conniving little Ferengi.

    • visor841 says:

      The excitement and resultant disappointment have made me realize that I badly, badly, want a new DS9 game.

  3. Da5e says:

    The cast of Blake’s 7 have let themselves go.

  4. Gwilym says:

    Actual tears are happening

    I love you all

  5. Rizlar says:


  6. Carlos Danger says:

    The echo chamber must be in hysterics. Keep trying you might come up with something good. Though I do admire the contempt for DS9 that show was rancid and deserves any ridicule it can get.

    • Michael Anson says:

      You, sir, are a gentleman of low taste, and you dress funny. Good day.

    • iucounu says:

    • PancakeWizard says:

      Because what we really need are more screenshots of a game that’s been out ages, is a cynical cash-in and frankly, a pale imitation of its predecessor.

    • Sandepande says:

      Wrong opinion, DS9 was lovely. Mostly.

  7. Barberetti says:

    Shame they can’t get Queen to do the soundtrack for the game, like Spielberg did for the films.

  8. bunionbell says:


  9. goon buggy says:

    Thats about 2 hrs more than you need before deciding its as shallow as a baby pool and uninstalling.

  10. Calculon says:

    10/10 would read again.

  11. SnowCrash says:

    *Slow clap*
    You made the same old joke… not once but twice, this time with more pictures. Congratulations, you have a bright future here at Kotaku

    • Premium User Badge

      Aerothorn says:

      Brighter than your future here in the RPS comments sections. The use of ‘Kotaku’ as an insult may get golf claps on Reddit, but we at Castle Shotgun expect a bit more wit!

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      You big silly! This isn’t Kotaku – it’s Rock, Paper, Shotgun! You’re all sorts of turned-around, I’m sorry to say.

      • SnowCrash says:

        Oh i am sorry i did not realize just based on the article, ops

    • TheMopeSquad says:

      They only made the joke once it just fell into a time anomaly.

  12. thekelvingreen says:

    I love this joke.

  13. Cyrus says:

    Doctor Bashir is not well in that other series anymore..

  14. Monggerel says:

    To be fair, it doesn’t seem entirely unreasonable to refer to another species’ female members as, well, ‘females’. For instance I’m not sure I’d call Darth Vader’s species’ female members ‘women’, because they are not humans, after all. If anything, it would be kind of presumptouous to do so.

  15. Gordon Shock says:


    (Caps intended)

    I actually don’t mind any type of comparison of SW to other sci-fi work except when it comes to DS9. That series was the apotheosis of mediocrity and looking back I would rather have gone through a couple of weeks in a coma rather that watch this supposedly “great series”.

    End of vent

  16. NathaI3 says:

    I am going to download and try to play this, not because I have any interest in the game, but to test out my PC for newer games. I mainly play older games and indies so have no real idea how my set up copes with games from 2015 (or even 2014) so this will help me out. But wow, that download size! 37gb?? Lucky it isn’t just for a weekend or I wouldn’t get to play it before it finished!

  17. BlackMageMario says:

    I’m crying, the images are giving me laughing fits. RPS never change.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      I second this sentiment! The light trolling is entertaining enough, but the title/alt text sets it over the top, and then the red text — Quarks voice won’t stop now!

  18. Mormont says:

    Meeester Garibaldi!