Stardew Valley Mods Add New Areas

Stardew Valley [official site] – the runaway success Harvest Moon-a-like sandbox RPG from lone developer Eric Barone – is officially expanding by way of a long-promised co-op multiplayer mode. Unofficially, fervent modders are keen to grow its bounds even sooner by way of modded farm expansions. Enter Tego’s Stardew Expansion and Yama’s Desert Expansion.

Besides boasting names you might expect to see wandering around Stardew’s town centre itself, modders Tego and Yama have both crafted mods designed not only to expand the Valley’s borders but also introduce a handful of new features.

Tego’s Stardew Expansion aims to promote exploring and foraging in order to “make Stardew Valley feel bigger and better”, which means expanding your farm southward thus allowing for more space to grow plants, house animals and store kegs. New areas include: House in the Hills, Aspen Grove, Riverbank, Hot Cave, WIPCave and Bus Stop Woods – the latter of which is now a separate location. A new tilesheet also adds Aspen Trees. “There are three versions of farm expansions,” says Tego. “You will not receive a huge area right after start. You have to upgrade your tools to access most of the additions.”

Similarly, Yama’s Desert Expansion adds three new desert areas named: The Canyon, The Dunes, and The Flood Plains. More locations are in the works, while a warp puzzle maze, new flora designs, custom items, wadable water, and new cave textures and aesthetics are expected too. “I will eventually be adding a few new maps, npcs and more once I learn how/as soon as it’s possible to do so efficiently,” says Yama. “I’m open to suggestions, but I will most likely not be doing any major edits to the original desert location, just the areas surrounding it.”

Full details of what both mods offer, as well as installation instructions, can be found here and here.


  1. Senethro says:

    Did you hear about the creepy child marriage mod? Something is rotten in the state of Gaming.

    • Xerophyte says:

      Something is rotten in the state of that one modder what made the creepy mod, and a bunch of other modders since this is partly a dating sim and they apparently can’t help themselves, but let’s not extrapolate too far. It’s not like there’s a big movement to support child marriage in games.

      For every mod that changes all the singles to white people with ovsersized breasts there’s a Dewmetrius Valley to make up for it. If that’s not a silver lining then I don’t know what is.

    • Nim says:

      You are generalizing.

    • king0zymandias says:

      And prey tell what exactly is wrong with pedophiles fantasizing about their sexual fetish within the safe confines of a single player game? Who is it harming? Would you rather that they practice it real life?

      Pedophilia is not a choice just like homosexuality is not a choice. It’s a combination of nature and nurture, neither of which is within the control of the individual. Just because you and I find it distasteful doesn’t mean that even their sexual fantasies should be criminalized. As long they are not harming anyone else, I don’t see how it’s anyone’s business to judge.

      • Press X to Gary Busey says:

        Some good old Sunday afternoon pedophilic disorder relativization there. Did you know that’s the same rationalization also used by zoophiles raping their pets? And “It’s really just sweet love and not something harmful” has been used by both.

        Sexual attraction to children is a mental disorder and people who has those feelings should seek help even if they “would never act out or harm anyone”, it’s a huge red warning sign that something is very wrong.

        There is a whole bunch of available help to get out there.

        • king0zymandias says:

          So you are of the opinion that we should criminalize their thought, their fantasies? Even if we accept that pedophiles, zoophiles and others, whose sexual proclivities if acted upon will infringe upon the right of another, are suffering from mental disorders, does it still not seem inhumane to you that you are telling these people that even their thoughts must be regulated and they have no right to even fantasize?

          And what if they did seek treatment? And what if the treatment didn’t work? Or they replapsed, as is the case for most pedophiles who seek treatment and report positive results initially. Are they now forever forbidden from sexual thought?

          And what about people with rape fetish? Should their thoughts be also criminalized? Should they also seek help?

          Have you ever wanted to kill someone, even for a fleeting moment? I know I have. Have you ever played a game where you lived a fantasy of killing thousands and thousands of people? I know I have. But of course we know this is harmless, because we can trust ourselves as adults with moral boundaries to not act out these fantasies. But then why can’t we extend this same assumption to people with problematic sexual orientation? Innocent until proven guilty, I say.

          • mechapenguin says:

            It just goes to show how rabidly and religiously anti-intellectual people are. He replied to your post and said that you said “it’s sweet love and totally OK”. Willful misrepresentation of your views. So gross… this is the problem with discourse, we’re constantly dealing with the rabid fantasy and delusion of people who disagree with us, rather than anything sane or coherent. It was obvious to anyone with a brain that you weren’t encouraging people to act on their abusive desires…

    • Jesty says:

      I love how this guy can’t even reply due to the amount of burn he’s gotten for being a closed minded shit to how things work.

  2. Hobbes says:

    This brings up an interesting, if somewhat disturbing point. With the advent of VR, at some point people will be able to persue whatever fantasies they wish without actually inflicting harm on another person. Once they’ve discharged those fantasies in a safe environment there’s a very good chance that they’ll actually function a lot healthier in society.

    Of course, the government won’t like it, because there will be all this crime going on in your head, and there’s nothing that they can do about it. So where does that lead us? People being able to function much more normally in the “real” world, being able to adjust themselves in their own home through safe catharsis, and quite possibly the crime rate in general being depressed. Some crime such as theft will remain prevalent until we solve resource scarcity, but that’s an entirely different issue.

    • Hobbes says:

      That was intended as a reply to king0zymandias, I swear this site is getting sketchier by the day…

    • king0zymandias says:

      There will always be prejudice and reactionary laws that will lash out against everything that is on the periphery of normative human behavior. But at the same time there will always be the inexorable forward march of progressive ideas, no matter how slow. There will always be sincere efforts to treat everyone with sympathy, respect and understanding, no matter how different they are from “us”.

      A great man once said – “A scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.” I believe this is equally applicable to social change.

      • king0zymandias says:

        Additionally, I also believe that if every college freshman was forced to read Foucault’s “The History of Sexuality”, the world would be a much better place.

      • MrFinnishDude says:

        Sexually progressive movements have always had the same goal, the right for sexual relations between consenting adults.
        If the words “consenting” and “adults” gets blurred out of the equation, its just the right to sexual relations.
        Of course I’m grossly exaterating here, but you get the point.
        Sex is a wonderful thing between consenting individuals, if it’s not between consenting individuals then it’s a horrible thing.
        Some things cannot be made acceptable under the guise of progressiveness.

        • king0zymandias says:

          No one is making the argument that sexual relationship between an adult and a child should be condoned, or that children are even capable of consenting. The argument is that someone’s sexual orientation is not a conscious choice, it’s something we all have to live with. Keeping this in mind does it not seem wrong to you that you are telling these people that they are not even allowed to fantasize about fetish? Even when it’s in the privacy of their home and isn’t harming anyone?

          • MrFinnishDude says:

            “Sexual orientation as a born attribute” stems from theories about evolutionary benefits of homosexuality. There are no such theories for pedofilia.
            Is a person born with a foot fetish? Is a person born with a latex fetish? Is a person born fantasizing about giants or midgets? What kind of evolutionary advantage could have stemmed such attributes?
            If it wasn’t nature, then we could presume that it was learned.
            I wrote about the “at home and not hurting anyone” problem below, my point is that if such things are learned, should inherently negative sexual behaviours be accepted and not viewed as negative? Therefore potentially increasing the risk if enforcing such behaviours?

          • king0zymandias says:

            Please read this – link to

          • elnicky says:

            A trait does not need to have a fitness advantage to be an innate trait. Perhaps look up antagonistic pleiotropism or spandrels (Gould’s essay ‘The Spandrels of San Marco and the Panglossian Paradigm: A Critique of the Adaptationist Programme’ is particularly good).

          • genosse says:

            Well, if someone can prove to me that fantasizing about stuff like that releases some kind of pressure in a safe environemt instead of building up to even more disturbed thoughts that may or may not be acted out in the real world, I would totally agree with you.

            As it stands now, not so much unfortunately.

    • MrFinnishDude says:

      Punching a punching bag when angry will not make a less angry person. It will only lead to that person resorting to punching more to relieve stress whenever they get angry.
      This “venting out” argument relies on the assumption that these behaviours are not learned, and they will carry them out no matter what. Is it so? How can you know that it will “discharge” their negative urges instead of reinforcing them?

      • Jelleleigh says:

        We’ve actually seen that this is the case in a few different circumstances. With the advent of free accessible porn, instances of rape have significantly decreased. Contrariwise, regions where strict modesty is enforced and premarital sex is criminalized show higher instances of rape. And we all know that clergy sworn to celibacy are infamous for non-consensual sex with those least able to defend themselves.

        You say the venting out argument relies on the assumption that these behaviors are not learned, and they will carry them out no matter what. Well… no. I mean, loli and shota are definitely out there, but child abuse still happens. I mentioned that access to porn has decreased instances of rape, but they definitely still happen. Horrible people are going to be horrible people no matter how many outlets we give them. Some horrible people still beat their wives, and the invention of the punching bag hasn’t stopped that.

        But my brother had anger issues. And we had a punching bag in the basement that he would use to vent. Did it keep him from having anger issues? No. But he didn’t have to bottle it up all the time. He didn’t have to keep it to himself. He had an outlet. It didn’t discourage the issue, and without it no, he wouldn’t have gone around hitting people, just like simulated pedophile relationships would not keep predators for raping kids. But after punching the bag he felt better. And for that reason we were glad we had a punching bag.

        One more example: I have a Master/slave kink, which for the longest time I tried very desperately to ignore. Don’t know when it officially started or whether it was learned or inherent, but I’ve exhibited signs since I was… IDK, 5? Most of my life I tried to ignore it, because I knew what was right and what was wrong and the fact that seeing men (or women) restrain and hurt pretty girls turned me on was shameful. I didn’t want to talk to anyone for fear that they’d look down on me and/or send me to a therapist.
        Finally when i got my own place I just said ‘screw it’ and kinda indulged myself a bit. And being able to do so helped me a LOT. I could go into detail, but suffice to say having an outlet not only helped me see that I wasn’t an inherently bad person, it also helped me see that I didn’t want to cross the line into the non-consensual area. And that distinction only got more clear when I got a girlfriend who was totally okay with me being open about it. Being open allowed me to very clearly see that I was a masochist, not a rapist, and that I enjoyed those videos because I liked the thought of painful controlled sex, not brutal rape (which, if you look at some of those videos from a naive point of view, is what it looks like).

        And I think those two reasons are the two biggest ones in favor of allowing the thing in question. It gives you an outlet, which may not necessarily discourage illegal behavior (though it often will), but it does help you release that tension which allows you to be a nicer more stress-free person. And it helps differentiate between what you’re actually craving and the illegal activity associated with it. And yes, the thought of child porn, or even loli and shota stuff, makes my stomach turn. And child molestation is one of the worst crimes ever. But I’m sure there are tons of people whose stomachs turn at the thought of BDSM stuff, and of course violent rape (the non-consensual equivalent) is also one of the worst crimes ever.
        Personally though, I’m grateful for the outlets I’ve been able to utilize. And if some pedophiles want a more realistic, safe, artificial outlet that’s cool with me. And if it gives helps them understand that their urges are toward something other than rape, that will probably help them out a *lot*.

        But IDK. I’m kinda fucked up…

        • EValdr says:

          No, FinnishDude is correct. It is an observed psychological fact that regularly “letting it out” just encourages a person to believe that hostility is an acceptable way to deal with problems, whereas “holding it in” is more properly referred to as “having self-control like an adult.” There is zero basis in reality for the idea of “bottling it in until you explode”, it’s entirely the opposite.

          Furthermore, there is zero evidence that proves a connection between access to pornography and a decrease in rape. If you compare countries which allow access to porn to those that don’t, there are typically significant differences in quality of life that go far beyond pictures of boobs on the internet.

          So yeah, in conclusion: best to encourage healthy behavior, treat unhealthy behavior, and not suggest that people just engage in their unhealthy behavior in private.

          • mechapenguin says:

            I wish posts like yours were deleted by God for being so arrogantly anti-scientific. It is EASY to find studies on how pornography availability might be correlated to sex crime reduction. You know that, and you lie to people who read your post.

            link to

  3. elnicky says:

    Thanks for reminding me of why it’s often worth reading the discussions in RPS comments.

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    keithzg says:

    The drive on my primary gaming PC that I had Windows installed on died a few months back, and for the most part my overly-extensive Steam library has kept me from feeling anything but fleeting twinges of envy for the Windows users—with the exception of Stardew Valley! Luckily a Linux port is apparently in the works, so I’ll eventually be able to join in on the fun.